Who will become victorious after the No Holds Barred Street Fight?
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  • April Bonga - 6 years ago

    This will be the toughest and most exciting match of this year's WrestleMania,well Dean Ambrose is my favourite wwe superstar as well as Brock Lesnar,John Cena and Seth Rollins,well Ambrose has alot of matches lost at almost every PPV,but this Sunday is the only chance he's got,then we got Brock Lesnar,Lesnar has the most biggest victories e.g The Undertaker,CM Punk,John Cena,Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt (RoadBlock),etc.He's the beast incarnate but at WM32 it's king of streetfight (DA) and the king of no holds barred (BL) meaning it's the BEAST vs the BEST,well the winner is gonna be Ambrose coz he's got the best ring performers and he'll be the first wwe superstar to ever give Brock Lesnar the worst beating that will make Lesnar unable to make him walk out,Paul Heyman and Ambrose will carry him out,welcome to the AMBROSE ASYLUM

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