What grade do you give Chris Rock's Oscars performance?


  • herculesx - 8 years ago

    I'm sure not including the Public Exposure rock didn't do the Oscar's gratis' for FREE, I mean hey you don't like it stay home and give them the money back ,it's the Oscar's not a Place for you to vent your Frustrations for your bro. the great different strokes star!!.There are 75 white actors deserving to be nominated and 8 Black actors so what do you do,blacks are saying it has nothing to do with skin color yet they keep harping on it and bringing it up. "In my mind I should win" Well fool everybody thinks THAT! You wanna play this poor black we can take it back 100 years and see how you like it! Really I didn't bring you over here as a slave and not one person living did! So give it up already,Blacks have been getting the better shake (Job's ,College's Promotions) for almost 40 years now my relative had a 4.0 GPA and was denied entrance so a black with a 3.1GPA could get in a major Ivy League College ,now how is that fair.Maybe all us whites should go Burn Chicago or LA or Dallas,How would that be! How about if I was being held as a slave by a country for 30 or 40 or even 70 years (I know a lot died here)and all of a sudden the President of that country freed me you know what the FIRST Thing I would do? RUN HOME as fast as I could even if I had to swim! See that was Abe's plan ,put all the Blacks on ships and send everyone HOME. But john wilkes booth stopped that. Abe's wife told many ,many people it was his plan ,but that does't matter. How many Black fled back to Africa after Abraham Lincoln signed the Bill Freeing Black and White Slaves? 0, ZERO! Why because thats who SOLD them in the First Place Their own People! You know 20 Million Blacks went the sand road north to Timbuktu chained at the neck ,then on to Europe and the Mediterranean ,Where are they today?But only less than 1 million came to the USA? Something doesn't add up here. My Point You Don't Like It Here Go Back Home! My Ancestors came here freely in 1741,we were not sold to the highest bidder and sent here to be sold again by Spanish and British Privateers! They paid to come here! Go back home or shut up! Look at Moses in the Bible he took the Jews to the promised Land ,Well the way you act after everything you have gotten I think it's time to find your Promise Land, Maybe Iran they are strict Muslim and you all want to take Muslim Names Go their for a week and see how you like it! It's obvious your not happy here, Maybe back to Africa ?? Think about it.Your wearing out your welcome with a lot of people here ,make a choice.Also one last thing if you hate whites so much how come you love white woman? Stay with Black Women! It's like I hate Whites but I 'm living with a white woman?

  • Ree - 8 years ago

    African Americans and other minority groups cannot be racists because they lack the power to deny white Americans or one another access to resources. Racists have real power that they can wield as they see fit while destroying the lives of others. To be fair, poor whites don't have the power to be racists on a grand scale in this country. All they can do is go along with better off peers and hope to be in a position to take advantage of the decisions made by their wealthier peers in their own self-interests. In this country, we have to get educated so that we can truly discuss what is going on. Why are whites so angry? If the poor and middle class whites truly had power, they would not be struggling to make a living in this country. Neither Black people nor working class whites have to power to make public policy!

  • Cuban-American - 8 years ago

    I thought he was rude and not-funny. I always looked forward to watching the Oscars but this one was ruined by the BLM movement. I turned it off after he mentioned the blacks killed by police would be remembered in the program's section of Memoirs. Give me a break! He should NOT even have been the host if he thinks this is funny! Whoopi Holdberg, the worst racist of all-makes me sick! Chris should have stuck to good, funny jokes but if he had...the Iscars would have enjoyable.

  • Nancy - 8 years ago

    Oscars were ruined..no class..Chris Rock was NOT funny..the stage was beautiful but lost to many who had to suffer thru. the black agenda..it just went on and on..waste of time !

  • H.F.ashington - 8 years ago

    I laugh and laugh, it was funny. Just be glad it wasn't DL, They might have gotten up and left the building-lol.

  • Nova SS - 8 years ago

    Black people are always crying about something! Blacks are More racist then whites these days. Bet awards! Are you seroius!...lol

  • Kristine - 8 years ago

    The Oscars were ruined, by Hollywood allowing a group of people to hijack a dignified award show and turn it into a soapbox platform to air their grievances about lack of diversity. It created an atmosphere where anyone that might protest would be labeled as bigoted or racist.
    I will not watch another Oscar Award Show.

  • Marilyn - 8 years ago

    I did not like remarks Chris made about our grandparents hanging from trees and then laugh.
    That was a disgraced. Our great-grand parents really suffered. That's not a laughing matter.
    I did not enjoy him.
    Minorities, Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, etc should create their own Oscars. And appreciate their own. Its obvious the Oscars are really for whites.

  • MR T - 8 years ago


  • Jane - 8 years ago

    It all went well until he brought three Asian kids on stage and teased them. Failed miserably. What good does it do to fight for the so called diversity while mocking other minority groups? Racism isn't just about Blacks. Double standard isn't gonna work, Rock.

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    I just grow weary of hearing about black people. They only make up 13% of the US population. Why aren't there more Hispanic or Asian actors nominated? This was my least favorite Oscars and only stayed tuned to watch Leo finally win his Oscar. Someone mentioned on another board that 18% of Oscars have gone to black people and they're only 13% so they are being represented just fine. I also don't understand the BLM movement. If black lives actually mattered to other black people then why aren't there protest in the neighborhoods where all the black people kill each other?

  • My kids father - 8 years ago

    I thought he did a great job. It was a difficult job, and he had to breach the gap between the people that thought he shouldn't have appeared with the lack of black (and other deserving minority) nominees. At the same time, he did a great job of making people think about this issue for just a few moments.

    I thought the most surprising moment was when Stacey Dash came out (she's a notoriously conservative black actress who said black history month was not needed), and said lets celebrate black history month. I think that was supposed to be an obvious joke, but I don't think they got it.

  • nicole - 8 years ago

    I think he did really well addressing and saying what no one else wanted him to say. And the academy are made up of actors just an fyi.

  • Lorraine - 8 years ago

    He went too long talking about how the academy or Oscars were racist or having black nominees. I'm a Japanese-American, minority, but it was uncomfortable and continued way too long. Maybe I should have put 'failed'. He shouldn't have made the actors uncomfortable. He should have addressed to the members of the academy or oscars.

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