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  • Lauren - 4 years ago

    TEAM MATT! Steve had his chance and it didn't work out, so obviously Matt deserves his chance at DJ's heart. Steve interrupted everything that Matt did with DJ, and that wasn't right. Matt is a much better fit for DJ, especially since they both love animals, and they are partners at the pet clinic. TEAM MATT ALL THE WAY, Steve HAD his chance and obviously blew it by dancing with that other girl at the high school dance that he was supposed to be DJ's date at. TEAM MATT!!!!!

  • TEAM MATT!!! - 4 years ago

    DJ needs to pick Matt because steve was the past, honestly it needs to be over with him. Matt is the future, DJ and him are super cute too. When they look into each others eyes it looks like they are in love (ik its the tv show) but when she looks at steve he acts desperate. Matt is the one for her. TEAM MATT ALL THE WAY!!!!! GO MAT!!!!

  • La la la la la la - 4 years ago

    TEAM MATT ALL THE WAYY!!!!! Steve had his chance and it didn't work out so I feel Matt needs a chance to win D.J.'s heart! :)

  • Amrita - 4 years ago

    Team Matt !!! Steve is the old fling the romance is there between DJ and Matt !!! Honestly I don't like the DJ and Steve . so its TEAM MATT all the way Looking forward to Season 2 !!

  • Franco Parisi - 4 years ago

    Go Team Matt ...allll the way!!!

  • Selena - 4 years ago

    TEAM MATT ALL THE WAY!!!! Why!! Why!! She chose neither just like when she was getting the choice of Viper or Wilson! I do understand what DJ is meaning, but she can't just hold back forever! I get where she is coming from, and if Steve really loved her, he wouldn't have left her in High School and got married! I don't really think they were meant to be! The really chemistry and passion is the love between DJ and Matt, he wanted to move there for her because he cared about her so much! I love the show Full House and Fuller House, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS OR WHAT ANYONE SAYS!! Even though this is a disgrace! DJ, Matt is the one!! I hope there is a Season 2! TEAM MATT!! TEAM MATT!! TEAM MATT!! I will shout it from a mountain, because I'm not ashamed or scared, I have said I'm Team Matt ever since he came into the picture! And it is not just about looks!!! Quit being like how Danny was and just choose Matt already!

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