Have you ever been stopped by the police or a security guard while taking photographs? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    799 votes

  • No
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Poll posted 4 years ago.

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  • Mark - 4 years ago

    The local Metro police used to bug me all the time about being in places and situations that were less than safe, but after 15 years of seeing half my face plastered to a Nikon, now they either just glare at me (my cue to move along) as they drive by, or they have recently begun stop and check out my images. Is getting harder and harder here in Vegas to shoot around some of the Strip Casino properties. Have been recently tossed from the Luxor, Aria and Venetian by their security. Seems a local with nice gear is different than tourists with nice gear........Palazzo, Bellagio, Wynn, Mirage all have encouraged pictures to be posted....good pictures are the best free advertising for them (seeing as most of mine are associated with Trip Advisor reviews or for Google Local Guides).

  • Andrew - 4 years ago

    Yes by a security guard in a shopping centre who told me it was not allowed because you won't allowed to take pictures of other people ( I was taking a picture of the ceiling ! ).

  • Tony Gray - 4 years ago

    Just once, at the end of Farnborough Airfield taking photos of the planes. Security guard on his side of the fence told me to move on, I pointed out I was on public land. He mumbled into his radio & drove off

  • tom - 4 years ago

    Just once, at Leeds Milennial Sq winter market - was simply told no professional photography allowed. I was actually stood outside the market taking a picture of the moon. And I'm hardly professional.

  • Keith - 4 years ago

    Brighton rail station and the South bank

  • Tina Edwards - 4 years ago

    Only once (by an over-zealous security guard) while on a public path by the O2 arena. I'd been taking photos around a couple of the large office blocks when approached. Presumably someone in one of the offices had got twitchy about it. I pointed out that I was on public ground and offered to show him my (totally unthreatening) photos.

    At that point he was told to back off by a disembodied voice emanating from somewhere in the depths of his security jacket. No explanation was offered for the challenge and in an area teeming with tourists I found the whole episode a bit bizarre.

  • Tim - 4 years ago

    Stopped by a security guard at an outdoor shopping centre. Explained that they had suffered some break ins, so didn't want to give opportunity for thieves to carry out reconnaissance..
    Also your picture is not the Police but community support officers who are not the same and have very little training

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