What do you think of The Real O'Neals?

Posted 3 years.


  • John Warwick - 2 years ago

    Noah, you are definitely the "Real Deal." I love the part you play and the authenticity that you provide. I have watched since the first episode and hope you get renewed for a second season, and more. Your expressions are genuine, and I can see a real-life fiery temper there. I did the Catholic school routine for twelve years, and it was difficult at times. It would be an awesome thrill, a treat, and a special experience to chat with you.
    Keep on being "Real."

  • brianyoung - 3 years ago

    This is really the "Best"gay sitcom on tv now. It is about as realistic as you can get. Cast is good. Hopefully somewhere along the lne, it will expand to an hour. For now, keep up the good work It is enjoyable. kkeep doing a great job, Noah!

  • Rob - 3 years ago

    Reviews just so bothers me..another journalist trying to prove his optical correctness about his view of being gay ... The first episode was the best so far. And I'm sure what was said about ABC is very close to true. But I feel the show is still, however not perfect, is the best view of the " gay process" on TV. So get off your soap box and just enjoy it...this is not rocket science And thanks Dan savage for one of the few shows I take the time to watch on tv

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