Who won the Republican presidential debate?

Posted 3 years.


  • john - 3 years ago

    Rubio and cruz are a disgrace to America!

  • Jass - 3 years ago

    I could not understand much debating too much noise, interrupting , booing (rude,disrespect and uneducated manner) I can not believe that held in university.

    Rubio and Cruz attacked Trump like child act like Child. If you think you will be US president act no line between that is disrespectful. Attack like child with China, Korea, Arab country. That behavior can bring the conflict between country.


  • Elaina Foley - 3 years ago

    Lol. Put a fork in the GOP! Trump's lead goes to show that the majority of Americans are liberal democrats. Trump will win republican nomination and will run against one of the other liberal democrats. So American will have one if two versions of a liberal democrat to choose from in the upcoming election. The republican version or the democratic/independent kind. Regardless, Amarican voters and the people obviously prefer liberal democrats over the GOP.

  • Louis S - 3 years ago

    Trump needs to continue his attack on Rubio reguarding credit card usage and ask both Rubio and Cruz if they are collecting their Senate, taxed paid salaries, while campaigning.

  • David lindt - 3 years ago

    Rubio will bring no change. Watching him in the debate was rediculous. All he needed was a pair of donkey ears to compliment his stupid look when he smiled after his juvenile jabs at trump. Cruz, so rigid on policy and ego, gridlok would plauge us like it is now but from a "true conservative". Both senators like obama have no experiece in anything exept talking b.s.. They never worked a day in their lives. Trump or say goodbye to all hope.

  • Maria - 3 years ago

    Very unfortunate that Rubio and Cruz double teamed on Trump while the moderators loss control. The two freshman senators, especially Rubio looked a bit desperate to me. Trump should ask Cruz and Rubio why they are running for office while we the tax payers are still paying for their salaries. And I would ask Rubio about a government credit card that he used for personal use. If Rubio is going to bring things about Trump from 30 ago. Only fair to question Rubio's character as well as Cruz's.

  • PJ - 3 years ago

    Well, Carson may not have won the debate, and I never had any intention of voting for him, but I think he had the best line of the night when the 3-ring circus was taking place on the stage, "Will somebody attack me?" LOL Poor guy. I felt sorry for him. He should have at least received equal time. But that's the liberal media for ya -- they just wanted a blood bath for ratings! They got it!

  • Joel Cooper - 3 years ago

    I was SO saddened to see how Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio acted during the final debate. When the debate was finished, I just couldn't believe what I had just watched! One expects a certain level of competence out of any Presidential candidate. That wasn't demonstrate last night by Cruz and Rubio! Both were smug and down right RUDE to Mr. Trump. It was such unprofessional behavior from Cruz and Rubio on stage.
    I have personal knowledge of the kind of man Mr. Trump really is. I'm not comfortable going into detail with either of these two situations using this platform though. I will say, I have followed Mr. Trump for many years and find him to be an excellent candidate for President Of The United States! Does Mr. Trump know everything there is to know when it comes to being President? Absolutely NO, he doesn't. With that, there never has nor will there ever be a Presidential canadate who knows everything when it comes to being President. To take this a little further. There has never been nor will there ever be a President while in office who knows how to handle every situation that a President might have to deal with. That's why a Presidential candidate and or a President is surrounded by a competent staff to help him along this journey. Our Government is a business for all practical purposes. Mr. Trump is a brilliant businessman. He has never filed for bankruptcy. He has had business ventures whereas his corporation has filed for bankruptcy protection. This protection is just that, protection. It's afforded to each and every person or businessman.
    When I hear "Overall Mr. Trump is the best candidate for President" one thing comes to mind. That would be, Mr. Trump is the ONLY candidate appropriate and capable to be the next President Of The United States Of America! God bless Mr Trump and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Mike Reese - 3 years ago

    Trump President, Christy VP or Atty General, Carson Surgen General

  • Jan - 3 years ago

    What is happening to the intelligence level of the people of this country? Why, in heavens name, does anyone believe anything Donald Trump says? He would say and do anything to get people to vote for him. He is an egotistical racist maniac who will destroy our country. He loves the "poorly educated!" Of course, they don't have the education to realize what a tyranical, egotistical, lying, windbag, racist Trump actually is. He probably goes home at night and laughs at all the idiots that are dumb enough to follow him. I'd like to know how much $$ Trump promised to "donate" to Chris Christie's future political endeavors to get Christie to endorse him. Trump is Hitler all over again and anyone crazy enough to follow this piece of scum deserves everything they get!!!

  • William - 3 years ago

    It was sad to watch Rubio he would make a comment then look out at his people in the audience to see if he did the right statement then smile say something else childish look back for their approval with a shit eaten grin make the same comment trying to rattle Trump! I've never seen such behavior from presidential hopefuls as i did last night Cruz wasn't any better! Im saddened by what I saw last night! It shows how inexperienced the two junior senators really are & juvenile to say the least

  • Wally - 3 years ago

    I've never understood how anyone can be so fanatical about any candidate? I find them all to be such blowhards. Does anyone really think that any politician really cares about them? Time has maybe warped my perspective but someday most of you will realize that these people are all in it for themselves. They use public service as a way to provide for personal gain. Everyone has a motive. I think Donald Trump is a lying, cheating scumbag but then again what politician isn't? Who Hillary Clinton? Really? I suppose the appeal for Trump is that we know he would use the Presidency for his own personal gain. Hell, he would probably admit it! Hillary, she would tell all you lemmings that she and Bill left the Oval Office penniless and you would believe her? Anyone other than Bernie, Carson or Trump will be business as usual in Washington. I think the Republic needs a rebellion!

  • Diane Bullock - 3 years ago

    We need Donald Trump he is giving his time and money to make our country great again and speaking the true! I love the video with Trump 25 years ago with Oprah and he is saying the same thing then as now and said he would only jump into the race if the country is going down and it is. Help Mr. Trump! We have Rubio and Ted trying so hard to knock down Mr. Trump and we need him in office to help the vet's and also the country!!! Rubio is to young and hasn't done anything for our country and Ted Cruz will say anything ! Need Donald Trump to help us get out of debt! This is a crazy race for the white house but we need Donald Trump he is telling the true! Sorry but we need the truth going forward!!!!!!

  • Mini - 3 years ago

    Trump won the debate yesterday. No doubt about it. Rubio looked like a fool, so nervous and desperate. He was trying to outshine Cruz. But neither of them succeeded. Trump was calm, stood his ground and fired back very effectively with great calm and composure. TRUMP will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. God Bless America, God Bless Trump, our next President!

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    I have voted Democrat my whole life .....NOT THIS TIME .....Trump has my vote !!!!

  • Jish - 3 years ago

    To those who are also asking for specifics from Trump. I remember those days in 2007 after wall street melt down when the then President who completed 7 yrs in office being clueless about what was going on with the economy. Being a great president is about leadership and direction. That will follow with putting up the best minds and smartest people in the cabinet. Once there is clarity and team of smart people, then it is about how do you negotiate and make things happen from a strong wicket. Your strength and clarity is going to get you solutions.

  • Nikki - 3 years ago

    I was undecided fr a long time and I think Trump is our best shot. The insults from Rubio and Cruz hurt themselves more than they did Trump.

  • Anonymous - 3 years ago

    Trump supporters voting blind, 50% probably didn't even watch the debate. Only ignorance gets that platformless, unqualified, two-faced, dirty piece of shit elected.

  • Debbie Powell - 3 years ago

    Those who think Trump is going to change anything in Washington are delusional. He is irrational, erratic, and divisive and the Democrats will not work with him. Poor excuse for choosing a liar and a bigot for President.

  • Iradi - 3 years ago

    What have Cruz, Rubio or any of the Republican elected officials done for us in Washington for the last 7-years! All talk - no action. And actions speak louder than words. I like Trump's (and Governor Christie) tell it like it is, NY attitude, forget the PC. I do like Ben Carson the most. Too bad he is so laid-back, overshadowed, and therefore will not win the nomination. Trump has my vote.

  • Roy D. Mendenhall - 3 years ago

    Cruz is not even in the same league with Trump. Sorry Cruz, you lose!

  • Jenny - 3 years ago

    Please, all of you that are supporting Trump, provide any kind of specifics on plans that he has. I've been patiently waiting for anything of substance to come out of this man's mouth, and will continue. I get that everyone is angry, that he is the loudest and angriest voice. But, let's think long term, if elected, we need more than just someone willing to throw out insults and stand up against Washington. We need someone that #1 can spell "honor" #2 displays it #3 has detailed plans and ideas on the important subjects that we are faced with in our country #4 an ounce of humility. I know what I'm looking for in a leader, and while I cannot truly get behind anyone at his point, Trump is the furthest down on my list. I would love to have his business acumen in a leader, but I'm not willing to sacrifice everything else that is important to me and my children. Look passed your anger people, please, stop this circus that is Trump.

  • June McClellan - 3 years ago

    Ben Carson has definitely the most civility, positivism, and common-sense solutions for getting our country back where we can be proud and our children will have a chance to succeed in America! The moderators did not give Ben Carson or Kasich a chance to answer the questions presented to the other childish bullies!! We The People need to hear from ALL the candidates and not those who the moderators , talking heads, and pundits favor!!! I believe the moderators are in this for just the show and NOT TO INFORM !!!!!

  • Inga - 3 years ago

    We Anericans you're willing to put Hillary in the Whitehouse. I personally think Trump is a ploy for the Democrats.. He was a Democrat until 2012 and now he is a conserative Republican. Please I think he got in just make sure Hillary gets the Whitehouse. He has been playing on the fears of all Americans and he's doing a great job. Just like Obama got in. He was so obnoxious last night and the American people fell for his disgusting behavior. I'm sure he is working with the Democrats to make sure she gets in. I wonder what kickbacks he will get when it's all over. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing. He is nothing but a big bully and a disgrace to the Republican party. People we are in volved in a scam for the president of the US. I can't believe Americans can be so shallow as to see what's going on. He shouldn't have been able to stay on the stage without answering ONE QUESTION ALL NIGHT AND PEOPLE THINK HE IS SO GREAT. BRACE YOUR SELF THIS IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER DISASTER like 2008. God bless AMERICA!

  • Inga - 3 years ago

    We Anericans you're willing to put Hillary in the Whitehouse. I personally think Trump is a ploy for the Democrats.. He was a Democrat until 2012 and now he is a conserative Republican. Please I think he got in just make sure Hillary gets the Whitehouse. He has been playing on the fears of all Americans and he's doing a great job. Just like Obama got in. He was so obnoxious last night and the American people fell for his disgusting behavior. I'm sure he is working with the Democrats to make sure she gets in. I wonder what kickbacks he will get when it's all over. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing. He is nothing but a big bully and a disgrace to the Republican party. People we are in volved in a scam for the president of the US. I can't believe Americans can be so shallow as to see what's going on. He shouldn't have been able to stay on the stage without answering ONE QUESTION ALL NIGHT AND PEOPLE THINK HE IS SO GREAT. BRACE YOUR SELF THIS IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER DISASTER like 2008. God bless AMERICA!

  • Debbie DePasquale - 3 years ago

    Trump has my vote. He will make AMERICA GREAT again. Get rid of these crooked politicians . Go Trump!

  • JewishRepublican - 3 years ago

    1) I am Jewish. I have voted Republican as well as my entire family for years. I find it fascinating how people make ignorant comments about Mr. Trump. Ex: Trump stated that illegal aliens coming in from our south borders are rapists, murderers, drug dealers, etc. and though there are good ones coming over also, they are illegal and must come in as legal citizens. How people think this is racist is astounding. I have read articles where one person wrote that Trump wanted to kick all Muslims out of our country. Really?? Trump has said he would not allow Muslims into our country until that time they can be vetted so we know they are not terrorists. Listen, if Christians or Jews were committing murderous acts upon the world, threatening to destroy the U.S., the same thing would be said about these groups of people. We are in a war, though are president won't admit to it. We need someone strong leading our country. Trump took jabs from both Rubio and Cruz last night and came out looking more calm and strong than the other two combined. I was hoping that Trump would pick Rubio as his running mate but after last night's efforts to attack Trump, I don't think he will be a candidate for V.P.

  • Sally - 3 years ago

    Trump won!!!! And as far as getting audited, they are picked random. My own daughter was audited and thats what they told her. So Romney find something else.

  • Greg Johnson - 3 years ago

    I have voted Democrat all my life. I really have tried to find a way to trust Mrs. Clinton - but just can't. I liked her husband, but thinking back I thin that was mostly just because of his charisma. Mrs. Clinton seems to have manufactured a resume based upon her money and her association with the former President. I just can not vote for her.

    Mr. Sanders seems like a nice man, but even though I am very liberal minded - I just can't wrap my mind around Socialism. I think people need to work for what they get or they won't appreciate it.

    As a black man, I am inclined to be drawn to Dr. Carson. However, I find he is just not strong enough to lead. I hate to say that, but it is what I feel.

    The more I hear hi opponents (and most of my friends) throw jabs at Mr. Trump, the more it makes me listen to what he actually is saying. I must say I am very impressed by not only his ability to control the media, but his ability to draw popular opinion his way despite all the arrows being shot his way.

    I believe in this time of incredible national debt and the least amount of expectation on our youth that I believe we have ever seen - we need a leader who can lead no matter what. I believe that leader is Donald Trump.

    I know I am probably only preaching to the choir and that I will likely get bashed by anyone who is against Mr. Trump, because that seems to me the M.O. However, I am hoping at least one or two of my fellow Democrats will read what I am saying and join me. We need change. We need to improve our country. We need to raise our expectations. We need a strong voice who can fight his way to accomplishments that will benefit out nation for decades to come. I believe that voice is Mr. Donald Trump.

    A few decades ago, I felt very much the same way. Back then I was drawn to President Ronald Reagan. I even went so far as to work on his campaign as a volunteer. I was a young man then. It was a bold move that drew much criticism from others in my community. I still believe that was one of the smartest choices I ever made. I believe President Reagan was the greatest leader in my life time to date. I believe President Trump may be his equal. I pray for out nation's sake that this is true. I pray that you will join me in supporting him instead of spewing vile insults based upon what you read on Facebook, Twitter and other shortsighted media. Let's "make America great again!!"

  • Necey - 3 years ago

    In a Democrat and I'm voting for Mr Trump because we need a shake up in Washington to be honest they needs to get a new Congress because they don't do nothing

  • Wardntx - 3 years ago

    "No way Trump will beat Hillary. So republicans who vote for Trump are only handing the Presidency over to Hillary. "

    This statement is getting old. If Trump can't beat Hillary, then no one can. Simple as that. And she is certainly not unbeatable.

    You morons stating that ignorant BS are just frustrated Trump haters with no real argument against Trump.

    Trump will win in 2016 AND 2020. Count on that.

    You people will be asking him to run again after he sits out 4 years.

  • Rick - 3 years ago

    It's funny. If you listen to all the spinsters, or read their commentary online, everyone says Rubio won.
    He lands a couple of punches in the middle of the debate and that's considered a win?

    From a policy standpoint, Kasich took it, Cruz was effective as well.

    But from pure overall domination, perhaps not by choice, it was clearly Donald Trump who won.
    The online polls suggest the same.

  • R Wells - 3 years ago

    The snake oil salesman P.T. Barnum Trump gets my vote for being the most rude person on stage. Cruz and Rubio both looked presidential. God help us if Trump wins. What a blowhard.

  • William - 3 years ago

    What I see is some angry people attacking two Senators of Cuban decent. Look at your ancestors and unless they are American Indian, they too were immigrants. Angry, Ignorant, unintelligent bigots is who Donald appeals too. The entire debate the Donald did not answer a single question. He is Narcissistic, Arrogant Billionaire that lies like no ones business. He is a New Yorker Cmon now. Yeah we know he is a great business man. We know he will build the wall, yeah we know he has employed 1000s of people but if that enough to be the face of America to the World? The Walton, Gates and Buffets have done the same as Trump but much better, but we don't see them calling everyone idiots or on television fondling their balls as they remind us how great they are.. Wow its the rebirth of Jim Jones and all you fools will drink the Donald's kool aid. He cannot build the wall if it were possible many other Great Republican Presidents would have already done it. He cannot deport 11 Million Illegals because he has no idea where they are and it many more than that. Most of the Illegals come from places other than Mexico and if his supporters would do a little home work they will see that the Donald built mass wealth off the backs of illegals. Also; His Grand Father was a Pimp, His Father a Leader of the KKK and a slum lord. Here's the big picture. The Dems are praying that the GOP will nominate Donald because in the Nation Wide polls he looses to Hillary 58% to 42%. All you Donald supporters thanks a million for letting another Dem into the White House. Cruz handled Donald like a kindergartner and the only thing the Donald could do was repeat himself 5 times. He is pathetic and will never be able to handle the likes of Putin, Kim Jong or The Ayatollah because as soon as he does not get his way he will start calling World Leaders Idiots. Great Britain, Mexico, Saudi, Qatar and Dubai have barred the front runner from entering their countries. The European union is considering doing the same. 6 of our most decorated Generals across the DoD have vowed to retire if he is elected. Embarrassing that we may have a sitting President that will have zero partners abroad. By the way, since when can a multi billionaire New York City slicker whom been left all his life and said republicans are stupid become the face of the GOP? He has donated more money to the likes of Clinton, Kerry, Mondale, and many other Dems He stood with Mayor Ed Koch on banning guns in NYC. And finally he threaten to move his enterprise to the Grand Cayman island after he lost the contract to rebuild the WTC and cried like a lil girl but his followers see Jesus in him and this man said he has never had to ask God for Forgiveness he probably think himself as a god.. THE DONALD IS DANGEROUS AND THE DONALD WILL START WWIII.

  • Awren - 3 years ago

    In 2005 Melanija Knavs / Knauss was a citizen of Slovenia

    In 2016 she could be First Lady Of The United States Of America..
    Shows what massive amounts of money can do

  • Brad Smith - 3 years ago

    I guess I'm not "Conservative" enough for the Crubio Twins. I'm Just a God Fearing, Gun Loving, Infantry Vet who has been married to my one and only Wife for 25 years. According to Bat man and Robin hood that's not enough. I need to lean so far right that I fall off the table. I wonder who died and made these two Junior Senators the King of Conservatism?

  • g - 3 years ago

    I believe in the debates DT.Carson should not be left out.he is an intelligent man.

  • g sikora - 3 years ago

    It was a horrible debate two grown men being bullies.go trump

  • We The People - 3 years ago

    For those "sheeple" that keep voting for the same 'ole bs from those whom are in office, and from years past, wake the f*** up, already. Are you blind to the fact that, if you vote the people to the senate, congress, POTUS, that they should do for the people, not themselves. I mean Obama has basically done whatever he wanted cause the people you vote in have no back bone to say, you can't do that Mr. President. Vote for someone who hasn't been bought and paid for by investors and lobbyists who want "special" favors I.e bills or legislation passed to help their own agendas. Puppets get handled by Masters, if you play the game, your on a string, cut them strings, and start electing people who are going against the establishment, and wanting true CHANGE, not the CHANGE we have had so far, like losing our Freedoms this Country was founded on, what a joke...if you people vote for the same, don't complain... it's We The People, not, We The Government...do your homework, look at what's in front of you, it's there, IF you have the eyes to see, and if you think, Oh, my government wouldn't do that, well, guess what, they have, they are and they will continue unless you wake up, if not well, you get what you get with no one to blame but yourself...

  • david hart - 3 years ago

    By far Donald Trumps best debate. He stood between two establishment politicians and took a torrent of attacks. He returned fire as quickly as humanly possible, swiveling side to side. Rubio had a childish grin on his face every time he repeated an attack line. Cruz IS a liar who just threw his campaign spokesman under the bus. Donald never got rattled. He looked from side to side calmly, pausing long enough to load and reload time after time in a way he had not done in prior debates when he could be a bit quick to fire back. In the last exchange before the closing comments his last blast was to point to the right and declare Rubio a 'choker' and then to his left and call Cruz a liar. That segment closed with Wolf shutting down a sputtering Cruz trying to reply (and never getting to). Trump closed the debate with that exchange. Rubio is a choker. Cruz is a demonstrated liar. Trump won.

  • Harry Miles - 3 years ago


  • Rom - 3 years ago

    Cruz and Rubio may have done more harm to themselves by tag teaming Trump. Sure, they may have won over their donors and sponsors, but that may have come at the expense of losing the swing votes. They both tried to beat Trump at his own game, but in trying to do so; they only reinforced the aura of desperation within the RNC.
    Someone once said, "Never try to play your opponent's game, because he plays that game best. Instead, try to force him to play your game for that is the game you play best. "
    What Cruz and Rubio did at the debate showed a side of Trump that was not seen before: COMPOSURE UNDER FIRE. Now Trumps critics have seen how he handles stress, and what they saw may be the worst of their expectations, the DONALD gives as well as he gets.

  • BrianScott - 3 years ago

    Democratic life family man here.... Voting TRUMP....Enough of the games in Washington, Let the Donald Fire their asses!

  • Lauren - 3 years ago

    We don't have to be besties with POTUS. Need a strong leader that holds accountable. Trump will get the job done! Estab. You're FIRED!

  • Kelly - 3 years ago

    JOHN KASICH IS OUR PRESIDENT!!! He is the man with the backbone to protect us, the intelligence to help us all prosper, and the experience to quickly get done what we need! Trump is a belligerent bully who delivers low blows to everyone...he doesn't pay on time when people do work for him...he won't release his tax returns because he doesn't pay enough taxes....he just talks and talks about impossibilities.....it would cost billions to deport 11million people....And Rubio too, nothing there, but talking all the time. JOHN KASICH has the unique set of talents needed to fix the United States by lowering taxes, creating jobs, jobs, jobs, balancing the budget, and providing world leadership. Truly a remarkable man among men.

  • Gil - 3 years ago

    Trump is a fraud, he was exposed on national tv, people get audited only when they get caught comiting fraud before.

  • Kelly - 3 years ago

    JOHN KASICH IS OUR PRESIDENT!!! He is the man with the backbone to protect us, the intelligence to help us all prosper, and the experience to quickly get done what we need! Trump is a belligerent bully who delivers low blows to everyone...he doesn't pay on time when people do work for him...he won't release his tax returns because he doesn't pay enough taxes....he just talks and talks about impossibilities.....it would cost billions to deport 11million people....And Rubio too, nothing there, but talking all the time. JOHN KASICH has the unique set of talents needed to fix the United States by lowering taxes, creating jobs, jobs, jobs, balancing the budget, and providing world leadership. Truly a remarkable man among men.

  • Gil - 3 years ago

    It's funny how people support Donald trump, just because he's a billionaire and think that he's going to make them rich too. Keep dreaming with your trump lottery ticket, I'm sure at the and he's only thinking on how to make money for him and he's associates, remember he's a businessman, you people vote for him and wait for that check in the mail hahahaha

  • Lee - 3 years ago

    Disgusted with the way things are going? Then wake up! STOP voting for trained politicians. Trained politicians are trained to preserve their own lifestyles. They are trained to preserve a government OF themselves, BY themselves, and FOR themselves. They make a nice living there. Their only real duty is to get re-elected and continue to feed off the hard earned dollars of taxpayers. There are two real people in this race - Trump and Carson. Carson is an incredible and wonderful person. Politicians will destroy him and rip him to shreds. Trump is tough. Trump could win against the politicians ( Democrat and Republican ) that are destroying this country. Trump is not trapped in the political PC game - the silly tightrope that ALL students of political science are trained to walk. Trump is not trained in the political doublespeak designed to lead the "easily lead able" to vote for them. Do you want a change? Then vote for outsiders...business people who have lived real lives. Get out and vote in your state and local elections ( areas where politicians depend on your disinterest ), and vote the REAL people in. Not the entrenched politicians. The entrenched politician has ONE job...to get re - elected. They work at that full time. They do not work to serve you - they work to get re-elected...to keep their lifestyle going. BUSINESS runs the country. Business pays salaries to it's workers. Business and it's workers are what provides our government with TAXES. Taxes provide the money to government to do EVERYTHING. Therefore, BUSINESS keeps this country running. So...do you want an effete political science major to vote for, or do you want a person who understands BUSINESS, DEVELOPEMENT and GNP expansion? Case in point: our current president who raised our debt from 8 trillion to close to 20 trillion - an increase of more than the entire debt in the HISTORY of the United States of America.

  • jo cude - 3 years ago

    It was so sad to see two very intelligent grown men acting like high school bullies. Thank goodness there were three real men on the stage. Mr. Trumph was definitely the winner. We hope he wins. Our country needs him.

  • Reyea - 3 years ago

    Trump has CRS (can't remember syndrome) Rubio is still wet behind his ears????????. Both of these are not the leader this country needs! Ted Cruz 2016 the only true conservative capable leader, see you in the White House ! You won this debate????????????????????????????????????????go Ted Cruz!!

  • Kerie - 3 years ago

    Those voting for Trump are American patriots that actually care for and take pride in what once was a wonderful country to live in and raise children. Those that vote for Trump feel strongly that people should be welcomed here legally. They should want to come out of the shadows and live the American dream and benefit from all the things America has to offer. Those that vote for Trump want to see "Made in America" on more of their products. Not because we are elitist, but because we know that when there is industry in the U.S. there is opportunity. Opportunity to feel pride in a job well done and to understand how good it feels to be tired from work not worry.

  • Joe - 3 years ago

    Clearly anyone voting for Trump is just trolling. Or just idiots.

  • If trump wins were f'd - 3 years ago

    Trump is a business man that has used all the policies he complained about to build his wealth. What jobs has he brought for America? As a business man he employs illegals to make more profit. If he is such a great business man, why has he not brought big companies to America to "make America great again". He ma no how to scam to get money, but he knows crap about foreign policy. He thinks he can negotiate "deals with foreign countries, what deals with whose money his own. Trumpettes, listen you eant to make Anerica great again, give it back to the Native Americans. It was theirs to begin with. What would America be without immigrants, yeah secure the borders by not offering immagrants work, thats the desls trump makes to profit on his overpriced condos. What deals will he make, he cant give a check to congress. Trump being president will bring to war with almost every foreign country, and we will lose tons or resources. So if you want a dictatorship vote Dump, if you want a resl President Vote marco.
    Who gives a hoot about his debt, Dump inherited a fortune and still had to claim bankruptcy multiple times. Ill take the cc debt. Dump would run this country like a car deslership, so all you Dump supporters. Say goidbye to tour cheap Hondas and Toyotas, or your overpriced Mercedes and Audis because Trump Dump is gonna make America great again, not sure how, but we will know once the government stops.auditing him for his persistent fraud. Instead drive a Ugly ass Ford built in Mecico or overseas, because Ford doed not want to make Ametica great again by moving its production here. All trump wants is to say he was President of the United States, he could give to shots about the Country, remember he knows how politicians work, so i hope his Statements show him making enough money to bribe these companies because our debt wont allow room for it, But everything is gonna be grest! he has. A "Tremendous deal" so while the Mexicans he deports build the wall at lower cost than the Polish, the terrorists will flood in from Cannada. God truly needs to bless America, and just take iver himself as Commander and Cheif. Trump Stump wont do it, Honestly they are all bull, but Trump takes the whole damn bull. Tou have made enough money bolonying your way through big business tax breaks, so yeah he knows who to grease to get something done, how docyou think he is winning right now, Remember Money talks and Trumps bulls$&t walks all the way to the bank.

  • Janet Dove - 3 years ago

    Trump has my vote and my husbands vote ! How you like me now !

  • Kerie - 3 years ago

    I'm not sure why Mitt Romney got into the middle of this. Sour grapes maybe? Trump is doing so well that all recent GOP candidates should be embarrassed. His appeal is that he is a realist. Personally I do not vote on social issues. Do I abort babies personally? Absolutely not. Do I give a flying monkey's butt if someone else does? Who knows, because guess what? It is no ones business. It is a personal issue that has to be made be the people dealing with it. Do I believe women are not getting equal pay or minorities are being discriminated against, or that all cops are bad? No and I can't believe that the majority of people believe the lies we are fed daily by those wishing to elevate their own careers and fortunes. I personally am tired of being talked down to, lied to, treated like my opinions do not matter, and worst of all deceived and sold out by my own government. I will be voting for Donald Trump not only on primary day in Missouri but in the general election in November. I will refer everyone I know to Donald Trump's website so that they can read his plans in his own words and judge him on policy rather that personality although personally he does not bother me. I don't trust people that filter their words too carefully. They rarely say what they truly feel and I find they tend to lie more often than those that simply say what rolls off their tongue, their first instinct. Winston Churchill was a brash man but a great leader and I believe that Donald Trump is the same type of visionary. I hope that this will encourage others to rethink what you hear and research the policies that Donald Trump is proposing rather than simply assume they are not of any substance. Good Night America, the best to us all.

  • Sue - 3 years ago

    Trump will win all the way. Those who think Trump does not have the experiences to run our country you really don't know Trump. If you read his books, listen to all the conversions in full you would understand. He does not like to show his complete hand...read "Art of the Deal". I not happy with his mouth or insults at times but you have to look beyond that. Look what he has done with his business and his good successful children...can't say much about other public peoples kids. I have been sick of political correctness for a long time. I was so happy to hear Trump speak up. I like he is not afraid to speak his mind. He could not be successful as he is in business with out know how to get along with people when necessary. All the talk about he is against women he has many CEO women work for him over 30 years and many get paid more than men. He does not care about gender or race, he is all about performance. He is not about hate but he does hate what is happen to this country and wants to fix it. I have not heard anyone talk about fixing something and doing it since Reagan. Trump has done a lot...What did Obama do before he was President...NOTHING and the Clintons are criminals and liars in my view.

  • Brad Foster - 3 years ago

    As I read the comments on this post, I see that most people are for Trump, and that is why he will WIN!! TRUMP2016!!

  • Kevin Mallot - 3 years ago

    Rubio and Cruz lost my respect and my vote. It's clear why Americans are fed up with Washington and the media. I'm voting for Trump clearly to send a message to Washington. We the People. Wake up America before its to late. We are on the verge of collapse and we are about to elect more of the same and or a Socialist. Trump will rebuild the country and will not take shit from dictators, the media and the special interest groups. TRUMP2016!!

  • Amy Bagett - 3 years ago

    Trump will lead us to the promised land!!! We must all vote for TRUMP!!!

  • Melody Klein - 3 years ago

    They just want to bash Trump!! Hes the only one worth voting for. Look her boys Cruz and Rubio our cabana boys. When you figure out how to grow you a set of Brass Balls like MR. TRUMP then we can sling some hash. You get out your birth certificates. Then we can all throw our taxes up for everyone to gander . So put up or shut up!!

  • Trumpin - 3 years ago




  • Mitzy - 3 years ago

    It is clear from reading all the comments after this last debate that the Trump haters actually know very little about Donald Trump and are not listening to what he is saying. It sounds more like they have a very personal opinion, probably formed long before now, rather than a political opinion based on what Trump is offering to try to do for the American people. I do not think a man with his vast fortune and multiple successes would be interested in being president of this very messed up county at the age of 69 just for the glory and the "win". He has much better things to do with his time than take on such an enormously difficult job. Possibly he is an American who remembers the days when this country did not have an out of control government wasting and giving away our hard earned taxes and when people could actually achieve "The American Dream"...whether a citizen or an immigrant and when everyone did not want a hand out but was willing to work hard for success just as he has done. He is a brilliant man, an effective negotiator and has a track record of success all over the world. What he doesn't know he will learn quickly and with the best qualified advisers at his side. Although everyone has skeletons in their closets, it does not appear Trump has many to talk about, otherwise I am sure all the other candidates many campaign experts would have more mud to sling than they seem to have been able to dig up. It is also apparent that Trump does not have anyone writing him a lot of clever lines to speak, rather refreshing even if some people do not like what he says. I have always said I want to vote for the speech writer not the candidate who gets credit for saying the memorable lines that are not their own. What you see and hear, whether you like it or not, is Donald Trump, no speech writers or advisers telling him what to say in order to win. This country needs an outspoken leader who tells it like it is with no political filter. Trump knows what to say and when to say it or he would have never become who is is. He is the only candidate I have complete trust in to fight for and protect Americans. My vote goes to Donald Trump.

  • Mark Glover - 3 years ago

    Trump Clearly won the debate!! Do not believe CNN, MSNC, FOX News or anyone else!! Do not wavier and have faith that Trump will lead us to greatness!! TRUMP2016!!

  • Georgia - 3 years ago

    And why would someone move their support from Rubio to Trump just because Rubio attacked Trump tonight? When has Trump ever stuck to only talking about the issues? It's about time he got a taste of his own medicine.

  • Keire - 3 years ago

    Cowards attack in pairs. As I watched this debate it was evident to me that Marco Rubio is simply too inexperienced in life to be the leader of the free world. He very much seemed to me like the kid on the playground that is pretending to be brave because his friends teased him about being a wimp. If you pay close attention to Marco's body language and facial expressions you see the lack of confidence and the fear in him. His voice shakes, he is jerky and talks loud and shrill. I honestly felt sorry for the guy but also saw the weakness that prevents him from being an acceptable candidate.
    Ted Cruz carries himself with false confidence. Tonight isn't the first time I noticed it with Cruz but it was more evident. He asks a question then starts with the, "Why you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? " If Rubio was the kid trying to act brave, Cruz was the one egging him on. All with a sly smile dripping with false bravado. The look on his face is the look of a kid that has been caught in a lie and still thinks they can get out of it. I have known people like him that honestly believe they are more intelligent than everyone else in the room and that everyone else is just too stupid to get it. No one really likes them. At the end of the day I think that is Ted's downfall, he is much like Hillary in the respect that the more people see of him the less they like him. I would think that tonight the donors are starting to back out or maybe they are carrying Rubio out on their shoulders feeling like he hit all the "gotchas" they told him to get in there. Ted's camp likely is thrilled with his performance (yes that is exactly what it was, a performance). People with his personality tend to surround themselves with those that feed their egos. Tonight he will go to bed with a self satisfying grin on his face and dream of a landslide victory in Texas. We shall see.

  • machelle - 3 years ago

    I keep hearing people say , oh Trump hasn't explained how Mexico will pay for the wall. Do you guys not pay attention or do any research or know any sense of economics? There is a trade deficit that Mexico has, which means they owe us money. How do you rid a debt? You either pay it or make deals to bring your debt down!

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    Yes, please, vote for Trump. Hillary or Bernie will make great presidents.

  • At gerg - 3 years ago

    Mexico will pay for the wall out of the renegotiaions Trump will.work on mexico. Mexico makes 58 billion dollars a year off the USA.. trump will work make there heads spin when he negotiates and they will beg to build him a wall when they go from +58 billion a year to -58 billion a year...... how come they make money off us and we dont with them ??? Huh??? Cause there smart and we are stupid. Well, trump will change that... real quick.. look out.. we are about to win so much that you are going to get sick of winning. Your going to beg ohh please mr trump, do we have to win again ? Im sick of winning. Thats all we do is win..

  • Georgia - 3 years ago

    Trump didn't answer how he would make Mexico pay for the wall. HOW is he going to reduce debt? All I hear him say is "It will be great". I have never heard any plans. So please tell me Trump supporters. HOW will Trump make America great again?

  • Georgia - 3 years ago

    HOW is Trump going to make America great again? He says Mexico will pay for the wall. How? He didn't answer that quest g

  • Fred - 3 years ago

    On second thought, rubio is a noob. He gets controlled by all the doners and special interest. Donald J Trump is self funding his campaign only and only because he does not want to be controlled by all the companys who are leaving the USA and will be leaving. We will have no jobs. This is our one and only hope to elect the best jobs president that God ever created. We are honored Mr Trump is helping our country in this time of need. You can vote for the rubio with credit card dept or the cruz who is a big fat liar with a nose like pinokio if you like. But I will vote for Trump and always know that with my vote, I WAS APART OF THE MOVEMENT THAT MADE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR VETERANS AND MAY GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP.

  • Joey Notes - 3 years ago

    I voted for Obama in his first election and chose not to vote the second time because there was no way in hell Romney couldve beaten him. I will vote for and campaign for DONALD TRUMP to the bitter end!!! TRUMP WILL WIN!!! TRUMP 2016!!!

  • Jasmine - 3 years ago

    Rubio is nothing more than a puppet being forced down our throats by the desperate RNC in attempt to stop Trump.
    Trump 2016! Away with the puppets!

  • El Chapo Guzman - 3 years ago

    I.... me
    .... El Chapo, will be paying for the wall.

    Thanks to Mr. Trump. For allowing me to pay for the wall with all the drug money i made on crossing the border. In fact, there is a little something extra on the check you can give to the vets.

    Yes, that is how good Donald Trump is.. he is just that good. Do you have a billion dollars ? How about 10 billion? No? Well Trump does.. and he used his God given talented mind of negotiations to get 10 billion. Thats the president we need. Time to make America Rich again. Time to stick it to the man !!!!!! We will build a wall. It will be a massice wall, and el chapo will pay for it.

  • Fred - 3 years ago

    No way Trump will beat Hillary. So republicans who vote for Trump are only handing the Presidency over to Hillary. If he talks about making deals with terrorist during a debate with Hillary he will get crushed the general elections. Cruz is a liar, not sure why Carson is still in the race and Kasich would make a great VP. Marco is the only potential candidate who can pull Hillary's pants down. The more people vote for Trump, the more likely we will spend four more years of Clinton-Obama legacy....wise up people. Is this about electing who you like or about electing someone who can beat Hillary. This country as a whole is not ready to elect an honest businessman so it's only option will be to elect a dishonest liberal. Just think about that. Vote for Marco Rubio. And yes only a blind and deaf person would fail to see Rubio CLEARLY won and effortlessly defeated Trump in tonight's debate. Trump was the only one on stage repeating himself tonight. It was so bad I felt sorry for Trump for a moment. The only regret is to see that it took Rubio this long to depants Trump because he wanted to run his campaign on the issues. You do what you have to to secure the votes and he did what he set out to do tonight. Folks the media, the democrats and Hillary want to run against Trump. She does not want to run against Rubio or Cruz. Why do you think the media gives Trump more media coverage than the other candidates? Ratings? or is it really about Exposure? Just think about that.

  • Bell - 3 years ago

    America is weak we need to be aggressive DJT will do the job hire the right people and Fire the sell outs To keep doing the same thing over and over is insanity Dont be scared America be brave.

  • Michael Green - 3 years ago

    In his summary Donald Trump seemed so tired. His eyes were puffy and droopy. I actually felt sorry for the 69 year old man. His best years are behind him.

  • Cheryl Gibson - 3 years ago

    No more Democrat PC Leftists, and no more GOPe do-nothing turncoats. America needs Trump to go to Washington and clean out that swamp of vipers

  • Lora - 3 years ago

    TRUMP IS A WINNER, He will LEAD in the Polls. Nothing is new or surprise on the Stage today.

  • Jared Cadet - 3 years ago

    My vote went to Trump after Jeb got out of the race..Come on America...Let's help TRUMP make America Great Again!!!

  • Linda - 3 years ago

    I was leaning toward Rubio, but mostly 'cos he took the high ground and kept focusing on the issues. As soon as he started the in-fighting (like Cruz does), I decided I am favoring Trump
    BTW Cruz, can't talk about issues with out saying 'Trump says this' and 'Rubio does that'.... focus man focus

  • Jeb Bush - 3 years ago


  • Selina Gomez - 3 years ago

    I am a Mexican American and I am proudly voting for TRUMP!! He will make America Great Again!!

  • ibrulz - 3 years ago

    Cant believe how many dumb people live in our country - he's a landlord for GOD's sake - he's not a "brilliant" businessman. Buying a building, selling a building doesnt make you qualified for anything, other than buying buildings and selling buildings...oh well, lets barrel toward Idiocracy, at least it'll be funny...

  • Bill Thomas - 3 years ago

    After watching the republican debates with 2 senators Cruz and Rubio its no wonder why nothing gets done in Washington. Clearly both have been caught lying. Cruz is shady and manipulative. Rubio strikes me as an adolescent that has been bullied and now wants to get even. Thanks to Trump we found out the US has a 58 billion dollar trade agreement with Mexico. Obviously, The wall gets funded from that which will only be a fraction of the total dollar agreement.
    Jobs are the answer to health care costs combined with removing the state boundaries.That will allow pools of insured healthy people with a percentage of unhealthy people to reduce the cost for all in the pool. That's the way it works. Also, when more people are working paying health care insurance, the costs go down. A main contributor to high health care costs in the US is NO JOBS. - TRUMP HAS MY VOTE

  • Darell Evans - 3 years ago

    I am a democrat and after watching this debate, I have decided to vote for Donald Trump in November!! Trump can and will beat Clinton!! TRUMP 2016!!

  • Vote for TRUMP - 3 years ago

    We have losers. We have losers. We have people that don’t have it. We have people that are morally corrupt. We have people that are selling this country down the drain.

    I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. I tell you that.

    I’ll bring back our jobs from China, from Mexico, from Japan, from so many places. I’ll bring back our jobs, and I’ll bring back our money.

    How stupid are our leaders? How stupid are these politicians to allow this to happen? How stupid are they?

    If you vote for Trump, you can tell you grandchildren, your wife, husband, children, neighbor, boss, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, friend, the world and yourself, that through your vote you were apart of the greatest movement in the entire world and because of your vote, you... helped make America Great Again. Im your conscience and i approve this message. Lets show these politicians just how sick of them we are.. they will not control you or my vote and they certainly will not control trump. He will light a fire under there seat just as he is doing now for all these years while they live the good life and we the people suffer. GOD BLESS YOU AND ME AND MAY GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  • Robert Park - 3 years ago

    Trump is the owner of Republican party now.

  • Sarah Brenner - 3 years ago

    Cruz and Rubio wasted most of their debate time picking on Trump, which is silly and a poor strategy to get votes. Trump won the debate. Kasick came in second.

  • Simon Greenwald - 3 years ago

    Trump is the clear winner, he was much calmer and very presidential tonight. I love that he was able to stand up to Rubio and Cruz. He is the only one worth voting for. AMERICIANS are tired of all these politicians with their empty promises. With trump what you see is what you get. We need a straight forward leader who will make mistakes and admit to them and that's exactly what trump did tonight, he wasn't writing or looking at any papers, he speaks from his heart. This is what America need to be the great nation again.

  • Bshort - 3 years ago

    Rubio looked like a little kid who finally made a joke about his Dad. Trump is the only candidate who can take the heat and not look like a total loser. Rubio and Cruz keep slinging cause you'll just give the nominee to Trump!! Thanks!

  • Ticked off Puppy - 3 years ago

    It sure seemed that CNN directed the questions to attack Trump and it showed. Is it a ploy by big business and Washington to try to destroy him knowing that he is not a good debater. As Trump is not a politician, it is a no brainer that he doesn't come out with great comebacks to those that attack him. Will Trump make a great President, I don't know, but we need to get career politicians out of office to show that the American people are fed up with their lip service. This was evident of Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich saying what they did in Washington, but then why is it we are almost 21 trillion in debt? Just can't politicians. Vote Trump 2016.

  • Cate - 3 years ago

    One is a liar, the other a choke artist... I'm taking the business man with balls... getting tag teamed by those two on national television? he was the only one who acted mature and held his composure. Go Trump!

  • RL - 3 years ago

    Simply Speechless! If after watching tonight's debate you can vote that Donald Trump won, then you seriously need to seek mental health treatment.
    Trump once again offered ZERO policies and ZERO specifics to any dream he hopes to accomplish.
    Being President isn't a reality TV show or another business deal to negotiate, you need at the least to have both domestic and foreign policy experience.
    Something is wrong with America today, and we're witnessing the final days of humanity.

  • Patricia Bunyea - 3 years ago

    So disappointed with tonights debate! Rubio and Cruz did not answer any questions given them to my satisfaction...they were only on the attack like little children toward Trump! Kasich, Carson and Trump gave me something to think about!

  • Ted Cruz - 3 years ago

    Hey, My name is Ted Cruze and im a big fat liar. I will say anything i have to to win. I accept money from everyone and will do each of you a favor and grant your wish when im president. You can rob the nation blind and i will turn my head and close my eyes. Just give me your donations. Goldman sack did. I will give you all false promises and when i get the the white house, ill say, "Honey... we finally made it.. what stupid americans put us here, buhahahaha. Look at the walls and how tall the ceilings are. Look at this bed.. and i have a maid now. Ohmygosh.. who cares about the dumb american now that we have made it. Mission complete. Lets enjoy this 4 year vacation, call room service, ill be in the Jacuzzi while these dumb americans think im doing something, buhahahahaha. For years and years and years, me and everyone like me, has sat in this chair, and done absolutely nothing except barough and barough and barough, because we are to busy picking our big huge noses. And not doing jack, after we made it to the white house.. lol. What dumb americans. They think we didnt win before. Haha, we really not gonna win now. Buhahahaha

  • Cate - 3 years ago

    To Child in a Suit... Couldn't have said it better. He is a child and proved it tonight with his pompous grin looking for back up from his cronies in the front row. All I see when I think of Rubio taking on Putin and others is MORE SWEAT!

  • Jamey - 3 years ago

    As a republican, not a Socialist, Communist, Democrat, or even moderate I have to say, Sen Rubio and Sen Cruz were very unstatesmen like, Donald came across as an unprepared liar and a fake conservative leaving Ben and Gov John to decide between. Ben could quite possibly be an advisor seeing how he's an idealist, and the dirt of Washington would drive him to eating a bullet mid term. John has been there, knows what he wants and knows how to get it... I support Gov. Kasich now.

  • Angel - 3 years ago

    Rubio was aggressive, but he was a little boy next to Trump. Cruz seems smart enough to overpower Rubio. But Trump did not break. They brought up things against Trump, I hope the next debate Trump ask about Rubio getting funds from democrat donors, I also hope someone ask Cruz about regulating homeschool and the CFR that his wife was involved with dealing with open borders for the United Nations. I was a Cruz voter until a few months ago then undecided, but tonight Trump was the one that would be best against Putin or any other in my opinion . I cant understand why they had to attack Trump instead of focusing on issues. All about winning instead of strengthening the party. Losers RUBIO and CRUZ winners Kasich and Trump. We cant let the Hilary win the WH. Rubio and Cruz are hurting themselves and our party.

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