Armstrong MetalFest 2016 Peoples Choice (Poll Closed)

3,801 Total Votes

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    Congratulations to The Mountain Man on your victory.

    Hard fought battle by both bands, Too bad there had to be a runner up.

    Givver shit at Armstrong.

  • Kennyvil - 5 years ago

    Mountain man kick ass !

  • Kenneth Kaniff - 5 years ago

    Guess who's back?

    Back again...

    Ken is back, tell some... men

    Rub my back, rub my back, rub my back, rub my back....

  • Kenneth Kaniff - 5 years ago

    Gonna be licking ass at Armstrong thanks to The Mountain Man. Thanks guys.

  • Medevil - 5 years ago

    Thanks to everyone who supported us! owes us a refund!

  • Mountain Man - 5 years ago

    Thanks for everyone who supported us! We are super stoked to shit the bed in Armstrong. shout out to

  • KANYE ALSO - 5 years ago


  • Kanye - 5 years ago

    Mountain Man skeet skeet skeet all ova Medevil

  • Donald drumpf - 5 years ago

    I fully endorse the mountain man #makedonalddrumpfagain

  • Steve Harvey - 5 years ago

    butt..fawk - could have had just the mountain man on there, they gonna win anyways

  • Butt....fawk - 5 years ago

    Whoever does the screening for the entry's for this thing should be fired. Bands with 0 votes.......didn't even vote for themselves I mean come on. You could literally just have had the two bands on the poll.

  • Steve - 5 years ago

    Coming down to the wire. Congratulations to both bands on a valiant battle.
    Whatever happens I think both bands need to go to the show

    Been fun watching this unfold.
    Got a few laughs from the trolls, some of you guys need to work on your routines though.

    Good luck to both bands

  • Lester - 5 years ago



    Voted for The Mountain Man - Ur Boi Lester

  • The real Poll Daddy - 5 years ago


    It's me, your daddy, Poll.

    Settle down kids.


    Poll aka P-Daddy

  • Troy - 5 years ago

    Big fan of both bands! I know they both are doing everything to rally votes! Would be happy if either won! They both are talented bands that deserve to play.

  • bible thumper 333 - 5 years ago

    All of your music is Devils noise. Will
    Not vote. Only will Comment to say I will not vote.

  • Lost: a small coin purse - 5 years ago

    Hello, I lost my purple and black custom Mountain Man coin purse. It only holds nickels and the occasional dime. Please return to Shell gas station in Port Coquitlam BC.

    Ps. It's hand stitched so I don't blame you if you wanna keep it, but try and overcome the urge.

  • Donald - 5 years ago

    Liam C - what band are you in? I want one of those hand jobs! I'll contact the Medevil boys for their voting powers! Maybe we can rally to get you 1000 votes in 30 minutes.

  • Fuck mountainMen - 5 years ago

    Mountain men are a bunch of fags. Go Medevil!! You guys rule! Even if you cheat 2

  • Numbers guy is an idiot - 5 years ago

    The votes have been going back and forth all day you fool. They've been up and down - both bands. They're both just spamming and posting on everything they know to get votes.

  • Candice - 5 years ago

    That isn't even a legitimate site, even if it was, that explains while Medevil is posting on it now. So they don't endorse it now because they got caught? Wow. I also, have messaged a majority of my thousand Facebook friends from business, etc. When they were down to keep them up. I got a huge response and tons of my friends shared it. It's easy to get votes when you just message everyone on Facebook and share it. I've got hundreds of votes just by doing that. So by all of you people saying it's impossible they gained the lead that way, it's not. That's what everyone is doing. I've been texting and getting tons of texts to vote! Pathetic that it's an issue now just because a band is winning fair and square. There is nothing wrong with spreading the word to vote. Messaging randoms, posting in groups, MySpace, nezopia, etc is absolutely no different. Does it only count as a vote if it's from someone you know? No. So shut the fuck up you babies.

  • CANDIE - 5 years ago


  • Justin - 5 years ago

    Yo Candie did U lick that butt yrt

  • Numbers guy - 5 years ago

    Totally agree with seatoskyguy

    I have tracked and logged this poll on a constant basis.

    Mountainman vote trend have spiked 5 times throughout this poll.

    Curious thing is these spikes occurred exactly when Medevil caught up to them.

    The most recent spike started at around 6:00 PM today.

    Mountainman was not even in the running from the start until after their first spike.

    Medevil had plenty of opportunity to jump on the getonline vote site earlier tonight when it might have done something for them. Obviously according to the voting trend they chose not to.

  • Whiny cent - 5 years ago

    I love pizza. Wanna get pizza with me? U 2 lost and confused. I show you the way

  • Candie - 5 years ago

    just to say that Medevil has rejected that website, DO NOT VOTE THOUGH GET ONLINE VOTES, THEY DO NOT ENDORSE IT!!!!

  • Paper boy - 5 years ago

    Get your butt hurt reports while they're fresh off the press!

  • Liam C. - 5 years ago

    If my band wins I'm giving out sexy, but rough, handjobs!!!!!!!111!!!11!!!!

  • Not a whiny faggot - 5 years ago

    Dragonforce will do in a pinch, just make sure you use some pizza grease so you don't chafe your tiny cock.

  • Phil J - 5 years ago

    Please don't use the word faggot I sob uncontrollably when I hear that

  • Whiny cent - 5 years ago

    My slayer shirt is dirty, but my dragonforce one will do

  • Not a whiny faggot - 5 years ago

    You all need to relax and rub out another sad load onto your closest slayer t-shirt before gently sobbing yourself to sleep. Bunch of whiny fucking cents, it's unreal.

  • Sense of direction - 5 years ago

    Ayy girl I got the 99 right here fam, where you lookin a go

  • Hot dude 77 - 5 years ago

    Yo any cute single girls on this? 24/m/poco. Got a nice truck. I can take you a date. Re comment with "single and looking" and get back to

  • The Autist - 5 years ago

    my asperbergers brotherhood medevil gotta win go medevel go

  • Lost and confused - 5 years ago

    Can anyone hook me up with the bus schedule? Wondering what time the B line 99 comes

  • Ryan F - 5 years ago

    This is not very political of all of you.

  • Brittany - 5 years ago

    I was also added in that same chat, and keep gettin annoying texts to vote for Medevil. I want to flush my phone down the toilet because they're so annoying.

  • Joel - 5 years ago

    I was added in a chat with 500 people telling me to vote for Medevil..... So I mean, no different. Everyone is hurtin' for votes.

  • Sea2sky Tears - 5 years ago

    The butthurt is strong, look at the hypocrisy

  • Matthew - 5 years ago

    I also got a call from my brother to vote for mountain man!! Shared all over my Facebook too, and messaged my 200 friends on Facebook. Spread the word! Go local bands!

  • Angry crowd - 5 years ago

    Rabble rabble rabble rabble

  • Ashley - 5 years ago

    Considering I'm one of MANY of my friends and family who have sent messages to all of our co workers, family, friends, teammates etc, with overwhelming response that they voted. At least 200 got back responding they voted, it is possible. Didn't Medevil message a bunch of their friends idividually as well? It's not a matter of how many fans they have on their page. They all have tons of Facebook friends, and the people who want to spread the word also have access to messaging everyone on Facebook to vote as well. Get your head out of
    Your ass bud.

  • Peanut gallery - 5 years ago

    You're just butt hurt you're losing.

  • BCSea2Sky - 5 years ago

    Theres no chance they got that many votes in an hour

  • Ashley - 5 years ago

    You're an idiot. You can clearly see that site hasn't really given either of them votes. I know for a fact I also have messaged people in groups on my Facebook and shared it as well. I have received tons of messages and texts from my friends saying they voted for them as well! And that they will get their friends, coworkers etc to vote too! Word of mouth spreads a lot more than some sites people don't even know about.

  • Cody s - 5 years ago

    Big fan of the Mountain man and I've actually been messaging the 700+ friends I have on my Facebook in messages too. You can see that their post has been shared about twenty or more times from their friends.

  • BCSea2Sky - 5 years ago

    No they got most of their votes from that site

  • Ashley - 5 years ago

    I'm sure their supporters have lots of friends and family, including their own to help vote! So nice try! And you can even see on the site that neither of them got many votes from that site. You can see neither have received any action from that site.... And I'm sure.... Post on that site and then say that they didn't do it. Good one. ;)

  • BCSea2Sky - 5 years ago

    Actually you are an idiot. Mountain men were down by 50 votes. 15 minutes after posting in that group they were in the lead again and now they enjoy a healthy 100 vote lead. And no they barely have fans on facebook, nobody is sharing their shit or even cares. Medevil didn't post that on the page as they already stated they wouldn't.. You posted that Timmy.

  • Megan H - 5 years ago

    Medevil used the same vote site for votes.... No difference. Votes are votes! Go Medevil!! Gotta get the word out there!! Any way you can!!

  • T - 5 years ago

    The more advertisement the better! No matter how you share, everyone just wants to get the word out for votes. I was included in a mass message from Medevil as well to vote for them, so I see that as no different from all the other ways people are sharing and spreading the world!! Wether you post on random websites, call your friends, forums etc, the whole point is to get votes!!! Keep it going guys!!!

  • Timothy - 5 years ago

    Hahahahah woooooow!!!! All of You guys getting mad st mountain man fans for posting for votes on that Facebook thing! The lead singer from Medevil did the EXACT same thing!!! So go look. Wow. Pot calling the kettle black.

  • Not an idiot - 5 years ago

    That Facebook post got them maybe one vote. No different from spamming all your friends, Facebook and online communities. I have seen the Mountain Man and all their fans post all over Facebook to get votes. :) Fair and square!

  • Jayrok - 5 years ago

    I bet Medevil didn't take down the group everytime they had the lead!

  • J - 5 years ago

    Hey Dirk -

    I got put in a group chat of 500 people from Medevil asking for votes. What the hell is the difference? Just let the bands battle for their votes.

  • Dirk - 5 years ago

    You should shit on your parents for raising such a dumb kid that believes my real name is Dirk

  • Mike Ditka - 5 years ago

    Hey Dirk why dont you take your little facts, shove them up your ass, and shit them all over your parents for naming you such a stupid name. fucking dirk bud

  • yungBfromDaBlawk709 - 5 years ago

    da erff is flat yall

  • Dirk - 5 years ago

    Haha it's so true I checked out the facebook page and mountain men is beggin for freebies!

  • Maple Ridge Elite - 5 years ago

    haney in the house

  • Sara - 5 years ago

    Newsflash: the bands can't control what people post for them. Not to mention, that Facebook page isn't cheating. It's nothing more than a page promoting people to vote. Kinda the point?

    Neither of the bands are cheating. Jesus.

  • Kenneth Kaniff - 5 years ago

    Lookin to lick ass. Just sayin. Lookin at you Samantha...

  • Camille - 5 years ago

    Lol @ everyone butt hurt about the mountain man in the lead. Seriously. No one is cheating.

  • Medevil Mom - 5 years ago

    Go Medevil!! so much love from mom and grandma! you know grandpa would be proud. We hope you slay some pussy.

  • Samantha - 5 years ago

    Wow, this has gotten out of hand. my opinion is biased because the only band I know personally is Medevil. Not only would they never think about cheating (because that's not the kind of group these kids represent and not to mention they don't want to just win, they have worked hard for this and freakin deserve every vote they get) but it would be disgracful. They went to wacken metal battle last year and lost with dignity. Why would they go and fuck this up for fake votes! Put your heads on straight, this was a friendly competition until some couldn't take the heat.

  • BCSea2Sky - 5 years ago

    If you check out "Get Online Votes" on Facebook you will see where The Mountain Man got all of their votes. Everytime Medevil took the lead they would post on there then delete it when the lead was comfy. They still have a post up now but will delete it soon as they are about to win it all... By cheating.

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    Sometimes you have to suck dick for crack.

  • Donald Trump - 5 years ago

    As the pompous leader of a billion dollar enterprise I stand for 3 things, the oppression of minorities, building giant walls, and having bad taste in music. I Donald Trump fully endorse Medevil

  • Mothers Against Minorities in Metal (MAMM) - 5 years ago

    I believe the singer of "The Mountain Man" is a swarthy New Yorker of some godforsaken descent. I cannot be bothered to vote for these southern types.

  • Lil Jon - 5 years ago


    - Me

  • Lil Jon - 5 years ago


    - Me

  • Lil Jon - 5 years ago


    - Me

  • Kenneth Kaniff - 5 years ago

    Hey Candie you want me to lick you ass?

  • Candie - 5 years ago

    i cannot believe these comments, we have been tracking these votes from the beginning. Medevil is the most humble group of guys, ask any of the bands they have played with. Shame on anyone for accusing them of cheating. I know first hand that I have been going into the community and friends and family to get votes. From the moment i get up from the moment I go to bed. As my family and friends have been doing also. They are an incredible bunch of kids who have only been together since April 2014. They have represented BC last year in the Wacken battle of the Bands after only being together after 12 months approx. great accomplishment for some kids ranging from 18 to 28 at the time. I have had the opportunity to have a sneak preview of their upcoming album. They will appeal to a lot of audiences. no matter what the outcome you guys have an incredible talent, keep it up!!!

  • Cosmo Kramer - 5 years ago

    Ayo Paula!! whats good baby?? your lil cuz over here just chillin. holla b. pce

  • Andy Dalton - 5 years ago

    Pslam [13:3]

    "...and then God said, 'thou shalt be ousted from the Promised Land on every Wildcard Weekend celebration. Forever on end."

  • Paula Deen - 5 years ago


    - Me

  • Michael Vick - 5 years ago

    Since yall already noticed me out there. I'd like to say I opened a successful veterinary practise, bring your pets to Mike Vick's. We have been operating as a part of my bails conditions since mid-2009.

  • Homeless Hippy with WiFi - 5 years ago

    I am going to vote for whichever band is most environmentally conscious

  • Michael Vick - 5 years ago

    Medevil lookin' like one of my dogs out there lmao im playin - but seriously someone throw em a bone lmao im done jk

  • Ricky bobby - 5 years ago

    If you don't vote the mountain man then fuck you

  • Seattle's Offensive Coordinator - 5 years ago

    Ok guys, were on the 1, time for a pass.

  • Steve Harvey - 5 years ago

    And the winner of the 2016 Armstrong Metal Fest poll is......'Name Means Nothing'

  • Steve Harvey - 5 years ago

    And the winner of the 2016 Armstrong Metal Fest poll is......'Name Means Nothing'

  • Peyton Manning - 5 years ago

    I will personally teabag anyone not voting for the Mountain Man.

  • Tom Brady - 5 years ago

    Called up Peyton. Voicemail said greatest ever. Went there after two rings.

  • Kowalski - 5 years ago

    For 'The Mountain Man' vote, the Kowalski Kares Foundation will donate 1 beer to the local thirsty and sober population. #endthedrought2016

  • asaka - 5 years ago

    yes! Medevil!!
    I am supporting you from Japan!

  • Ricky - 5 years ago

    Hey Ken, nobody cares that you went to your kids fuckin' gigs.

  • Ken - 5 years ago

    Hey Brandon

    Voted for Medevil... Saw you guys at The Railway Club....The Red Room....The Rickshaw......Funkys......The Venue.....The Opera House in Toronto........I am sure I missed a few. Awesome sets every time out

    Where the hell is Captain's Cabin matey

  • Curtis J - 5 years ago

    Iron Maiden would be disappointed they influenced Medevil...Go MapleRun

  • Brandon - 5 years ago

    Voted for The Mountain Man! Saw you boys last weekend at Captain's Cabin, killer set boys!!!!

  • Why Ken - 5 years ago

    Why did you do that to me

  • Ken - 5 years ago

    Check out Listen to their demo It is on there.

  • Timothy - 5 years ago

    Hey James D, you probably didn't find their Facebook page considering you can't even spell their band name correctly.

  • James D - 5 years ago

    James D here once more - you too can buy votes at, just enter the promo code: whogivesashitabouteitherband and our operator Pardinder Lapsuh will give you your first 100 votes free.

  • James D - 5 years ago

    James D here again, just found the mountain men's fb page; their new single is garbage. Luckily I couldn't listen to Medevil because they don't have any recordings and couldn't form an opinion. Good luck to all the other bands.

  • Deaner - 5 years ago

    I'm indifferent as I was voting for another band, but I have to say.... 190 votes in an hour and a half is a little suspect, Medevil.

    Either way... Congrats to whoever wins.

  • Dennis & Terry - 5 years ago

    This poll reminds me of the Stephen Harper election robocall fraud scandal from 2011, except Harper is actually Medevil.

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