Should a natural gas power plant be built in Middletown?

  • John - 4 years ago

    Derek, sorry you feel this way about being a complainer. Not the case at all!! I have attended a few of these Middletown council meetings in the past when other community topics were discussed and there is a common theme: the mayor resents other points of view and attempts to use his sarcastic humor to belittle and intimidate. I was taken back the first time I saw it. I do use energy and I agree that natural gas is a better option than some other energy options. However, the process that has gotten us to this point isn't passing the smell test. There are environmental and health concerns that are real and residents want valid answers, not the same old "trust me" attitude of local politicians.
    Tom, I respect your opinion but I disagree with your take on the lack of active protestors. The number of protestors do not reflect the level of concern. These scheduled protests (5:30-6:30) are not convenient for the many young families living in the area. Perhaps the developers plan is reasonable and legitimate but many people see this as a foot in the door tactic. The Newark plan failed in part because of the proposed size. Maybe you have there a fixed limitation for this proposed power plant? Sorry don't trust the Middletown politicians and the environmental mess in Delaware City has happened under the watch of DNREC. Just saying....

  • Chelsea Cimino - 4 years ago

    Do your research. This project has been shut down in at least two other locations, and for good reason.

  • Derek - 4 years ago

    @john, even if I lived in Middletown I'd vote yes because as mason said its clean energy & it will create jobs, which at present I unfortunately do not have. But more importantly is the clean aspect, there are too many sources of pollution to create energy & there should be more natural gas plants. You do use energy I assume? Would you rather have a coal power plant next door? Too many people complain about, well everything really but don't REALLY know what their complaining about. They just like to complain. The world wound be a much better place if people just stop complaining.

  • tom - 4 years ago

    John - I live here and voted yes. I don't think you'll find many NIMBYs in Middletown. That's why only a dozen have attended these protests over 6 months. The issue is not transparency. The mayor has been willing - no, SCHEDULED - to meet with residents to give all the information he has and answer questions, but this group has denied him and lied about it. The issue at hand is the protesters don't know what the issue is. They are just copying Newark and making it up as they go along. If they had a legitimate fact in hand, they wouldn't need to call in the media constantly to drum up noise about it.

  • John - 4 years ago

    Let me guess....the majority of people voting YES live elsewhere. Put it in Middletown but not where "I" live. The issue is that this is being pushed with zero transparency. The arrogant mayor and council are not addressing legitimate questions and concerns from the community. Why?

  • Mason - 4 years ago

    Yes, It's natural Gas, it's clean, and will create good paying jobs!

  • James McCants - 4 years ago

    Yes it would creat gobs for Delaware workers.

  • - 4 years ago

    A protest against the proposed natural gas power plant in Middletown was held Monday. Read more at the link above (or

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