Who Is The Best Sherlock Holmes?


  • Mike Damascus - 4 years ago

    JLM is the better Sherlock. When finished with Elementary, I tried to watch Benedict’s Sherlock Holmes and I ended up rewatching Elementary instead. Lol

  • Rina M - 4 years ago

    John Lee Miller all the way

  • Benito LaRoque - 5 years ago

    Elementary is far superior to the Cumberbatch version. I was shocked that so few people agree with me! The writing is far superior. Sherlock displays much flashier production techniques. Sherlock Holmes was never meant to be beautiful. He was meant to be a brilliant bad-ass.

  • Mel G - 6 years ago

    Hello! I've really enjoyed your essay - I'm curious what you have to say about BBC' Sherlock's humanity in conjunction with his family history now that we've seen season four? The season wasn't the strongest imo (a bit convoluted), but I did really enjoy The Final Problem! Perhaps you can update the essay somehow or write a new one altogether? I've just started Elementary with an open mind - it's definitely different but I do love police procedural's in general & I appreciate that they kept him English. I think Cumby will always be my TV Sherlock though! Brett is also amazing & more in tune with Doyle's books, & I'll always have a special place for Basil & Bruce's portrayals which is where I started (bar the Great Mouse Detective, of course lol).

  • Melissa - 6 years ago

    I like Jonny Lee Miller; he's cute. Benedict Cumberbatch is a freaking GOD though!

  • Michele - 7 years ago

    I like Elementary but I LOVE Sherlock. It has become my favorite show EVER.

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