Should teens under 18 who commit serious crimes be tried as adults?

  • Steve Miller Band - 2 years ago

    Yes,They should be tried like an adult because they know what their doing ,plus if they do it one and go to a rehab center they will just kill again if they get mad or if a memory is trigger from their past that enrages them and they go on a killing spree.

  • G - 2 years ago

    Fairly certain these teens know exactly what they are doing... all we are teaching them is that they can get away with these serious crimes! As a young adult myself, I know for a fact these kids will not change unless they deicide to!

  • wut? - 2 years ago

    teens are almost as bad as little kids who don't get their way but, do we send them to jail? NO! because we can teach them to be better

  • Spammer - 3 years ago

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  • Jordan Newton - 4 years ago

    Juveniles need resources to equip them to succeed when they are released from juvenile facilities, rather than face the devastating effects of being housed in adult prison systems. Juveniles should be treated as juveniles in the court justice system, with a focus on rehabilitating rather than simply punishing.

  • Conley - 4 years ago

    No they should go to a rehab for a second chance

  • BruhJinity - 4 years ago


  • BruhJun - 4 years ago


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