Will you miss the tax credits eliminated by the Trudeau government (on children’s fitness and arts programs, student textbooks and others)?


  • Charlene Kibblewhite - 7 years ago

    People use the money they get back to sign the kids back up for the sports they enjoy I am one of them and with getting no money back I am having to cut some sports they love good going Trudeau when are you going to be out of our government

  • clayton leach - 7 years ago

    iim on said i just get enough to look after rent n food, the rental supplement is needed i get 711 dollars to find a two bedroom 4 me n a rm 4 my daughter this is in saskatoon i want u to find that place n ity cant have bills. you find that safe in a neibouhood u would raise ur child in n when u do tell me lmao. the only thing that gets us thu the month is the rental supplement. unless u can tell me of any other programs to help diability sufferers with more income just to survive
    thx; Clayton

  • A taxpayer - 8 years ago

    Shifting money around without really helping middle class families. Check where the funding is now going. Is his main adviser called Alexandre ?

  • Brian - 8 years ago

    Are you leading us to believe that these credits being eliminated are Harper era credits ?

    The fitness and arts credits for sure belong to Harper governments. However by far the largest credits being eliminated are the education amounts.

    By my research the education credit has been around at least 20 years - long before Harper came along.

    Given the current governments focus on education and training, what basis do they have for cancelling credits that support obtaining post secondary education ?

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