Do you agree with Delaware State University's decision to cut more than a quarter of its majors?
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  • Myna German-Schleifer - 4 years ago

    The decision makes good business sense. A strategic analysis was done and all non-profits are shifting toward using some of the tools of for-profit agencies. As someone who works there, I can say that a thorough SWOT analysis was done--strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, threats--and this is how for-profits and non-profits tend to work, to build up units that are thriving and deactivate less-popular ones. You have to remember that Delaware State is not the size of University of Delaware, Pennsylvania State and other large state universities, so the wide variety of offerings is not always possible. It does not mean those subjects downsized are not important, but a 4,500-student operation cannot offer the variety of subjects as a 45,000-student mega-university.

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