Do you think Guam's gun laws are adequate? (Poll Closed)

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  • Michael Yurco - 5 years ago

    If anything the laws are too much. A borderline unconstitutional gun registry and fines restrict the gun community in Guam, and stacking fees put personal protection out of reach for lower income class Guam citizens. Meanwhile these brilliant laws did nothing to restrict morons like the individual found sleeping on an illegally obtained AR15 who stated "this is for the Chamorros"

  • Robert Wilson - 5 years ago

    I have carried a Guam Firearms Identity Card for 25 years. I have come to believe, that for Guam, the Legislature, Police and Community have achieved Firearms Laws that blend FBI background checks, fingerprinting, identity picture and GPD enforcement into the most helpful firearms laws in the nation. I will say that re-registration every three years is restrictive and unnecessary for those who have carried a Guam Firearms Card for multiple years without citation. I would like to see re-registration every 5 years and for life for veterans and senior citizens.
    As to concealed firearms permits, I have not reached the point where I believe I need one. GPD has a zero tolerance for those who beak firearm laws. But, If I reach the point where I believe that I do need to carry concealed it is nice to know that the Legislature of Guam believes that there are mature residents who can manage to carry concealed firearms without representing a threat to the people of Guam.
    I believe that the best reason to carry a concealed firearm is to protect a downed officer until other law enforcement officers arrive on the scene!

  • Jeffrey Gabel - 5 years ago

    The 2d Amendment to the US Constitution states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be "infringed". The US is also a land of liberty, freedom and where a people threw off Royal control in order to keep them OUT of their business. Mandatory Gun registration, in my opinion, violates all of those things. Gun registration simply sets us all up for CONFISCATION at the whim of the "government". I believe registration interferes with my Constitutional right and also violates privacy and the basic concept of liberty and freedom.
    Laws that interfere with the ability to own and carry firearms are a direct violation of the constitution. Anyone who is prohibited or interfered with should be done INDIVIDUALLY for exceptional reasons. There is a push on to take away that right from people with "mental disorders". Obviously this is an area where people that have SEVERE disorders and have a propensity to violence and the inability to control impulses or are psychotic who have the inability to react properly with reality should be restricted. But in the current push by certain political groups this is an area ripe for abuse. Should a person that seeks counseling for depression or anxiety now be restricted from gun ownership? Anger management? Domestic problems ie marriage counseling where a significant amount of anger can be present?
    This is why I firmly believe that removal of rights should be individualized and not generalized. Any attempt to paint with a broad brush is ripe for abuse.
    The bottom line is that Guam gun laws are TOO restrictive and TOO invasive of privacy and freedom. So the question is worded incorrectly. There should be a choice that reflects the idea that the gun laws are TOO much and TOO restrictive.

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