SPEAK UP: Should the City of Beacon install parking meters? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Are you considering moving out of Dutchess County? 235 YES, 74 NO

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  • Robin - 4 years ago

    I would never shop or do any business in a city that has parking meters. If you want my business, don't charge me to park my car, and possibly ticket me for going 1 minute past the allotted time. No thanks.

  • r - 4 years ago

    No parking meters.

  • BillC - 4 years ago

    Parking meters help offset costs that are related to Main Street usage. It also reduces the amount of people who park on Main Street all-day long and go elsewhere never shopping in the stores. Just put those new meters in that take Apple Pay and the like....

  • TomB - 4 years ago

    There are people who just stop to go to the bank or Post Office for a few short minutes and leave. Why would you have to pay for 2hours? Beacon just started to be recognized as a tourist attraction and meters would deter people from coming. Its time we voted out the politicians who even suggest such a thing. If you have extra money to put in meters, use the money to fix roads and bridges and infrastructure.

  • June - 4 years ago

    NO parking meters. They drive people away. A secret to the success of malls is easy parking.

  • NR - 4 years ago

    Parking meters do not solve a lack of parking pots issue. Start by looking at residential parking andxstore owners parking on Main. Determine where else public lots can be developed. Direct people to public lots with better education. And encourage people to walk. One venue's complaints should not dictate policy change without further info about problem.

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    Please DO NOT ruin Beacon like City of Poughkeepsie did!
    Biggest mistake Poughkeepsie ever did.Ask the buissness there too!

  • Tom - 4 years ago

    I'm torn on the subject. Beacon is a great tourism based city that hundreds if not thousands of people every week from NYC come and spend money here. I do not want to see them deterred from staying in Bracon and getting out and visiting the galleries and shops along Main Street, but at the same time other tourist towns/cities have parking meters and it doesn't affect anything. Also most tourists to Beacon take the train to the Beacon station and walk up to Main Street or Dia and do not use a car.

  • Sally Sunshine - 4 years ago

    Gotta make up for that loss of sales tax revenue somehow.

  • Peter Doran - 4 years ago

    Don't ruin a good thing!

  • Mike - 4 years ago

    If you install parking meters I for one will never come there again

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