Should Apple create new software to help the FBI break into a killer's iPhone?

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  • bary - 4 years ago

    Its like asking Apple to put themselves and a good product out of business. Next you will be buying the box and cable to crack the Apple on Amazon for 19.95. Find a legal way to get the answers. Torture would be more appropriate.

  • margie - 4 years ago

    John McAffee has offered to get into the phone for the FBI without charge. IPhone6 is built around privacy and not giving out your information to anyone. Should they create an entirely new system to create a back door will not only remove the reason the phone was based on, but it will take away all privacy for anyone who uses their phones and create a new precident for all electronics. There are also ways to get into the phone through apps. I believe this is a red herring to take away more privacy rights from Americans and others.

  • John doe - 4 years ago

    The feds will go from apple to all phone makers if they win this thing. It will go from killers to everybody, so no feds should figure it out they self and get over it.

  • cbfamos - 4 years ago

    This is much more complicated than any of us understand.

    If you own an iPhone or know anyone that does (which everyone does), then once this new software gets leaked, we are looking at a very serious financial and data catastrophe...

    This requested software hasn't ever been developed for this specific reason. For those who doubt that this poses any threat, just remember that hackers have successfully infiltrated the IRS, local law enforcement, and the CIA, among countless other entities.... Be careful what you wish for...

  • Gerry - 4 years ago

    I am not an expert but from what I understand if the FBI HAD COME TO Apple without publicity Apple might have helped them.

  • Pete - 4 years ago

    No because once you allow them that, they will abuse it and use it against everyone. It is our right to privacy, if allowed we are one step closer to a police state/nazi germany. They already abuse our rights with the "stingray" device. Not to mention if they do get this backdoor, don't you think hackers would be able to get thru as well? Which in turn would make countless people vulnerable to even more identity theft, stolen CC, etc.

  • Jake Gallagher - 4 years ago

    Yes, I believe they should honor a valid court order. If I was presented with a court order to provide information related to a criminal investigation and I refused, my ass would be in jail until I complied. That is where the CEO of Apple should be right now! Boycott Apple!

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