Should the PRB propose a rule that specifically bans lawyer-client sexual relationships?

  • Bill Schubart - 4 years ago

    I agree precisely with Andy. Consensual sex between adults should not be banned administratively or criminally unless the plaintiff can prove the sex was not consensual, but responsive to the power of the attorney / client relationship.

  • andy - 4 years ago

    I guess I agree that a broad ban is not appropriate but would agree that if - maybe (?) similar to a teacher-student relationship, an attorney abuses their position (power) to leverage sex, that would be terrible and the lawyer should take a hit. Presumably, divorce situations might present the most vulnerable client but yeah a real estate deal or a will. If the sex is consentual and not obtained by "power" an attorney should not later be punished because a client has "buyer's remorse" (a change of heart in a break-up) and decides to ding an atty on ethics charges.

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