Did 'The Carmichael Show' handle its discussion of Bill Cosby well?
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  • Rosemary Kerls - 5 years ago

    I had been liking your show and its content but last night after the association of Michael Jackson to these two people who have actually been charged-(woody Allen) and many women have come forward w/ similar accusations re Bill Cosby improprieties .
    Michael was acquired on all counts and no evidence has been found to substantiate any claims filed . In fact extortion was the basis of these cases!
    Please get the facts straight and read reliable info - Aphrodite Jones and Tom Messereau would be a place to start!!
    It is disgraceful to carry on this portrayal of such a wonderful human who against all odds succeeded to make this world a better place and to inspire so many with his talents and philosophies in life !
    It is shameful that you took this platform to further the wrong that has been done to this man !!
    You could have used his case to show how you are innocent until proven quilty to show how he was wrongly accused and going to see Bill Cosby would be appropriate until such is the final result for him.
    I cannot tell you how horribly disappointed and disgusted with this writing on this show I am!!
    I do hope I hear back from you as the rest of the content of this show seems to be going in the right direction.
    Please get this right!!!

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