Do 'ridiculous' airline fees prevent you from traveling?


  • Lindsey - 7 years ago

    While I continue to fly, fees affect my choice of airlines at booking. Southwest "bags fly free" and flexible policy permitting one to bank a ticket for future travel is a big draw. My Mileage Plus affinity Visa car with United permits me to check a bag for no additional charge. Consequently, the airlines fees do guide my buying decision when I can opt for either of these two airlines over the rest of the bunch.

  • Surinder Kamboj - 7 years ago

    Regarding my comment above. Please ignore spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Surinder Kamboj - 7 years ago

    1. Charging ridiculously high cancellation fees even while cancellation comes to airline months in advance is criminal.
    2. Fuel surcharges separate from fares accrue to airlines but 70% fall in fuel price has not been passed on to travellers. Even Governments look the other way. Governments are accessory to this crime.
    3. Airport development fees are being passed on to travellers. Why should an airport built in India be the liability of non Indian travellers. Sane goes for all other such airports.
    4. Airport transit cum service fees are huge amounts charged for using the airport toilets.
    5. Privately built airports like those in India are subjected to departure and arrival fees just because the private contractor failed to finish on time and project became unprofitable. If the operator has made super profits would he have given a monetary relief to travellers?

    Above are some of the charges. Details of each charge should be investigated and public made aware of.
    AIrlines are making huge profits and some of them have come out with IPOs at ridiculously high premium.
    Airlines are not businesses they are daylight robbers (night flying is restricted in most countries).

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    It's more about transperany. You should be able to search Expedia. Com with all your parameters to get the true cost of your trip. Not just the lowest ticket price.

  • crankypaul - 7 years ago

    The fares and the fees are less the deterrent than the feeling of being treated like cattle. Ever smaller seats crowded together with an increasing number of dolts flying who think they are entitled. Security checks that do nothing but slow down the process, baggage retrieval that oftentimes takes longer than the flight itself.

    I'll take a drive if I want to travel, thank you very much. I'm nearer to 70 and have no more tolerance for the subhuman treatment that has become air travel.

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