If the U.S. Presidential election were held today, who would get your vote?


  • Jo Nell Huff - 6 years ago

    Comments directly on my poll are new to me so I am responded this way to comments so far. Other comments appeared directly in the regular Comment section.

    JEAN - Thanks for playing along! We too are interested in what is going on in Ireland as it affects us in some ways in this global economy.

    SUE - I do not agree with any of your comments about Hillary Clinton and there is no way I would vote for Trump! Neither candidate is without flaws that is certain but she will get my vote. Let us hope that the winner of the election will do what is best for this country and try to unite us!

    GERLINDE - Thanks for taking time to vote! It has been a down in the gutter fight on all sides from the primaries on. I like Angela Merkel too and there are some fine women presidents around the world.

  • Jean Tubridy - 6 years ago

    Great idea, CC, and great to be able to vote from afar as we are so affected by this election in far flung places like Ireland.

  • Sue Hedtke - 6 years ago

    There is no way in God's Green Earth I would ever vote for Clinton. There are many reasons. I do not understand any woman voting for Hillary when she has taken millions of dollars from the leaders of countries who practice Sharia law.....that means she is essentially endorsing the sexual mutilation of small girls with female circumcision, pedophilia, burying women to the waist and stoning them until they are dead because their husbands want to marry someone younger and lie about their behavior; and encouraging a male population that believes women are chattel and have no value, nor rights, no worth. I do not think she deserves to call herself a woman....I'm not sure what she is but she is not a woman that I want to identify with on any level. She lies, steals, cheats, and her husband is even worse. I am seriously concerned about a nation that would elect this woman to any office. Trump is rough around the edges but we have to remember that the smoother a politician is the more crooked he is. One thing you can't fake is good kids. Trumps children are amazing....he has done many things right raising them, which, in my opinion is the greatest positive of all. We have to get the politicians and those who are puppets for Soros and the Rothchilds out of our government. We owe our children that.

  • Gerlinde - 6 years ago

    What a great idea. I voted. I lost all respect for most of our politicians. They remind me of sixth graders that are misbehaving. I do like Angela Merkel.

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