Rate your level of confidence in the Calvo administration's financial management. (Poll Closed)

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  • wife of 34 years kill by guam doctors - 5 years ago

    Me And My Common Law Wife Lived Off Island, And We Visit Guam Every Year Till She Got Sick In 2008 And Was Hospitals in Guam And Doctors Do Not Know What Wrong So I Ask The Doctor To Take Her To St. Luke Hospital In Global City He Said That My Insurance Does Not Cover Air Ambulance You Know That I Called My Insurance And Check If It Covers And Was Told Yes For One Thing That Doctor Is A BS, And He Does Not Know What He Doing My Wife Had A Chicken Pox At Age 51 Years Old So Tell Me What After That What Do You Get. By The Way My Insurance is BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD And All I Have To Say Is People Of Guam The Doctor That I Am Talking About Is Not From Guam I Just Hope That If You Have A Sick Ones Go To ST. LUKES HOSPITAL ASAP DO NOT WAIT LIKE I DID. THANK YOU PEOPLE OF GUAM ADIOS.

  • marites mandilag - 5 years ago

    Come on never believe what the poll says rather the opinion of the people.
    seems like the government is more concern how much the new hospital GRMC can save like (tax credit, etc.etc etc.) rather than helping the government hospital. So obvious, sorry GRMC but St. Lukes Hospital in Global City still the best, friendly Doctors and Nurses, they treat the Chamorro good.
    Seriously we all thought St. Lukes Hospital was coming to Guam but unfortunately it wasn't but still glad we can fly still close by Guam. WHY GO GRMC if there's GMH, anything serious? fly to Manila closer to home where they treat you like KING and QUEEN

  • Take Back Guam - 5 years ago

    How is it that there are 64% votes for "very confident" and no "very confident" comments?

  • Deb Mesa - 5 years ago

    Certainly the worst administration in Guam's history, when it comes to understanding the management of funds, and than spending it. A stubborn group with poor advisors. The Governor should fire his advisors like Troy Torres who is too busy throwing sticks and stones instead of professionally earning his ridiculous salary. Forget Imagining Guam in 50 years, because in 5 years, we will be in such great debt that none of those imaginations will be a reality.

  • Maria San Nicolas - 5 years ago

    GMH Says it all.. Can't even fix the problem at GMH. Busy & Helping GRMC Hospital for tax credit - a business based from the Phils. who will take away Guam money to Philippines.
    How sad, our only government hospital was taken for granted.

  • Jeremy - 5 years ago

    Honestly, lets all just get together and impeach the Governor & Lt. Governor. If our brothers and sisters in Saipan can do it so can we. Everyone get together and get these guys out before its too late.

  • hosie - 5 years ago

    Would you believe that 98% of the voting are unclassified employees of Gov Guam working for the Calvo administration. 98%! Better than a magician.

  • hosee - 5 years ago

    All the comments so far are very true. This should be a lesson that Calvo family should never be trusted for political office.

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Pocket stuffing campaign at its finest !

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    This so called Governor Calvo is purposely steering our island into bankruptcy so he and his friends can buy up Gov Guam land or recieve more tac credits in return of a bailout . Kinda like the landfill crap ! Interest is piling up everyday only to make Calvo and others recieve 3 times what the original purchase price was. Crooks ! Thieves ! Pathetic ! Calvo enterprise = paid for by Guam tax payers . Thanks Gov Guam ! Lol...

  • Koko - 5 years ago

    This guy is so clueless and a dumb got dumber. Honest men! Basta di mala kish.



  • Concerned Citizen - 5 years ago

    What started out as a promising path to economic prosperity for Guam during the Governor's first term has become an economic nightmare right at the beginning of his second term. What's worse is the Legislature is also part of economically sabotaging Guam's future. From illegal retros to just plain bloated GovGu-just look at how many 'special projects officers' are on their payroll and how huge some of their salaries are. We all know many of them are ghost positions where the payroll simply goes back to their elected official. Why not trim all fat, live within your means and create a budget that is sustainable and not borrow against the future generations. Treat GovGu finances as you would your own household or business. The question is, would the Governor run his finances with his family business the way he does GovGu? I don't think so. So why are you doing it?

  • Manny A. Flores - 5 years ago

    It is time for Calvo & his Cohorts to go! Biba Guam!!

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