Who's badder? (Poll Closed)

  • Ramsay Snow/Bolton, 'Game of Thrones'

  • Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall, 'Outlander'

Posted 3 years.

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  • Maryann - 3 years ago

    Outlander v Game of Thrones is an example of why this poll is so misleading. I love Game of Thrones but dropped Outlander after the first half season. Captain Jack is just too evil to watch and I refuse to do so. So he is not in the least my favorite, since he is the reason I stopped watching the show. Yet he is definitely the most evil so on that basis I voted for him. So...are we supposed to be voting for our *favorite* villains, or those we consider to be the "most evil". (Same with SoA -- gea is definitely the most evil but hating her and being nauseated by her evil is why I dropped the last two seasons of SoA).

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