Would you buy a smart wine bottle?

  • Bob Henry - 6 years ago

    This is a "solution" in search of a problem.

    Want to extend the life of an open bottle of wine? Check out this San Francisco Chronicle "Food & Wine" section article:

    "Can this wine be saved? Methods of preserving an open bottle"


    Simple advice: transfer the undrunk wine into smaller sized (e.g., 187 ML) screw cap bottles. (Do pour to the very top to eliminated the head space comprising atmospheric oxygen.) Refrigerate. (Your 'frig is a de facto temperature controlled wine cellar.) Reopen and drink at a later date.

    Much less expensive than buying and using a Coravin. Own bottles of wine -- not wine bottle opening and preserving gadgets.

    Q.E.D. [*]

    [*Don't know what this Latin phrase abbreviation means? In the immortal words of mathematician/satirist Tom Lehrer: "The rest of you can look it up when you get home."]

  • Claudia Bernard - 6 years ago

    Have the fun of drinking nice wine is viewing the shape of the bottle and the label.

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