SPEAK UP: Will you vote in the New York primaries? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you want the proposed wildlife refuge in Dutchess County? 190 YES, 59 NO

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  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    I can't find anyone that is voting for H. Clinton. Does anyone honestly know anyone that is voting for her in the primary? Every democrat I know wants to vote Bernie. so I don't really understand how she is winning. Seriously, I have yet to see one bumper sticker, campaign sign, billboard, nothing for her. I also drive back and forth into the NYC, nothing, nothing anywhere.

    Seen plenty of Bernie stickers...

  • Some Guy - 4 years ago

    Vote the bums out!

  • Gina K - 4 years ago

    Go Bernie!!

  • John Taylor - 4 years ago

    Is it true registered Republicans will be receiving a size comparison chart prior to voting ?

  • Bill B - 4 years ago

    I'm voting for Donald Trump! He is what the United States of America needs! We don't need another Washington politician!

  • Barb Gutzler - 4 years ago

    I intend to vote for Kasich. He's the only one with experience and common sense to do the job. And he's the only adult in the Republican field.

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