SPEAK UP: Do comfortable work environments increase productivity? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Have you ever throught of becoming a firefighter? 110 YES, 169 NO

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  • Some Guy - 4 years ago

    I heard only an elite few are allowed to access that IBM room. That leads to morale problems with the "have nots."

  • Dan the Human - 4 years ago

    The question is kind of dumb. "collaborative" workspaces do increase productivity. "Comfort" is a given; if the workspace is uncomfortable or lends itself to fatigue, then productivity will decrease. No news here...

  • r - 4 years ago

    Personally, I hate those open spaces. I couldn't work like that.

  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    Nothing beats working from home, and not having your paranoid, micromanaging boss looking over your shoulder

  • Bill - 4 years ago

    No it will just make people lazier than they already are I work for the state of ny with some of the laziest people on this earth.

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