Would you upgrade to the iPhone 7 if the design was the same as the 6s?

  • frank - 4 years ago

    The iPhone 5 looked like a piece of jewelry, it was classy, diamond cut edges. Then they came out with the retro iPhone 6 that looks like a big iPhone 3, they need a new class act design.

  • Vincent - 5 years ago

    Honestly I have to say if apple does not really step up this next phone I may have to go to Samsung. I really would hate to. I have so much invested from years of apps. But just updating a camera and minor changes to a IOS update really is not keeping my interest. Especially seeing these new Samsung phones. I really like the idea of better speakers. That's a long time coming. And yes better camera is nice. But if these are it then I have to say I don't think it's going to be enough. The phone is just way to expensive to buy a new one every one or two years for gimmick changes. It could be so much better. Look at the ideas and designs that fans have made. Omg. If Apple can't see how cool some of these ideas would be and make that happen then idk. I really think this is it for Apple. They did not jump on the VR. I would have loved to seen a Apple VR. Now I will have to by one that runs a different opperating system. Apple is just lagging way to far behind in my opinion and they are about to loose me to be honest.

    I love the idea that they are investing into a Apple car but I have a very bad feeling it will look like a stupid hatch back Prius. These car companies making electric cars just don't get it. I would love to buy another electric car. I had the electric Ford Fusion. And it looked sick. But I refuse to buy a little hatch back ugly car. And how much do you want to bet Apple goes and does that. I'm starting to loose faith.

    Now all that said, I want to say this over all. Apple, because you did not give into the governments request to hack the iPhones for the FBI I will consider giving you one more year of my business just for that reason. Anyone with half a brain should know that the FBI can get into that phone but were using this whole thing as a excuse to get Apple to give up a open ended encryption to get into all our phones at any point without having possession of our phones. Because Apple is fighting this government intrusion on our rights I am considering giving Apple one more year despite the iPhones designs shortcomings. But please don't take this for granted. I am a paying customer and I expect to be wowed. I have not been for a few years. Apple..... Please wow me again!!! Or I go to Samsung!

  • Swe - 5 years ago

    I think I would hold off if the design was the same, I've been due for an upgrade since the 6S, the IPhone 7 should have some well needed upgrades in the IPhone world. Would be a shame if it was the same then I waited in vain. Some people I know switched to another brand because of the news. I hope when it's released it just blows everything away its 2016 for crying out loud.

  • Rick - 5 years ago

    Definitely needs redesign. Who was the fool who put the power button directly opposite the volume buttons? Simple physics mean when you do a "pinch" to turn off your phone, you hit the volume button at the same time, and the phone doesn't turn off. Stupid design. I'm with the previous post, move the power button back to the top. Huge engineering design flub by Apple.

  • Andy - 5 years ago

    I'd immediately change, if they put the power button back to the top!

  • Alex - 5 years ago

    I love how 39% say that if the design wasn't completely fresh then they wouldn't even buy one. That's rich, we will all buy an iPhone 7 if we are able. don't pretend like you won't.

  • Sacha - 5 years ago

    I'd probably prefer a new design, but if there are some really cool new functions, I would consider.

  • John Smith - 5 years ago

    Performance improvements over my 6 Plus, Touch ID, would be enough. Anything else will be a bonus on top.

  • EdH - 5 years ago

    I have a 6, so I'll probably upgrade to a 7 this fall, and am leaning towards the 7 Plus. I actually don't give a flip about the camera.

  • Jay - 5 years ago

    The problem is that the iPhone 6(s) is the most fragile design so far. Precisely none of my previous models had any problems in their two year life spans, even rolling naked. The new design made me nervous with the rounded glass edges, so my wife and I both went cased for this model, and both of us have had to spring for new glass after minor waist-high drops over the cycle. The design is reasonably aesthetically pleasing, but nothing extra special, and meanwhile deeply flawed in durability.

  • Dyl - 5 years ago

    I love iPhone cameras but even if the camera is better I'll be super disappointed if it's the same design of the 6/6s. We need a new fresh design with the iPhone. Also if it's the same design with a 2k screen a better camera and I'll I'll be super pissed along with many other 6/6s buyers they just held them off from the 6/6s just to save it for the 7.

  • tich - 5 years ago

    You forgot one: "Yes, because iPhone Upgrade Plan"

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