Should the White House take the initiative to push self-determination for the territories? (Poll Closed)

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  • Paul Zerzan - 5 years ago

    @Michael Mafnas. Michael, I am not in charge, the UN is. In order to take Guam off the UN list of colonies we have to follow the UN rules. They make the rules, not me. The UN requires a plebiscite in which all citizens are allowed to vote. If you don't like this then talk to UN about it, not me.

  • michael mafnas - 5 years ago

    Excuse all misspell words i guess just typing to fast.

  • Michael Mafnas - 5 years ago

    Paul Zerzan, i guess your wanting another Honolulu here in Guam, we the indeginist people of Guam, we have the rights to reject your kind of thinking although we may be a U.S. Citizen for the real purpose of paying U.S. Taxes, we do not want our inalienable rights of self-determination to be taken away, your SIR need to understand that, and for everyone or anyone like yourself to respected our rights as CHAMORRU 'S, indeginist PEOPLE of Guahan, how would you like it if we where to invade where you come from and then take away most of your rights to determine YOUR peoples future. YES, we are U.S. Citizen as you stated, but i bet you didn't know that it is for another reason MONEY. expecting a responds from you.

  • Paul Zerzan - 5 years ago

    @Melissa Taitano. The White House has nothing to do with this. Our local government must hold a plebiscite that is open to all adult citizens. "Universal suffrage" is a UN rule for taking Guam off the UN list of colonies. To get off the UN list the people of Guam (that is all the people who are citizens of Guam regardless of ethnicity or ancestry) must be allowed to vote on Guam's future in a plebiscite held by our local, Guam government. The only role of the US Federal government in this matter is to see that the UN rules are followed. That means no special registry that denies any Guam citizen (such as Dave Davis) their right to vote. How hard is that to understand?

  • Melissa Taitano - 5 years ago

    To do anything less would be against the very essence America's soul. It is unfathomable that the United States of America - the world 's greatest advocate for democracy and human rights would still have colonies in the 21st century. Natives of these lands are due their inalienable right of self-determination.

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