Who Is The Right Woman For Wentworth's Franky?


  • dmoore - 7 years ago

    Has to be Erica . She was practically gagging for Franky in S1 but her position as governor made it impossible to act on them.Don't forget she had known Franky for a while before she became governor having been her education tutor so there is a history between the two. Franky is highly intelligent To think that she would not google"Erica Davidson" now that she's out is insulting the viewers intelligence!

  • Gidg - 7 years ago

    You can vote multiple times so clearly a fixed result lol

  • Jenna - 7 years ago

    Id be happy if the whole 3 would all get it on ???? But the whole Franky going behind Bridgets back with Erica & Erica going behind snoozefest Marks backs with Franky would be so spot on with both their characters. They both love the whole sneaking around forbidden thing especially Franky. So Franky living happily ever after with Bridget doesn sit right for me & wouldn't be right for Frankys character either.

  • Miss Davidson - 7 years ago

    Definitely Erica. I find Franky and Erica together so fascinating. I like Bridget's character but she and Franky together feels a bit mother/daughter to me, with the age gap and Bridget guiding Franky. I've read lots of incredible Frerica fanfic that has shown me the potential that Franky & Erica would still have on screen. Such a hot and dynamic couple.

  • DB - 7 years ago

    It fascinates me that fans want to have Franky and Erica together instead of Bridget. What I have noticed the most is that in all of the fan fiction that I've seen about Franky and Erica it always borders on erotic, which isn't a bad thing lol, where with Bridget it's been about love and care. Honestly I think Franky needs Bridget because she has never had stability in her life. Erica played too many games and I'm not sure she even loved Franky. It was more a game. As far as Franky and Bridget's storyline I can think of at least five different scenarios to give them turmoil and still have them happy together. Remember Bridget is a forensic psychologist so I doubt that this storyline is going to be boring by any means. Wentworth can get pretty dark at times so having a little happiness in there is a good thing. My vote is to keep Franky and Bridget together. Most of the people I know that watch Wentworth feel the same. Just my opinion. No offense to all you Erica fans out there. Can't wait for season 4!

  • Frerica Forvever - 7 years ago

    Erica! Bridget isn't right for Franky. Erica needs to come back asap & be with Franky! :-D Then Bridget needs to leave.

  • SQ - 7 years ago

    I say Erica. Would be sad if that meant cheating on Bridget but it would probably fit with the forbidden theme of Franky & Erica's relationship. I just need more of them. They'd only just got started in S1.

  • frerica - 7 years ago

    ERICA. If she showed up in S4 I would die and go to heaven.

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