Do you think elected officials are doing enough to address GovGuam's financial crisis? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    5 votes

  • No
    143 votes


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  • Change - 4 years ago

    So who's to blame for our governments sorry state of affairs ? No one to blame but ourselves. Change starts with the man in the mirror. Until the voters make that change nothing will. Our house definitely needs cleaning.

  • Concerned citizen - 4 years ago

    It's still business as usual. Administration still fighting to keep their illegal retros, AG's not doing a damn thing about it, Legislature is still putting GovGu employees and fellow retirees as Priority 1. Why can't tax refunds take precedence over GovGu retiree COLA? Shouldn't you pay your bill first, then gifts? The rest of us in the private sector gets the shaft with poor GovGu services, power outages, dilapidated roads, roadsides throughout villages left unmaintained despite Mayors' huge pay increase, GMH vendors wait even longer to get paid, filthy schools kept operating despite public health violations, DOE doesn't have sufficient teachers and special Ed experts, DOC guards cry for unpaid overtime and being overworked, yet they could afford to draw DOC pay while building huts for FestPac. This post isn't big enough for the inequities with our GovGu leaders who are only in it for themselves. Stand out and pass legislation to downsize GovGuam for everyone's sake!

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