Do you think catalogued rape kits should be tested?

  • For the women - 5 years ago

    I would be glad to have my tax money go to pay for the testing of these kits for the women that have been hurt I feel bad that some of them have been sitting there since 95 that is just a dam shame

  • Margie - 5 years ago

    If a woman is tramatized enough to go through all the embarassment of getting the rape kit done..knowing she will have to testify in a court of law,.I have litte doubt that she is not involved in a fraud. Having been a rape victim was someone I knew. Statistics state that higher than 80% of women are raped by someone they know or have been in their enviroment.

    Testing ALL rape kits should be a priority and money alloted in the police budget for this. Not having them tested is victimizing a woman again.

  • The truth - 5 years ago

    The public does not understand that it is not feasible to test all rape kits.

    First of all, they are collected in all instances of actual sexual assault allegations.

    From there, those cases are often those of "he said she said" where both parties stipulate to having consented to sex, but differ as to consent. In these cases, there is no legitimate reason to test kits as even the existence of forensic evidence proves only that sex occurred, which both parties are already reporting.

    Safe the blanket "test all kits" argument for the cases that actually deserve th attention.

    I.e., the cases with stranger rape allegations, where one of the parties does not acknowledge sexual intercourse. Not those ones with problematic inconsistent victim statements, or those where the prosecutors office fails to consider charges because of inconsistencies in the part of the victim.

  • Sam Inman - 5 years ago

    If they got a million dollar grant to study why they weren't tested, why not spend that money on doing the tests instead?

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