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Which Is Your Favorite Central New York High School Mascot (Poll Closed)


  • Janis's Mom - 8 years ago

    Janis, your Father and I already knew. I'm so proud you finally told us. (And yes ;) )

  • Janis - 8 years ago

    OMG!!!..... Mom I can't believe you're here did you ever use that cocaine that I gave you???? And mom I have something to tell you... I'm lesbian...????‍❤️‍????

  • Janis's Mom - 8 years ago

    Yes I am Janis. I will shield you from the sarcasm and hate.

  • Janis - 8 years ago

    Janis..... Are you my adopted mom?

  • Janis - 8 years ago

    Shut up Kenny without me you would be loss. Idiot. You probably like the Cheatriots.

  • Kenny - 8 years ago

    Well thank you for the observation Janis where would we be without you

  • Janis - 8 years ago

    Basic math. The 2 percentages equal 100%. Whoever has the most votes has the highest percent.

  • Don and Shelly Matthews - 8 years ago

    Were behind you all the way.

  • Miranda plumley - 8 years ago

    Go blue devils..I Bleed blue

  • Charlene greco - 8 years ago

    Hey Tom Brady, that's why this world is the way it is these days, cause of idiots like you!!!

  • Jo - 8 years ago

    @Tom Brady cheated : and Devils are red .... So what's your point ?! #moron

  • Beth - 8 years ago

    @pay. The percentages will go up and down until the end of the contest. The percentages reflect how many votes each school has out of the total numbers of both. I'm sure In the end they will say how many total votes each school had. 100 people could vote for Camden right now and increase their percentage to take the lead and 20 minutes later 100 people could vote for TOW and it would bring it back to 50/50.

  • Tom Brady cheated - 8 years ago

    How is an eskimo even close to winning that shit looks retarded

  • Pay - 8 years ago

    @ Beth, I understand what you're saying but its just weird how we'll go up then go down .. Same with the Eskimos . So how are we suppose to know who actually wins ? Like what if Devils have more votes but recently Eskimos been voting so their percentage is higher than the Devils but in all reality, Devils have more votes . It wouldn't be fair to either one of the schools, vice versa .

  • Beth - 8 years ago

    For those confused about the percents. When you add the 2 percentages they will equal 100 no matter what. For example, Let's say in the beginning 10 people voted. Out of those 10- 7 people voted for the Blue Devils and 3 voted for the Eskimos. The polls would reflect the percentages as 70% Devils, 30% Eskimos. Days later there are now 100 total votes. 50 of those 100 voted Devils, and the other 50 voted Eskimos. Now the polls would reflect 50% Devils and 50% Eskimos. If The Devils % is going down and Eskimos are going up that means that right now, more people are voting and more of them are Eskimos. Hope that helps.

  • Hadyk - 8 years ago

    Hands Down and Hats off....
    Roots run deep in all us Blue Devils' .. To Rowdy to keep off the podium ❄️????

  • CAMDENITE - 8 years ago


  • Camden - 8 years ago

    The percentage on both sides dropped because over all more people voted. When the number overall is larger the percentage a single vote equals becomes smaller. Earlier when only four people voted each vote equaled 25% now it's obviously less.

  • Pay - 8 years ago

    @ Camden, I don't really understand what you mean by the percentage dropped because more people voted . Isn't it suppose to go up when more people vote ? Because the Eskimos percentage been increasing .. But our is decreasing .. I'm just a little confused .

  • Camden - 8 years ago

    @ Destiny. The percentage dropped because more people voted.

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    This isn't a "who's better than who" contest it's a "who's got the better mascot" contest. Jeez. So making everything personal. There is no trophy for second place.

  • Destiny - 8 years ago

    Camden went from 59% down to 50% so this vote isn't even fair ????????

  • Gretchen Chance - 8 years ago

    Chelcie Wood, the Eskimo next to the Blue Devil is our mascot. We are the Town of Webb "Eskimos".

  • Laurie Scialdone - 8 years ago

    Good Luck!!!!

  • Pam Woods - 8 years ago

    Go Blue Devils
    Blue Devils Alma Mater

    Guarded by our tow'ring maples.
    Under heavens skies so blue.
    Stands our dear old alma mater.
    With its distant hills in view.
    Camden High School, Camden High.
    To thee our praises e're we'll sing.
    Of thy glorious fame and honor.
    Ever shall our voices ring.

    U can't turn this off!!!
    Go Blue Devils!!!

  • Erin Gannon - 8 years ago

    Jennifer I understand no harm was meant. One of my babysitters and her mom are proud Eskimos and I know how strongly they feel about their school. We are all "hometown proud"!

  • Austin "crony" Croniser - 8 years ago

    Camden blue devil's all the way one team oneheartbeat can't lose

  • Jennifer Lamphear - 8 years ago

    I meant no harm in my post
    I am PROFOUNDLY sorry for your loss as well
    It's very hard what these kids have had to endure at such a young age
    It's just too much
    I was not aware you all have suffered as we have
    I'm so deeply sorry
    This shouldn't be a contest anymore
    We should bow out in honor of all those we have lost
    That's all it's about
    We aren't rivals
    We are two schools who have dealt with pain beyond belief
    We should honor them in a very special way by not voting on whose pain is worse
    I kinda don't like that for either school
    It's not sitting well
    If you disagree, I hope you take it
    As for me my voting is done in honor of your fallen as well as ours
    This isn't what it was supposed to be about
    Just wanted to lift grieving kids up
    As I'm sure you do
    I will pray for all of your pain as well
    I'm so sorry

  • Patience Hilts - 8 years ago

    Well said Mrs. Gannon ! :)
    Stole the words right out of my mouth .

  • Erin Gannon - 8 years ago

    Camden has experienced great loss as well. After losing more than half a dozen current students and recent grads in less than 6 months, we coined the term "Camden Strong" and made T-shirts with all of their initials on it. We are a united community as well! As a graduate of another district, my time as a teacher in Camden with the amazing community support has made me "bleed blue".
    We are still and always will be "Camden Strong". Go BLUE DEVILS!!

  • Sam Drake - 8 years ago

    Very well said Jen!!!

  • Jennifer Lamphear - 8 years ago

    My response to the previous
    The mascot is not just a guy in a suit at a game
    Not at this school anyway
    It has become something so very much more for our entire community
    That "Eskimo" has rallied a town together hence "Eskimo Strong" in ways I can't describe
    Our Eskimo has bonded us through unimaginable grief and lifted these kids and their teams in ways that can't be described
    It's truly a symbol of hope, dedication and pride
    So proud of every team, kid, parent, faculty member and community member

  • Jo - 8 years ago

    That's not how it works darling Chelcie ????????

  • Chelcie wood - 8 years ago

    The Eskimos don't even have a mascot picture so we should win.

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