Should raises for elected officials first be approved by voters? (Poll Closed)

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  • Concerned Citizen - 5 years ago

    Referendum should be on making sure the budget is balanced year after year. This means no more taking money out of future budget to pay for current or past budget. Budget must include ALL outstanding debts on top of government operations and so on. Let the Senators and the executives keep their pay raises. In fact, let them set the rate as they please, there's not much any little guys (taxpayers) can do. One catch, live within the budget. Administrators and Legislators, if you want to spend more towards your salaries, then have fewer staff, or pay them less. We, in the private sector, must live within our means. Why can't you? Practically all of the budget passed is to pay for GovGu salaries, GovGu retiree COLA, etc., barely enough for operations and no funds to outstanding debts. To add insult to injury, you continue to borrow money to pay our tax refunds. You've acted above the law despite the 25% holdback on all taxes collected. With the looming $1.5Billion unfunded GovGu retirement coming due, we're all doomed like Puerto Rico. But unlike Puerto Rico, we have little to no voice and support in Congress. Balanced budget referendum should get us out of financial distress for our future generation.

  • People Power - 5 years ago

    People Power. Yes, let the people vote on whether these greedy elected officials deserve such high salary increments. Other than this referendum, please remember not to vote for the following who did not support the efforts to repeal the raises:

    Dennis Rodriguez Jr.
    Tommy Morrison
    Tina Muna Barnes
    Brant McCreadie
    Tony Ada
    Frank Blas Jr.
    Rory Respicio
    Wil Castro
    Ray Tenorio- when he runs for Governor, because he is the culprit behind all this.
    Anyone Adelup staffer who runs for Senator (Louise Muna Borja, Julius Santos, Eric Palacios, etc.)

    People Power, and no politician or their staff can say that the people have no voice when it comes to ending greed and corruption.

  • Jackson C. - 5 years ago

    All of you commentators who claim this is a waste of time, obviously have received some compensation increase from your employer in Adelup. How can you say this is wrong? Are you saying that people don't have a voice? Also, you claim there are more important issues, but your employers in Adelup and Hessler Street are still focusing on petty issues. Look at GMH, and it's woes. Drive around and you will see depleted roads. We are hearing excuses instead of seeing tax refunds. None of your employers deserved those raises as they are doing nothing to improve our island. Instead they are allowing someone with an unprofessional mouth and attitude to waste taxpayer money on some useless project called Imagine Guam. Will that help the minimum wage worker trying to make ends meet? Will that give hope for the sickly entering GMH? Waste of time? Really? We shall see what the people say in November.

  • Jesse - 5 years ago

    This is just a waist of time. Just run for office fan. dalai!

  • Ralphy - 5 years ago

    Looks like Adelup hackers are getting smarter. They are not only hacking the votes but the comments as well. You can tell cause they are defending the governor and not the senators. Once again they think the people are dumb. Sad case indeed. Yes, let the people decide in November if the raises should be repealed. Let the people place the fate of this issue once and for all. Biba People Power!!

  • Frank Diego - 5 years ago

    People spending all their energy on senseless process on an issue that really doesn't matter. Use this same energy to run for office . Get a referendum on Casino gaming for guam again, now that the Archbishop is too busy fighting too many crazy church issues. Bring in the revenue.

  • Sonya Pablo - 5 years ago

    I agree with Joe ungauta. Keep the salaries there to be attractive, but change the qualification to run for office. Raise the bar to having a minimum college degree to apply to run for office. This is fair.

  • Joe Ungauta - 5 years ago

    Keep these salaries where there at to attract those with college degrees. you bring it back down, you eventually get what you pay for. face it people, high salaries will attract qaulity and educated people to the table. Isn't this what we want? Personally, these salaries are a drop in the bucket. Change the law to run for these positions now , to have at least a minimum a college degree. Raising the bar.

  • Jack Fegurgur - 5 years ago

    Enough about this issue, does the news have anything else to write about. just reprint everyday and get rid of your reporters since it is the same old story. Personally, I still think the Governor and senators are way underpaid. How is the governor not paid the highest in government ??? Be are so backwards on this island. The UOG president, hospital, gpa, gwa admins make more the governor, who is in charge of everything. Holy crap, even the clerk at the court makes more than the governor. lol! Also, how about focus on jobs being created on the island.

  • Gary Saure - 5 years ago

    This issue is non-issue this election. The same folks will be elected again. elections are bigger than whats in the news. guam is a grass root election all the time and only a small percentage vote on headlines in papers. lol! focus on the economy.

  • Evette Aslow - 5 years ago

    We pay DOA experts to determine all these salaries amounts and now we don't trust their numbers. I don't trust voters either. You need 50% of the votes. hmm , do you think 50% of voters have a college degree and will vote with reason. This vote on this issue will be purely based on emotion and this is completely wrong. Big decisions bigger than pay raises are adopted by the legislature, so if you feel differently on issues then vote differently for candidates this election. This referendum is really a waste of time people. Hello! Congress sets their own salary and benefits.

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