Franklin Graham says America will not come back

  • Brenda Leeann Springer - 4 years ago

    He is right! America The Great will fall. This country is already in a downward spiral, which is gaining momentum. A country that turns it back on God and thumbs its nose at God's nature, is surely going to crumble.

  • James Stepp - 4 years ago

    What has happened so far is that the Leftists have served to sort America's people into two segments-the ones who have no will to fight for America,and the ones who will put our lives on the line to reclaim America AS WE KNEW IT. This will NOT be over until the last AMERICAN drops and cannot fight anymore. I'll fight FOR America,because to lose our way of life is to lose our reason to live.

  • Robert Laity - 4 years ago

    Prayer is the most powerful weapon on Earth. "Prayer is the ultimate wireless connection"-on a T-Shirt. Give honor to God and God will save us.

  • Phyllis Stevens - 4 years ago

    He is absolutely right. The brutal truth, but we have passively stood by and allowed this to happen to our wonderful country. So heart breaking, for all who sacrificed to give and tried to preserve our country. For our children and ones to come, met heart breaks.

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