SECOND CHANCE (Fox) (Poll Closed)

  • Bea Young - 5 years ago

    I also don't usually leave comments, but I agree that the show is well done and would like to see more of it! I also agree that there is not a lot of good shows on TV and it's worth watching; I hope FOX does not cancel it!

  • Rebecca - 5 years ago

    I love Second Chance!! they need to leave great shows like that on the air , and cancel some of those ridiculous reality shows like I am Cait!! or the housewives shows, how many of those do we need? there are too many crazy reality shows, making people famous that should never be! I think Second Chance has a wonderful story line, keeps you intrigued the whole time you are watching, I never missed an episode, and wished it would last 2 hours! I never got enough.

  • Reverend Flash - 5 years ago

    I don't usually offer up comments like this, but I was very inspired by the unanimous support by the commenters here, as well as on another page I was reading. I understand it's hard to renew a series when the ratings aren't there. You can't have a show on the air unless it attracts advertisers, and you can't bring in advertisers when the show doesn't have the ratings. But there must be some other way to help this show find an audience that will draw the advertising. Second Chance is too good for people to not be watching it. Fox needs to start considering that they're just marketing the show wrong. There's very little else the show itself needs to do to be better. I haven't heard an actual official cancellation announcement yet, so hopefully there are people at the network who are actually working on a strategy for keeping it. Fingers crossed.

  • A Scollard - 5 years ago

    Please don't cancel ...
    LoveLove this show????
    Love the concept, Love that it takes place in Seattle, never missed an episode ... Liked it being on Fridays :) nothing's on Fridays

  • Hutbug - 5 years ago

    PLEASE give it another season, I agree with everything the other posters said. It's different and funny and really good. The actor who plays Duval is awesome.

  • Amanda - 5 years ago

    Keep love the show

  • Pinky Stilleto - 5 years ago

    From the pilot I was hooked. I then sat my hubby and two grown kids down and had them watch it. We all loved it and looked forward each week to see the next twists and turns. Like others have said, you kept changing the night it aired which was frustrating. We caught it on Hulu each week and if there wasn't a new episode waiting we panicked. Please keep the show!!! There is alot of crap on tv, and Second Chance was fantastic! If anyone wants to get into another great show that will be back this summer, watch Wayward will thank me. Lol

  • Merilee - 5 years ago

    I share the same opinion as most of the others that have responded about Second Chance. I liked it from the very first time I saw it and couldn't wait till the next episode. I'm so tired of starting a great show to find out later that it's been cancelled once again without really been given a chance to succeed! I just don't get the network's choices of renewing mindless garbage season after season while good shows get taken off the air!!

  • Shea - 5 years ago

    I agree apple... All the shows on tv are starting to be the same... Every night... Same story lines.. Diff characters... BORING!!! When Fringe went off the air... It was one of its kind.. I figured this would be the one that would fill that space... It was working its way there... But because it's not all the same boring crap... Gossip.. Plain English... And small words... People hate it? Ugh... Come on... FOX PLEASE GIVE THIS ONE ANOTHER CHANCE!!! DONT TAKE THIS ONE SO QUICK!!!!

  • Shea - 5 years ago

    Please keep it... It's just getting started... I love this show!!! The stranger the better!!!

  • zor - 5 years ago

    I love this show dont cancelled just give it another chance

  • Apple-Elgatha - 5 years ago

    With shows rotting our brains like Scandal and KUWTK (especially KUWTK - shoot me now.) being the absolute destruction of television, this show is a breath of fresh air I don't write comments but I feel like this one is warranted because this has all the makings of a great show. SecondChance deserves to be on the air. It reminds me of Bones, which I hated the first 2 eps (Emily Deschanel's Character was annoying and I wanted to punch David Boreanaz in the face every time, because of his cocky attitude)... but it has been on the air for over 9 seasons, it's the quirkiness and heart that I enjoy.

    Rob Kazinsky, Tim Dekay, Dilshad Vadsaria, Vanessa Lengies and the rest of the cast make this show a keeper because it exudes so much heart and the quirkiness is there too. It needs more advertising/promos and stop changing the damn times, it took me an extra week to find it when it was switched to Fridays.

    So put more Promos up and keep the "damn" show already, because my ability to sit through and enjoy TV has dwindled to five shows over time across the board and this is in my top 5.

  • lacie mccain - 5 years ago

    KEEP THIS SHOW! It keeps me on the edge of my seat every time And with such a great season finale, I need to know what happens next! Please don't cancel!!!

  • lacie mccain - 5 years ago

    KEEP THIS SHOW! It keeps me on the edge of my seat every time And with such a great season finale, I need to know what happens next! Please don't cancel!!!

  • John R Willis - 5 years ago

    This is a good show. All that is kept on anymore are the gross, sickening Reality Shows and Im sick to death of those. We need more show that give one hope, leave you feeling good at the end of the episode. Please dont cancel.

  • Essence Griffin - 5 years ago

    Please keep

  • Colleen Maggio - 5 years ago

    Keep this show! Don't let it go like all the others, run for a few months then cancel. Just keep to the main theme, don't change and let it get weird, that's when the ratings will go down. The actors are great! Don't let it go! Just keep to the main theme as when it first began! You had a good thing going!

  • Connie B. - 5 years ago

    KEEP Second Chance and give it MORE PR!!

    Love the characters and the story line. Only complaint..... WHY did you kill OTTO??


  • Jennifer - 5 years ago

    This is my new favorite show. Please don't cut it!!

  • Darly Joseph - 5 years ago

    This show is amazing please don't cancel it

  • Kathi - 5 years ago

    Love this show....DO NOT CANCEL IT.........

  • Alexis - 5 years ago

    Don't cancel Secon Chance please! I have watched the first season and it was amazing! I can't believe the ending where a main character ( not saying who in case someone hasn't seen the episode) dies! Well... Sort of. Anyway, renew the show please!

  • N - 5 years ago

    Didn't even know there was a poll and I've been watching the entire season! Hate that I get attached to shows and then they disappear ????

  • Alan S G - 5 years ago

    I never heard of this show until my father told me about it about week #3. I caught the first few episodes and never turned back. This is my favorite new show. One issue with the show, I wish they did not kill off Otto.

  • Ru - 5 years ago

    Keeeeeeep this show. Amazing story line and action every episode

  • Mary Sue Sagor - 5 years ago

    I have a friend who adores this show, but I admit, I've never watched it...for HER sake, and to give me the chance to see it, PLEASE RENEW IT!

  • Gayle Clark - 5 years ago

    Please give Second Chance a second chance! This is a most awesome series. It is intelligent, witty, and has the audience rooting for that irascible old sheriff! Gosh, don't throw it away! The only shows I've enjoyed in the past? Fringe, Bones, House, Firefly, The Simpsons, The Family Guy, American Idol, and King of the Hill. These are all classics and Second Chance NEEDS to join their ranks. Go, Modern Mary Shelley! That's not just my opinion, but hey, who you gonna' listen to?? Let it breathe, bloom, grow! You've gotten all the characters RIGHT. NO MISTAKES! Kuddos for my new favorite. Trust me, I'm a nurse, too...

    Gayle Clark
    Amworth LLC
    Home of Sculpt-By-Numbers™

  • Guy J, Sherman - 5 years ago

    I watch film and tv quite a bit and I think Second Chance was a very compelling series. The fact you didn't have the audience you needed, doesn't mean the content wasn't there. There are many other reasons this show may not have done as well as we would have liked. But I know for a fact, that my many friends who have watched it all were crazy about it, as I was. I really feel you should give it Second Chance, at a different time slot. It really has a lot of potential. Thank you.

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