Can you believe Donald Trump might actually become the President of the United States?

Posted 3 years.


  • Cathy A - 3 years ago

    WTNH, if you are going to pose this question, you should also post the question "Can you believe Hilllary Clinton might actually become President of the United States?" She is a proven habitual liar.

  • srmc - 3 years ago

    He will put right back where we came as far as far racism. Yes he says what nobody will but something are better not said for the safety of the American People. I really believe people need to wake up and see what is really happening in our world. We are fighting each other what ever happened to freedom of speech. it just seems everybody is caught up in the moment not thinking about the future.

  • EagleLove - 3 years ago

    If Trump becomes our representative for the US the rest of the World will be laughing their faces off.

  • Jane Beirne McGuire - 3 years ago

    Donald Trump will make a great president. He owes no one any favors, he is a great patriot and loves this country.

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