How often do you shower?

Posted 3 years.


  • Idiot Worthless Disgusting Clueless Piece of Crap - 2 months ago

    I understand what they are trying to say. I know that these authors have done their research, and know what they are talking about. However, my lifestyle calls for more frequent showering. I have anywhere from 1-4 hours of dance practice every night Monday-Thursday. I leave the class sweaty and tired, and I feel like I need a refreshing shower, not just baby wipes. This would be excellent advice otherwise.

  • Lilya - 6 months ago

    There should be a less than 1 week option, maybe 1 every 2 weeks.

  • russell payne - 2 years ago

    our kids grew up on a ranch ,took a bath if they got filthy dirty,never sick. there cousins lived in the city bathed once sometimes twice a day if they got a speck of dirt on them, they were sick all the time, no immune system

  • Amanda - 2 years ago

    Everyone must live in the US, they don't care about water consumption, do research, grow a heart, don't take shit for granted, because I guarantee if you're in a "zombie apocalypse" you won't be taken showers everyday.

  • Me - 2 years ago

    Man with EXCELLENT hygiene but very poor aim!
    That you pee all around and over you doesn't mean everyone does :-)

  • Dad of teen girls - 2 years ago

    As a truck driver I can't shower every day. I do use baby wipes daily on critical body areas, and shower once a week. My teenaged girls agree that I don't smell bad, and believe me , they'd let me know if I did!

  • Z - 2 years ago

    I am 33 and have been a twice a week or so bather for most of my life (more when I am truly dirty) and simply wipe down areas of concern (groin, pits) with a clean rag and warm water inbetween showers. I have near perfect skin and no abnormal oder about me. I live in the Deep South and have a manual job and that still doesn't make me gross. I will point out that if you convert to a less showering schedule, your skin will be very gross until it adjusts, but it should level out.

  • Man with EXCELLENT hygiene - 2 years ago

    This doctor has been lied too! You poop, pee, and walk everyday, that's enough to shower at least once daily like I do because I am normal! When you pee(men only) it goes everywhere, arms, legs, FACE. My personal input but nobody ever said I smelled like crap, my momma taught me good hygiene.

  • Mom of 2 Boys - 3 years ago

    My sons just stayed 3 days with my in-laws and they (my in-laws) were displeased, to say the least, that my sons do not shower every day. I decided to research the issue and am relieved to find that I am NOT a horrible mother. If my child is not smelly or dirty, he doesn't need to shower every day. Amen!

  • Abbie - 3 years ago

    The Author has obviously never lived in humid, Dusty, tropical parts of West Africa . Maybe this is a 1st world analysis ... Lool.

  • Jamie - 3 years ago

    At 65 my skin is very different from when I was 30. Body wipes are a godsend for the necessary cleanliness without drying my skin further, especially here in Arizona. Using pH balanced skin products without other additives also helped.

    Thank you for the information.

  • JAKE - 3 years ago

    Hot humid climates necessitates bathing at least TWICE DAILY if only because it makes you feel more comfortable and alive...!!!

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