Should MHP have stayed at MSNBC and done the show despite the changes?

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  • vcthree - 8 years ago

    No, MHP shouldn't have stayed at MSNBC. Think of it this way: you spend 3-4 years building a brand and audience, introducing different and, at times, divergent voices to that audience with consistent accolades and success, save for a few flubs. The network then decides that, instead of that, you want to see Donald Fucking Trump or Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton give a rally? And people want MHP to sit there and take it?

    Also, people are forgetting that MHP was traveling to these early primary/caucus states, presumptively to be part of network election coverage, and got sidelined by the network. But some out here want her to just put on a show that they would have chopped and screwed to death with campaign rallies and constant election prattle? MHP was right to quit. If they didn't want to put the show on that she wanted to do, she had every right to walk off of it.

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