What grade do you give ABC's 'Of Kings and Prophets'?

  • Angela - 5 years ago

    I really enjoyed this show. It was able to take an old tale and make it feel new and relevant. I thought they were doing a good job of adding in action and drama, and I'm sure the rest of the episodes would have been even better as the action was just growing. It was a great entertaining alternative to the very boring reality shows

  • Arthur Clark - 5 years ago

    I now plan to avoid ANY content on ABC. There's nothing in their programming that is worth my time if they can't easily discern the excellent production "Of Kings and Prophets". Reality shows? Give me a break.

  • Barbara - 5 years ago

    I can't believe abc cancelled this show. I can think of some shows they should cancel. Considering not watching abc at all.

  • Renee - 5 years ago

    Cannot believe the show was cancelled. To make matters worse the review was written so poorly by noting "spoiler alert" because we should know how the story ends (for those that actually know or read The Word). Who cares of you know thexactly end from the beginning. It is a show worth watching and with the family as well. Better than watching the so-called reality TV aired. The best stories ever told are written in The Bible.

  • Paul David Noriega - 5 years ago

    I through the show was not just great but excellent. There is so much crap on TV these day, that the new generations has been condition to accept the mindless reality agenda as the new norm for television standard. I guess I might just be getting old but I’d rather be dead then have mush for brains. I guess I’m just going to have to imagine the rest of the season from my knowledge of the bible, but it would have been nice to see it from the vision of the TV producers, writers and director. Last but not least, THANKs for the attempt to bring back decent television.

  • Kara - 5 years ago

    What happened? My family and I through the show was excellent! I don't understand people rather watch a show about the devil but not a great story and book from the Bible? What us wrong with the world?! I'm very disappointed that it was cancelled it just makes no sense at all!

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