Who Won the Democratic Debate?

  • Liz - 6 years ago

    Keep up the heat on Clinton releasing those transcripts. What IS she hiding? Liar Liar pantsuit on fire

  • Matt - 6 years ago

    How disgusting to watch Secretary Clinton pandering to everyone. She prays multiple times per day you know. She danced all around the fracking question. Like usual Bernie gave a direct and honest answer. What a breath of fresh air amongst these liars that would say anything to secure votes. I hope the people of Michigan saw what I did. Go Bernie!

  • Sonia McIntosh - 6 years ago

    Everyone get out and vote - if you've been unsatisfied with the last 10 years, vote Bernie for change. Let's show the nation we are not going to settle and make it truly a future to look forward to. #FeelTheBern

  • Susan Szatmary - 6 years ago

    Bernie won hands down when he shut Hillary up with his polite but firm "Excuse me, I'm talking". This look on her face was priceless

  • Dennis Shortt - 6 years ago

    A Bernie Sanders presidency would positively affect the lives of americans like noone since FDR. Semper Fi. Vwt for Bernie.

  • Mark B - 6 years ago

    Bernie Sanders answered all the questions directly and in detail. Hillary danced around the direct questions and in some cases did not address the specifics of the questions at all.
    If America is to progress from the dismal state we are now in, we need Bernie Sanders to lead the way.
    Wake up people Hillary is a puppet of the rich and powerful.

  • Brent - 6 years ago

    This debate reminded me of the ones in 2008 when Hillary got called out for being corrupt and a republican by Obama. If it's wrong now to call her out on this stuff and go on the offensive against a woman it was wrong then and it wasn't. Anyone that says otherwise is showing a bias based on race. Bernie came out strong and showed he has a fire in his belly to do the right thing. I felt the passion from my tv. I'm in Michigan there is no auto recovery. Hillary is being influenced by the fossil fuel industry because she can't come out against fracking which likens to the flint crisis and still won't release her transcripts saying republicans won't

  • Jonathan White - 6 years ago

    Anyone that thought $Hillary won this needs their MENTAL HEALTH CHECKED!!!!! feel the BERN you Hildabeast loving BITCHES!

    O'doyle rules!

  • Jason Maaskant - 6 years ago

    I have two things to say to HRC fans! (1) Bernie snapped at HRC because she was interrupting him constantly! On most of his comments she was trying to take his time to speak and that is very rude and deserves a rebuke everytime it happens! (2) Every position HRC took in this debate with the exception of gun control has been acquired in the last few months. She has hyjacked Bernie's platform to try to get his supporters. It just show how desperate she is to be President. Bernie has had the same platform and held the same views for decades. HRC will pivot to the right if she gets to the general election and forget the promises she made to get there. We will have 4 more years of Wall Street running our country! I am all for having a woman as president but HRC is not that woman. When Elizabeth Warren runs for president runs for President I will vote for her and I will not even consider another candidate. Feel the Bern!

  • Not me, us. - 6 years ago

    Upon reading these comments, it appears some of these Clinton supporters should take Bernie up on the free tuition. #Bernie2016 #spellcheck

  • Royy - 6 years ago

    Everyone who thinks Benie was "rude" last are historical! All Hilary did all throughout the debate was feed off the crowd using what Bernie had already said and sugar coated her words. Aside of that she kept accusing Bernie trying to Demonize him infront of the world. He will NOT stand for that and will have to be more aggressive. We don't need a weak president! We need someone who will stand their ground and stand up to false accusation and stand up for what they believe in!!!! Sanders wants to create a government by the people FOR THE PEOPELE. Clinton on the other hand did everything in her power to avoid those words throughout the debate. (I mean, how are you going to talk against the establishment when you're getting paid by THE ESTABLISHMENT!?) #FEELTHEBERN!!!!!!!

  • Jay - 6 years ago

    Hillary won. Hands down. Bernie was extremely rude to her and reminded me of what a nightmare it would be to have a preident as embarrasing and disrespectful as him. On the other hand, Hillary was as always professional, respectful yet elegantly defends her clear points and plans, objective, as opposed to Bernie's unrealistic, not to mention limit and narrow views on many important subject.

  • Raymond - 6 years ago

    You Hillary supporters won't be complaining bout Bernie in four years after he fixes the corruption in politics and gets the middle class flourishing again. And you children won't be complaining when they have the best education they deserve. And your grandchildren won't be complaining when we leave the a healthy plant by moving away from fossil fuels and fracking.

    So to sum it up, Quit complaining and FEEL THE BERN!!!!

  • Steve - 6 years ago

    Something to think about: The Republican candidates call each other liars. All Republicans call Hillary a liar. No one on the left or right calls Bernie a liar. #FeelTheBern

  • Jenn - 6 years ago

    It's about time Bernie finally spoke up instead of letting Hillary control the whole debate. How anyone is even considering voting for her is beyond me. Go on Youtube and search "Hillary Clinton Lying" you will get a plethora of videos of her sounding so smart, with that smirk on her face, lying away as if it just comes natural to her.

  • Emily - 6 years ago

    I can't believe how blind people are and continue to support a corrupt liar, career criminal and scandal magnet such as Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is the only one who has integrity and honesty. She was so rude tonight trying to interrupt him and not let him speak (just like Donald Trump always interrupts) In previous debates he would let her go on, but not tonight! By the way people in Flint, Hillary voted against a bill that would've protected your water. Research it. Remember that when you vote on Tuesday.

  • Ray Gerepka - 6 years ago

    Bernie voted against the auto industry bailout bill stating his constituents,the taxpayers of Vermont, shouldn't have to pay to bail out Detroit. There's not a chance in the world that Bernie will win Michigan.

  • Taras - 6 years ago

    bernie strikes again with those pesky facts and displaying that rude trait called leadership while hillary awaits for everyone else to "go first" like a true leader. She KNOWS shes screeed if she releases her emails or speeches so she wants to take others down with her but guess who has NOTHING to hide from you...bernie Sanders! #feelthebern hillary...u felt it tonight for sure by your body language.

  • Jane Lewis - 6 years ago

    I am Canadian ...watched the debate .I thought sanders was very rude and condescending to Clinton .every time she answered a question ..about 1 minute in he was waving his arms and wagging his finger ..in stead of waiting .
    Clinton was very respect tful while sanders said don't interrupt etc rudely while he did it himself .As an outsider just giving my observations ...big one how on earth is he going to pay for some of his ideas ..crazy..free tuition ,lovely but the huge cost ????
    He seems to go on and on about wall street ,about Clinton being paid for her speeches
    She has answered that every debate that I have watched .I am liberal and I think Hillary is a gift with all her knowledge ,experience and diplomacy..yes she made some mistakes but I have heard her say yes that she made wrong decisions .just can't understand sanders even being considered ....just saying from watching all the debates ...must say I love American politics and all the wonderful people especially at the town halls ..good luck ...you go Hillary as I think she won hands down tonight and was polite . Thanks USA

  • Dave - 6 years ago

    I watched the debate tonight and there's no doubt that Bernie sanders should be our next president of the United States. He's the only candidate that explains the issues that we have today and I believe his faith will make America a better place. Just watching Hilary Clinton tonight was sort of embarrassing to watch her speak with that smirk on her face . Feels like she's not honest and doesn't speak from the heart more from liken a transcript and I do believe Bernie sanders is the only candidate that can beat Donald trump ! VOTE BERNIE

  • Anna - 6 years ago

    Bernie is the only candidate that honestly addresses climate change and national health. His fracking response was spot on. He's May have tripped on a few questions but NOTHING compared to Hillary! President Sanders 2016! #feelthebern

  • Justin - 6 years ago

    After reading many of the comments, it seems Hillary supporters want things like Benghazi. Illegal email accounts, wall street ties and history of flip flopping to just go away. "Just let her win" isn't a strong message.

  • Yesterday - 6 years ago

    Hillary for president not because she is woman but because she is the better canidate. Bernie will deliver broken promises. Sad that haters can just try to find things wrong with her she gave speaches she got paid who cares she is the former First Lady and Secretary of State .bernie is a congressman who is not going to give u free anything with a cost a cost ,

  • Susanne - 6 years ago

    Every Caucus Bernie has wine has been in states with NO racial diversity. He is the Democrats version of a candidate playing on White anger. Yes Clintons wins have been more decisive in states that actually look more like society. Sorry but if you think he has a shot any other way you've deluded yourself. So he can win the states that have 25 delegates in these caucuses. She still gets delegates, and she can mop the floor with him in all the delegate rich and diverse primary states. I'll take that any day of the week. BTW he looked and acted like a snarky, grumpy old man. Trump JR.

  • John D - 6 years ago

    The question about the fight for Black equality was an answer to a question from an African American gentleman. Bernie answered the question without race as a motive, simply as it pertained to the point of view to the gentleman who asked it. All African Americans are not poor and all whites are not rich.

  • Jeri - 6 years ago

    Hillary mentions the 90's and uses her husband Bill Clinton's successes as if she were responsible for them. She avoids making a clear cut stand on several issues and takes money from super lacs while at the same time promising to end citizens United if she's elected. She is no doubt an intelligent woman. I just don't trust her.

  • Scott carlson - 6 years ago

    Bernie killed it tonight. Hillary's lies don't hold up and she just stonewalls when faced with legitimate criticism.

  • Scott carlson - 6 years ago

    Bernie killed it tonight. Hillary's lies don't hold up and she just stonewalls when faced with legitimate critcism.

  • Christina - 6 years ago

    Bernie is a man of great integrity.
    He delivers ONE message: Wall Street and the Trade Agreements have gutted the country. He
    Says what needs to be said to a young generation who needs to wake up and push him to victory

  • Memmo - 6 years ago

    Do you support fracking?
    Hillary, Sometimes it's good, sometimes maybe it might not be good. Sometimes I support fracking, sometimes it depends. We'll have to see the case.
    Bernie, I do not support fracking.

  • Dai - 6 years ago

    Bernie FTW !

  • Dorothy Graham - 6 years ago

    I literally cannot believe this article's opening statement that Hillary came into debate off a decisive win this weekend! Bernie one three out of four states this weekend!!!!!

  • Dee - 6 years ago

    Hillary supporters hate the Internet because it doesnt agree with them. Thus they try to flood the internet with their support of HRC to help "tip the scale". Also. Some of them are "Paid Internet Trolls". Everyone has trolls on their side but only one campaign actually pays per post to their trolls.

  • Victor - 6 years ago

    WOOT Bernmeister! Best debate to date. I'm feelin' the Bern big time tonight! Cheers!!!

  • Bernadette Bolognini - 6 years ago

    Bernie Sanders honesty and integrity comes out in every answer. With Hillary, your never sure what side she is on. Of course he won, his commentary on the Republican's debate was a classic. Hillary cannot match his wit. Feel the Bern!

  • Sarah - 6 years ago

    Whoever says "women who don't vote for Hillary belong in the kitchen" is just as ignorant as her. She says she's pro this and that but her political history has shown that her views change every second. How could we rely on someone who claimed to care about the importance of race equality when she supported a candidate who voted against the civil rights act? Bernie on the other hand went to jail for standing against segregation! Talk about standing for something he believes in. Another example of her changing views is her being against gay marriage 2 years ago! All of a sudden she's pro, wow just wow. And on immigration, she says she's pro a reform, but just a couple years ago she claimed that immigrants had to stop being hired and that we had to better border security. This "lady's" views have never been stable and this is why she is unreliable. Bernie has always stood for the people and not big corporations who will easily change [hillary's] views if she were to get to office. Bernie has never changed his views on gay rights And colored people. Bernie is the solution we need to better this country and solve our middle class problems.
    Ps. If you want to talk about not answering questions, Hillary can show you how to do it since that's all she did today.

  • Beverly Hill - 6 years ago

    I am so tired of the Benghazi event- the republicans have tried to read her apart several times and she was not found doing anything wrong. Congress cut the budget for security, another organization is responsible for the security and he did not request more. Love the way people change facts. Do you not think if the Republicans could have found something on her, they would have and be celebrating? But they did not . Bernie has problems answering any foreign affairs questions. Assuming people of color are all in poverty is wrong. There are many people poor. Hillary grew up middle class, public school, paid for her college with loans- did Bernie? Don't you think that someone that has lived an average American understands more ? Did he have all the challenges that she did as a woman growing up in the 50's and beyond? No- living it is different than just talking about it!and he would not understand .
    There is so much involved as a President and unless there is a democratic congress elected , either one of them is going to have the same problems as Obama getting things done.

  • Paul - 6 years ago

    Bernie did really well tonight. Hillarys answers kept going around in circles. It was really hard to watch her. How she kept laughing off releasing her transcripts!!! MY GOD! Isnt that what children do? That is a serious question that I think people don't really understand the connection or importance of. There should be no reason not to release her transcripts. Unless she has something to hide. Bernie is a good person who tells the truth to people. His answer on the Import Export bank was awesome. She said it was for small businesses and when he said 40% alone goes to Boeing and a total of 75% goes to other big businesses she didn't know what to say. It turns out, that Bernie Sanders own amendment to the bill guaranteed that the 20% goes to small businesses. If he hadn't been involved almost none of it would go to small business. She isn't good for the Nation and is definitely not good for the Democratic Party. Unless we are becoming more like the Republicans? Im not. I would rather write in Bernie that vote for her. Wake up people. We don't need to disfigure the party because they force feed you Hillary. We dictate what the Party consists of. These people only have jobs because of us. Boot em if they don't represent you!!!

  • Jimmy Russel - 6 years ago

    Man, Bernard thrashed Hillary even though he was holding back most of the time. It's only going to get better for him from here. The media is going to have a hard time spinning this into anything but a complete blowout in Sanders' favor.

  • Shirley - 6 years ago

    BernieSanders is a one issue candidate! He thinks he can offer all this free stuff. Somebody has to pay for it, like us the taxpayers ! Also, he doesn't talk about being a Jew, or his faith. Guns r a sore subject because he comes from Vermont , a gun state. It's not about hunters and their guns, it's about killing with military style weapons! Tonight's debate was unfair to Hilary. The debate moderators constantly were trying to curb her answers to questions, but not his!!! They needed a woman moderator ! He was rude and didn't answer a lot of the real questions!!

  • Josh - 6 years ago

    Could careless about what you wrote Andrea hope your fingers are ok..I'm still voting for Hillary. Women who don't see how important hillary being president belong in the kitchen

  • sandra - 6 years ago

    I hope this poll is a joke...he couldn't even remember the questions asked..all he does is ramble on..and wave that finger!!!!! He won...at what shaking the finger and being rude.

  • Victoria Nopola - 6 years ago

    For workiing class Americans not totally ripped off in 2008, you do not know the damage done by Wall Street fraud. If you are blessed to have President Sanders, you will never experience what happened to our family. Our dad lost 75% of his retirement account with Morgan Stanley in 2008. Last month Morgan Stanley was found guilty of fraud for robbing middle class investors in 2008. From 2008 to present Hillary has taken over $600,000 from Morgan Stanley. These dollars are from fraud. Whether speeches or campaign contributions, the money is from fraud. Hillary is not a candidate for the people. She has taken, she is taking, and will continue to take money from financial institutions guilty of fraud. You cannot believe what she says, because her loyalty is to who is financing her. Please know her relationship with Wall Street has hurt real America families like ours.

  • gina - 6 years ago

    Sanders doesn't have empathy for American people and his ideas as a socialist belong in Denmark

  • Toni - 6 years ago

    Bernie Sanders would be better served as possible democratic nominee to recognize that not all black people live in the ghetto. He has such a lack of understanding about black people that he has no idea how truly offensive his comment was to people of color.

  • LTB - 6 years ago

    Bernie won three of four states. How is that "decisive" in Clinton's favor?

  • Anthony Shaffer - 6 years ago

    Hillary was childish. Bernie Sanders did not back down from any question.
    Feel the bern.

  • Joanne Diaz - 6 years ago

    We the people was the message from Bernie Sanders. Impacted enough to contribute to Bernie Sanders.

  • Andrea - 6 years ago

    Hillary Clinton has mastered one thing in politics, creating circular reasoning.

    As Hillary realizes that she doesn't have a leg to stand on, she has convinced elderly female voters and some minority voters to vote for her because," She is most likely to win." This line of reasoning simply is completely wrong. Hillary has the highest negative rating of any candidate, Bernie has the lowest unfavorable rating. Bernie has the highest support of Democrats and leaning Democrat nationwide. Hillary has the lowest support among independent voters, Bernie has the highest rating among independent voters. Hillary has the lowest support of young voters, Bernie has the highest support of young voters. Hillary has the highest untrustworthy rating among any candidate, Bernie has the highest trustworthy rating of any candidate. Furthermore, many Sanders voters have already committed to either writing in Bernie's name or voting third party if Hillary is the nominee.
    Another circular reasoning argument made by Hillary is that " I can get things done." Yes, things like being on the board of Walmart, things like increasing mass incarceration, things like Wall Street deregulation which led to the 2000 stock market crash which the NASDAQ still has not recovered from and the 2008 financial crisis, things like creating a mass surveillance system by supporting and voting for the Patriot Act, expanding the Patriot Act, things like NAFTA, things like supporting the TPP during her entire tenure as Secretary of State, things like most favored nation trade status for China, the Columbian free trade agreement, a failed war in Iraq based on lies, a failed policy in Syria, a failed policy in Egypt, a failed policy in Afghanistan, a failed policy in Yemen, a failed policy in Turkey, being allies with Saudi Arabia in spite of a tyrannical record of human rights violations and women's rights abuses, things like not wanting to negotiate with Iran ( Obama's greatest achievement ), things like refusing to use government email and using her own server so that she could subvert the Freedom of Information Act, things like lying everyday, things like ending social safety nets, and yes, things like Benghazi, but hey, " What difference does it really make?!"
    Be the change you wish to see in this world. Disrupt the status quo or become a part of it.
    If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
    Extremism in the name of virtue is no vice, and moderation in the face of corruption is no virtue.
    BernieSanders.com the logical choice
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