What Would You Do If Your Fiancé's Side Chick Crashed Your Wedding?


  • Tanya Delouth Jeffries - 8 years ago

    I wouldn't marry his sorry butt,I'll leave him right there where he's standing,No way Now how,Point blank.

  • Keiana Burch - 8 years ago

    Since I dot live in the land of dumb bitch I would never have been in that situation. However if I was her being that side relationship was nothing new, and I know she knew even if she didn't know who, she should marry him. She already don't think much of herself, he don't think enough of her so if she not going to leave. Than why waste time for pretenses, waiting don't make it look better.

    *side note for all women. You need to think more of yourself, teach you children boys and girls to think more of themselves. Teach them to have self respect and dignity. And just because a man fucks you doesn't make you special.

  • Akili - 8 years ago

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  • Terry - 8 years ago

    While I do feel so sorry for the bride, if this doesn't get her attention and make her leave...NOTHING HE DOES WILL!!! She is in for a lifetime of heartache. I know some folks are like at least he got it out of his system. Ugh, when he asked her to marry him mess like this here should have ceased! And the people getting up going towards her are just ignorant! HE IS THE ISSUE! She is a sidepiece. She owes the bride nothing. A whore is as a whore does! Leave his ass and get tested!

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