Should HGVs be banned from Ludford Bridge? (Poll Closed)


  • Jonathan Moor - 5 years ago

    I seem to recollect that a ban on HGVs was proposed when Ludford Bridge was closed for repairs a while back but nothing came of it. This latest episode proves that such a ban is necessary (as it is for Dinham Bridge and the old Corve Bridge). On this occasion the culprit has been traced and the cost will presumably be met out of insurance but on another occasion the Council may not be so fortunate. Even so, the disruption caused by this incident to those wishing to access the town is considerable. I suspect the proprietor of the Charlton Arms will be none too pleased either.

    A Scheduled Ancient Monument and A Grade I Listed medieval bridge should not be subjected to the passage of modern HGVs. Other historic towns can arrange deliveries and so forth with smaller vehicles being used. Signs banning HGVs should be placed at the A49 entry points to the town. Whether some of the foreign HGV drivers can read them is another matter!

  • Richard Ellis - 5 years ago

    Signage on the A49, Old Street and weeping cross lane. £120.000 for signs? Someone is having a laugh, you can build a house maybe two for that. While we are at it we should also close Dinham bridge to HGVs too before some idiot knocks that down too.

  • John Barnard - 5 years ago

    Where would a ban on HGVs start? Any that quite innocently come along Overton Rd, arrive at Ludford Bridge to find they cannot cross it will go left, past Whitcliffe Common and down to Dinham Bridge. Things then get worse. So would 'Entry Prohibited' be from the A49?

  • James Caird - 5 years ago

    Ludford Bridge has been closed for a while already and the world hasn't ended. It goes to show that a ban would cause little or no disbenefit.

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