Poll: Who won the Democratic Presidential debate?

Posted 3 years.


  • Daniel - 3 years ago

    I think these polls are completely wrong. Clinton was the clear winner bernie was shaken and frustrated, He failed on the sandy hook question, on guns and and Clinton records he couldnt come up with one example that her votes are construed by the money that she has received. Negative bernie is growing more and more frustrated. Shame on you Bernie for your continued pursuit to defame Hillary because of the contribution she has received. She has already shared 30 years of her tax return you have only shared 1, ( which you only contribute 4% to charity SHAME ON you Mr Big defender of the poor and middle class. You cant dismiss the south because you got beat and then expect for the south to vote for you and then you cant disparage the superdelegate and then expect for them to want to jump ship after you talked so badly about them. SHAME of you so shes in California raising money not only for herself but also for the democratic party Bernie has not raised any type of money for the democratic party.

  • marie - 3 years ago

    I watch your debates and town hall talks with my family and we're Canadians, and we do have family in the states. I don't know if you know, but there are Canadians who if travelling in the states to see family or a theatre, they will drop in to see a debate or town hall talk, especially a Donald Trump one near them. They buy the hat, button or whatever to blend in and do the cheering too. They have said it's fun.
    Anyway we do find what Hillary says makes much more sense.She has even tried to explain her plan on how to get things done. Much more then Sanders. He just harps on his donations being $27.00. I find that odd as the number never changes and who would ask him to do a talk for big money? I's rather listen to a Clinton, Bush,or Romney any day. Doesn't anyone remember that Bill Clinton was raised by a single mum and not a rich one either. We find Hillary much more well informed, more grounded to be president. She can talk tough when talking to other countries too. Sorry We can't vote, but we're hoping for you girl.

  • Kathryn Khan - 3 years ago

    She's not viable in this poll .. reminiscent of Alaska!

  • John A - 3 years ago

    I canvassed for Mrs Clinton's senatorial campaign. But Im for Bernie.
    U can vote for Detroit but if you ship jobs overseas there wouldn't be much jobs to save in Detroit.
    You can claim to love minorities, but if pass a law that sends over a million to jail that is anti Minorities.
    You can love the middle class but if you help the upper class screw the middle class that is anti middle class.
    Its just so sad these days

  • Omana Philip - 3 years ago

    Anderson Cooper did an excellent job with the questions and the control he he managed during the whole debate. Congratulations. Hillary Clinton did very well taking every opportunity she had to explain her positions on every issue. She is the most vetted candidate and the most intelligent of all the candidates put together. I mean it. She is my age group and I am amazed at her energy and sincerity with which she keeps going. Her heart is with the middle class people of this country and has dedicated her life for this Nation from the beginning of her career. People still judge her for some of the bad choices she made which made or for for what Bill Clinton did or did not do during his presidency. Women do not like her for standing by her husband through the personal crisis to save their marriage and the future of their daughter. That spirit of forgiveness and selflessness is not easy to do. The fact that she kept the marriage going has caused her so much pain ever since making it difficult to put the pain of the scandal behind . She has evolved spiritually and she will make us all proud to be an American!!. She will keep this country safe. Bernie Sanders is an Independent at heart and is an opportunist but the ideologies are excellent to start working on when ever the country is ready for it. I am happy for that but Democrats are making a huge mistake by not voting for Hillary.. .

  • Karlo - 3 years ago

    CNN and other mainstream media like TIMES,POLITICO,MSNBC etc. are misleading the people on the current delegate counts. Their showing their support to Hillary and trying to influence the voters which is against the principle of journalism. What a shame for them.

    Hillary supporters doesn't know the definition of rude. Anyone whether a female or male who is interrupting someone who is talking is actually rude. The person talking has the right to shut up someone if he's being interrupted.. The hand gestures are part of Effective Public Speaking which apparently Hillary supporters don't know about and misinterpreted.

  • TT - 3 years ago

    To Michigan: I hope you watched last night debate before you commit to cast the ballot tomorrow.

  • Toan Truong - 3 years ago

    Definition of rude: A person who is rude is the person who is interrupting other people while they are talking. Plain and simple.

  • s - 3 years ago

    I totally agree with Deirdre Weaver and JoAnne Young.
    your article is misrepresenting the actual count of delegates at this point of time.
    super delegates Are not to be counted at this point of the election.
    Where has objective journalism gone?

  • Claire - 3 years ago

    I hear a lot of people saying that as long as a democrat is in the White House....that is a huge problem. I don't think they are understanding the ramifications of this election. Bernie is not a democrat. He is running to CHANGE THE US FOR THE GOOD! He needs ALL of our support to get money and greed out of the our government. So NO, it DOES matter who gets into the White House, cause Hillary will just continue to drag us down while the rich are the only ones who succeed. This country was great when the MAJORITY of people were living comfortably and people were getting good jobs and kids were getting a great education. Now we are just towing the line for the incredibly wealthy. FEEL THE BERN!

  • Thomas Morgan - 3 years ago

    The both made a good showing, However, I think Bernie showed himself to be more likable. Hillary was querulous at times and at other times quarrelsome . Bernie was not. He attacked the root problems and causes. Hillary only the symptoms. Bernie was a statesman. Hillary was a politician.

  • Rhonda - 3 years ago

    Really people it shouldn't matter which one.of them when as long as u get a dem in the white house that's why my party will eat your butt alive u don,t care go trump bonce they butts

  • Rhonda - 3 years ago

    Really people it shouldn't matter which one.of them when as long as u get a dem in the white house that's why my party will eat your butt alive u don,t care go trump bonce they butts

  • Marco_Roboto - 3 years ago

    Remember to vote for me! Beep boop! Big Don ain't got nothing on this Cuban!

  • Eric E - 3 years ago

    Bottom line. If you trust President Obama. Not whether you agree with every position or action he has taken. If you TRUST President Obama, you will support his clear support for Hillary Clinton.
    She has her baggage and past mishaps, but from what I understand about her, she has made mistakes and has spent much of her life fighting for the progressive movement. Call her a moderate, I call her a leader.I love, and I mean LOVE Bernie Sanders. But Hillary has the true experience to lead us through the coming difficult and dangerous times. The next 5 years will be a half-decade of major change not only in American society, but World society. Call it the New World Order, I call it humanity's second chance.

  • Karan Kaluzynski - 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders once again demonstrates that he is a rude, single minded candidate. Not only did he spend the night waving his hands and rudely interrupting Clinton ( as usual), but continued to tell us what needs to be done without any specific plan on how to achieve the end. He reminds me of. Hippie back in the sixties. He's a dreamer and says what people want to hear, but has no way of actually accomplishing anything. In my opinion, he is as dangerous as Mr. Trump. He is disgustingly RUDE!

  • BrunoNest - 3 years ago

    Very inspiring stuff from Sanders. No doubt his message is resonating with so many independents and working class people. Hillary, as usual, was evasive and untruthful throughout the night. #feelthebern

  • Michael - 3 years ago

    I have seen many comments of former Clinton supporters who are now feeling the Bern!
    So happy to see that there's a shift in momentum.
    Bernie had a great debate and finally ramped up attacks.
    Feel the Bern!

  • Deirdre Weaver - 3 years ago

    Bernie is NOT far behind in the delegate count! Shows how biased the Mainstream media is, this article has included superdelegates to Hillary's total and they do not vote until the convention and then only if there's a tie. MSM is missing the story...We are having a revolution guys!!WAKE UP!!

  • Yvonne Scott - 3 years ago

    I think Hillary Clinton is an arrogant politician. She is very untruthful and has proven over and over where her dedication lies. I believe our shot shot as an effective candidate for president lies with Sanders! These politics have been reduced to who can be more dishonest anx het away with it!!!

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    I am an independent voter. Bernie really impressed me. Hillary came off as a typical politician.

  • Cassandra - 3 years ago

    Thanks to the commenter(s) who pointed out that HRC's delegate count number in the article included the disproportionate number of "pledged" super delegates in the total. What a way to skew the novice reader of polls into thinking Bernie has no chance so "might as well vote for Clinton." Very poor reporting.

  • roger clark - 3 years ago

    BERNIE and no other for all of us.He will fight for the masses and not just for the wealthy.

  • Arlen - 3 years ago

    Finally, Bernie Sanders stepped up in a very good way. It wasn't negative as he only attacked Hillary on the bad policies she supported throughout her career. I think when Bernie was too nice to her and giving her a pass everytime, some voters on the fence probably will decide not to vote.

  • Katrina30 - 3 years ago

    Hillary only cares about her rich donors. She stayed with Bill Clinton because she is love power more than her marriage. Hillary is a terrible roll model for women . Berry Sanders for President

  • Karen Camper - 3 years ago

    I don't understand why Anderson Cooper gave more time to HRC than to BERNIE Sanders in this regard??? I have always respected Anderson, but after tonight, I do not respect him! He blatantly gave HRC more time!!!

  • Neyshabur - 3 years ago

    Hillary Clinton lost. She is arrogant ,fake and dishonest.

  • Enrique - 3 years ago

    I can't stand Hillary shrill voice and scolding arm motions to questions that could be answered calmly and sincerely. Speaking of which, her answers seemed nebulous, or evasive and un-sincere.

  • Nigel - 3 years ago

    He destroyed her tonight... and she knew it. Everyone knew it. The audience was loving Bernie too. In fact, at the end of her closing speech she began coughing from the smoke of all those people Berning!

  • Marisol - 3 years ago

    Why is every media outlet saying Hillary won?! Just look at these poll numbers!

  • Richard Schultz - 3 years ago

    Bernie nailed Hillary tonight again and again on trade deals, EPA firings, superpredators, Wall Street, fracking, ending gun manufacturing, even interrupting him. But from watching MSNBC post debate reaction you'd think Hillary totally won. Our news media is an embarrassment. It reminds me of Russian state TV.

  • Kiki - 3 years ago

    Clinton has only a few % of delegates more and Sanders just won Super Saturday yesterday as well as key states on Super Tuesday. He is winning young, first time voter and independents in every state.
    Hillary's best states were in the south.
    In this debate she was beyond shameful. Flint tragedy is a result of many bad policies that she supported every since she was the First Lady. If she owned it and sincerely apologized, then maybe...
    Sorry, but ho can people still believe that deep down she cares. Despite her record, despite who her donors are despite who is on her campaign team, who organizes her fundraisers. There is simply no evidence she cares about the working &middle class Americans.

  • Dan - 3 years ago

    Laughable seeing comments feigning that were even considering HRC. The telling factor is the vehemence in the remarks. I bet each of the commentators are white Midfle class Millennials.

  • Sam - 3 years ago

    Clinton lost my vote tonight. #feelthebern

  • Tom C - 3 years ago

    Hillary is a very unattractive candidate. I just switched to Bernie. She is obviously untruthful and dirty.

  • William Tuttle - 3 years ago

    The more she talks the more obvious her lies and tricks become she should throw another lamp at slick Willis...

  • Marcus - 3 years ago

    Agreed, please stop trying to disenfranchise bernie supporters with skewed delegate counts. If your candidate wins she wins but continue this behavior and you might find Donald Trump in the white house.

  • JoAnne Young - 3 years ago

    Your article gives a false impression. Superdelegate votes at this point mean nothing. Clinton had more superdelegates than Obama too - but who is President? Please make the comparison between the delegates each have won by popular vote (ie, by we the people) and as a side note, add that Clinton also has X number of superdelegates who could change their vote before the convention just as they did for Obama.

  • Nicculus - 3 years ago

    Bernie Sanders had the best debate of his campaign and Hillary sunk herself. Bernie KILLED it tonight folk!! #FeeltheBern

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