Should elected officials cut GovGuam spending to pay tax refunds? (Poll Closed)

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  • Ken - 5 years ago

    When you have a politician instead of a leader in office, things are going to go down hill. Take a look at Obama. He is definitely not a leader and the US has slipped slowly down hill. Our relations with foreign governments is at an all time low. Here in Guam, money is being spent on things and deals are being made that affect the tax payers, but we do not know about it until it is a done deal. How many would have voted for the millions it is costing for Tiyan High School. Is it the taxpayers fault that CoreTech had trouble finding funding? No. Should a deal have been made without first voting for it? No. I agree with Jim on the retirement issue. Government Retirees getting a "gift" on top of their cost of living adjustments is wrong. No wonder everyone wants a Gov Guam job. You make more in retirement from "gifts" and adjustments, than those poor people out working everyday. Most of the people on the island bring home less than $2500 a month, and now you tell them they have to wait to get their refund so they can fund a "gift" to Government Retirees? Not right. Way to go Gov Guam on voting to increase your paychecks at the expense of the poor people of Guam. You voted on raising your salaries to 3 or 4 times more than most on this island make in a year... Guess in order to retire comfortably, you need to be a Government Retiree, a Congressman or Governor... How's it feel to keep getting richer and richer Mr. Calvo? Proud of yourself? Try trimming some of the fat out of the budget and hold everyone accountable to the same standards, instead of helping the rich get richer. Government should remember, THEY ARE HERE TO CARRY OUT THE WISHES OF THE PEOPLE, not themselves.

  • Jim - 5 years ago

    Yes Gov Guam should cut spending in order to pay refunds. I am not talking bad about Gov Guam, but when you vote yourself and all the congressman a pay raise, Vote to increase the "gift" you give retirees (which, I am retired and do not receive $2000 a month) instead of basing it on how much the cost of living has gone up, and then you have the nerve to say that "having to pay refunds within 6 months puts a strain on running the island", there is a big problem. Maybe you should have taken all of this into account before agreeing to pay for it or did you and you just decided the taxpayers could wait to receive their refunds because you were more important? We pay our taxes on time, regardless if we like it or not.... pay us on time.

  • Deb Mesa - 5 years ago

    What kind of a question is this? Do we need food and water to survive? Will everyone die at one point or another? Is the sky blue during the day? The answer is YES. But the question is, does anyone have the political will to make these tough decisions during an election season? Unfortunately the answer for that is that we have more politicians in office than leaders, so thus it wont happen.

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