How often do you shower?


  • Eugenia Erkrath - 2 years ago

    Mira, ni que me vengan con toda la parafernalia científica con la que muchas personas tratan de justificar una barbaridad como esa de que "solo hay que bañarse dos veces a la semana", yo voy a creer en semejante tontería. Yo tengo 62 años bañándome dos y hasta tres veces al día y tengo mi salud intacta. Si la tal Elaine es cochina y le gusta que otros le huelan la mugre (que ella llama eufemísticamente"almizcle natural" Jajaja), bueno, allá ella pues me imagino que tendrá sus seguidores que encuentran "encantadora" la podredumbre. Pero a mí no me meten en ese saco! Ahora pretenden hacernos retroceder a la época medieval con esos mugrientos y hediondos habitantes de ese tiempo. No señor. A bañarse siempre! A oler a rico jaboncito y cremitas! A echarse desodorante, colonia y, si hay dinero a perfumarse. Nada más divino que acercarse a una persona limpiecita, y con buen olor, Mugrientos y hediondos RAUS!!, así sean científicos!!

  • Rob - 5 years ago

    I dont know how this research came to be a research or how any one person could go a day without washing thier entire body, but i guess the researchers who dont do any strenerioys work on a daily basis can go a month or two without washing, which is nasty, as far as germs and skin problems from washin daily use moisturizers to keep the oils in your skin.. Also a daily shower makes a person feel refreshed ... I would hate to be sleepin next to one of these researchers, pee you!!!! The Romans and Grewks had the right idea, and taken a daily bath is not what did those civilzations in, rwad more into the history researchers... Have a Smelly day researchers while us clean daily people have a refreshing day...

  • Singh - 5 years ago

    I take plane water shower, no soap. Use mild soap once a week. Post shower, a light application of coconut oil keeps skin moist at 70 years this helps.

  • GR - 5 years ago

    Shower every day. Period. Live in central Florida. iF you can smell you, others will really smell you. But the best part about a shower is how good you feel when you get in there and the water feels wonderful when your hair gets cleaned ...i's a great experience. I don't really want to go out with somebody who thinks he only has to wipe his butt once a week with baby wipe. . No thank you.

  • MariaRose - 5 years ago

    It all depends on how active you are and how humid is the weather, as everyone has different needs. But whatever amount of cleanup (showering) you do, everyone should practice using less water consumption, especially if you are doing it to "freshen up". There's no logical reason to waste 20 minutes in a shower. If you really need to soak, then pour out a bath with salts and oil and enjoy. Don't waste water.

  • Idiot Worthless Disgusting Clueless Piece of Crap - 5 years ago

    I understand what they are trying to say. I know that these authors have done their research, and know what they are talking about. However, my lifestyle calls for more frequent showering. I have anywhere from 1-4 hours of dance practice every night Monday-Thursday. I leave the class sweaty and tired, and I feel like I need a refreshing shower, not just baby wipes. This would be excellent advice otherwise.

  • Lilya - 6 years ago

    There should be a less than 1 week option, maybe 1 every 2 weeks.

  • russell payne - 7 years ago

    our kids grew up on a ranch ,took a bath if they got filthy dirty,never sick. there cousins lived in the city bathed once sometimes twice a day if they got a speck of dirt on them, they were sick all the time, no immune system

  • Amanda - 7 years ago

    Everyone must live in the US, they don't care about water consumption, do research, grow a heart, don't take shit for granted, because I guarantee if you're in a "zombie apocalypse" you won't be taken showers everyday.

  • Me - 7 years ago

    Man with EXCELLENT hygiene but very poor aim!
    That you pee all around and over you doesn't mean everyone does :-)

  • Dad of teen girls - 7 years ago

    As a truck driver I can't shower every day. I do use baby wipes daily on critical body areas, and shower once a week. My teenaged girls agree that I don't smell bad, and believe me , they'd let me know if I did!

  • Z - 7 years ago

    I am 33 and have been a twice a week or so bather for most of my life (more when I am truly dirty) and simply wipe down areas of concern (groin, pits) with a clean rag and warm water inbetween showers. I have near perfect skin and no abnormal oder about me. I live in the Deep South and have a manual job and that still doesn't make me gross. I will point out that if you convert to a less showering schedule, your skin will be very gross until it adjusts, but it should level out.

  • Man with EXCELLENT hygiene - 8 years ago

    This doctor has been lied too! You poop, pee, and walk everyday, that's enough to shower at least once daily like I do because I am normal! When you pee(men only) it goes everywhere, arms, legs, FACE. My personal input but nobody ever said I smelled like crap, my momma taught me good hygiene.

  • Mom of 2 Boys - 8 years ago

    My sons just stayed 3 days with my in-laws and they (my in-laws) were displeased, to say the least, that my sons do not shower every day. I decided to research the issue and am relieved to find that I am NOT a horrible mother. If my child is not smelly or dirty, he doesn't need to shower every day. Amen!

  • Abbie - 8 years ago

    The Author has obviously never lived in humid, Dusty, tropical parts of West Africa . Maybe this is a 1st world analysis ... Lool.

  • Jamie - 8 years ago

    At 65 my skin is very different from when I was 30. Body wipes are a godsend for the necessary cleanliness without drying my skin further, especially here in Arizona. Using pH balanced skin products without other additives also helped.

    Thank you for the information.

  • JAKE - 8 years ago

    Hot humid climates necessitates bathing at least TWICE DAILY if only because it makes you feel more comfortable and alive...!!!

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