Who is Tailmon's best Ultimate Digimon?

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  • Rose - 4 years ago

    WilliamBloody- with all due respect, I'm not sure why that's relevant seeing as that group isn't a part of Adventure, nor is Cherubimon. (The movie doesn't count).

  • Shutu - 4 years ago

    Can't we like both? I rarely see people made a poll to choose between WarGreymon and ShineGreymon, or Plesiomon and Vikemon, etc.

    Tailmon can evolve to both, but in Adventure anime universe, it evolved to Holydramon. In Adventure PSP universe, it evolved to Ophanimon. Frontier doesn't count since they only show its Mega and Rookie form; it could have had different evolution line than in Adventure universe (e.g. Darcmon instead of Tailmon for its Champion form).

    Personally, I like Holydramon better because its design is more creative than Ophanimon.

  • WilliamBloody - 4 years ago

    Everybody beats on Ophanimon for being the "other" angel, or the female counterpart of Seraphimon. If you are going to refer to the Seraphimon argument then you need to bring the whole group. The thing is you can't have the holy trinity without her. The holy trinity which is Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon is based on the legend of the three angel celestial orders. They are the Seraphim, the Ophanim and The Cherubim. Also Tailmon's Ultimate evolution can be both. Holydramon is based on the four Dragon Kings who ruled the four seas surrounding China. So different mythologies different forms. Both great and after that it's your preference.
    Last but not least, you can't decide which is its best evolution Digimon is about how everything evolves in different ways and doesn't have a stable evolution like pokemon.... Anyway I choose Ophanimon, but Holydramon comes a super close second.

  • sp - 4 years ago

    I voted for Ophanimon for two reasons! Firstly i am a bit biased because i liked her in Frontier, she was even better than Seraphimon there and their interaction was great.

    Secondly because she is more of an authority figure in that form, remember when Angewomon evolved and gave that speech to Vandemon , she and angemon were like juries. I just don't think i could take Holydramon giving lectures on evil digimon that seriously.

    However i do like Holydramon as an alternate evolution for some other random tailmon, just not Hikari's tailmon

  • Zero Slash One - 4 years ago

    I find that Holydramon is the more sensible choice; both as a partial continuation of the Rookie/Champion/Perfect's aesthetics, and as a relative rarity in the franchise (a female-coded entity that isn't forced into humanoid shape for the sake of fanservice), additionally because it manages to be visually distinctive while maintaining the theme of holy power and sacred creatures, as well as because Ophanimon's design is so inaccurate as to be humorous if you're familiar with its namesake.

  • unknown unknown - 4 years ago

    I really like both, but Holydramon has the edge for me. I think she's awesome.

    I won't mind if Ophanimon wins though.

    Either way, the Holydramon haters will have to grin and bear it, since we already know what we're getting in Tri thanks to the digivices.

  • hamdimon - 4 years ago


  • ExaltedKnight - 4 years ago

    I choose Holydramon, because Patamon's HolyAngemon can Digivovle to Goddramon too.
    So it's make the Digivolution more unique and special that can "Wow" to someone.
    Just like what Alphamon in Digimon World X evolution movie did, digivovle from a Giant long Neck Dinosaur into a Holy Knight.
    And Omegamon expression like " What the Heaven? "

  • P3Nathan - 4 years ago

    Holydramon, because it fits Tailmon more.

    Notice how some of Adventure warp evolutions resemble the Child digimon more than the Perfect? WarGreymon has more in common aesthetically with Agumon than MetalGreymon (despite the name).
    Similarly, MetalGarurumon has the design on his belly and yellow coloring that Gabumon has, but isn't present with Garurumon or WereGarurumon.
    Phoenixmon looks far more like Piyomon than Garudamon; she even has the leg ring(s).
    Gomamon's original ultimate was Plesiomon (don't need to explain that one).
    Even Rosemon uses thorns and vines, similarly to Palmon.

    However, even if this wasn't the case; it's one holy digimon evolving to another. Digimon will often have a theme rather than looking very alike. Palmon and Togemon both being plants. Heck, Tailmon to Angewomon is the same deal- holy power.

    This the franchise where a flying hamster evolves to an angel. At least Tailmon is actually established as a HOLY beast and Holydramon is exactly as her name suggests.

  • Kris J - 4 years ago

    Holydramon. She's described as "the ultimate of holy-beast digimon" and that's exactly what Tailmon is.

    Plus, even though it's a dragon, I think it looks more like a cross between a canine, a feline and an angel. So it takes all the themes from a pretty random looking evolution line and combines them into a final form that in my opinion sums them up rather well.

    I admit it'd work better as a warp evolution rather than from Angewomon, but I still don't understand the amount of flack Holydramon gets. Especially when it comes from fans who don't seem to have a problem with Patamon > Angemon and other far more random looking evolutions. By Digimon evolution standards, Holydramon isn't random. At least with Holydramon there's a clear theme that's running through the line.

    Makes me think it might be less about how odd the evolution might look and more about people being desperate for Tailmon's line to always mirror Patamon's. Which as Rose pointed out below, it doesn't anyway. Having one similar form, doesn't mean they always have to be identical. Look at Terriermon and Lopmon for example. Now look at their final forms- SaintGargomon and Cherubimon. Not exactly twins anymore are they?

  • Rose - 4 years ago

    Holydramon all the way.

    1) I don't feel the need for Tailmon's line to reflect Patamon's. It's not as if Plotmon and Tailmon look like Patamon and Angemon.

    2) Put Nyaromon, Plotmon, Tailmon and Holydramon next to each other... it's Angewomon that looks the most random in the line, not Holydramon. Yes she's a dragon, but she clearly has mammalian qualities.

    3) Holydramon is badass and you can ride on her back.

    Both are technically canon, but I do prefer Holydramon.
    Ophanimon is cool, don't get me wrong... but the fact that she was created solely to be a Lady-Seraphimon rubs me the wrong way a little.
    At least Holydramon isn't a female counterpart to some better known masculine digimon. So Tailmon's ultimate doesn't have to be "The OTHER angel".

  • Chakmon - 4 years ago

    Gotta vote for the dragon. Humanoid Digimon get boring... Also, Holydramon is so dangerous and rare, like Leviamon!

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