What were your favorite performances from this week's 'American Idol'?

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Poll posted 4 years ago.


  • marion ryan - 4 years ago

    Don't forget; this is the "j lo show"1 what she wants is what we'll get

  • Puddingtang - 4 years ago

    Mackenzie Bourg is way better than Dalton, but they got rid of Mackenzie just in case he beat LaPorsha at the finale. They know Dalton is not a threat to anyone so they let him stay.
    It will be Trent and LaPorsha at the finale. Even if Trent gets more votes than LaPorsha, we will never know....they will give the win to LaPorsha.
    I thought the last season would be something special....but, alas, it is not. I am so disappointed. I continue to watch because it is the last one.
    The only good thing about it being the last season is that I will not have to watch Jennifer Lopez instead of the actual contestant singing. That just gave me the "goosies".

  • Nancy Nix - 4 years ago

    while I think LaPorsha is very good my pick is Trent. There is just a special quality to his voice. I do think the judges have really been promoting LaPorsha the whole season. Go Trent.

  • JANICE HOUSTON - 4 years ago

    La'Porsha, is the most transparent contestant Idol has ever had. As far as she's needing to be the other bookend to Kelly Clarkson. That was a very racist remark! This is a singing competition and La'Porsha has by been consistent week after week. Like Kelly said, if she doesn't win, something is wrong with the American people. La'Porsha has touched many people with her gift of singing. She has given abused people a voice. She is the total package. Harry gave such a beautiful compliment to she and her parents, about her bringing class and poise to the stage every time she performs. A Queen is, as a Queen does! Trent is my 2nd favorite. He has a beautiful voice as well. If America gets it right, it will be Trent and La'Porsha in the finale. La'Porsha is very understandable while she sings. She sings with clarity and understanding. As she said, bringing McComb Mississippi together as a town, showed that it can be done. If we could just kill racism once and for all, what a wonderful world it would be. She sings from a place of hurt, healing and triumph! Unless you've been in an abusive relationship, you could NEVER understand her story. She has represented her city and state with dignity and honor. It matters not that she's a black woman, the content of her character is what she is representing. So whomever wins, I pray much success to the winner. She or Trent would be a great choice.

  • l.tigre41 - 4 years ago

    LaPorsha has a "good" voice, but it's hard to understand the words because she is always stretching them with vibrato and it just plain tough to grasp! As for the judges, I truly believe they are being dictated to and the producers have already made their decision. Let's face it. They have to be P/C and therefore have to have a black person as the other "book-end" or they will be tabbed as "racist" by the Black community!!
    As for the reality of it, Trent Harmon is by far the best talent of the three finalists!!

  • Molie montgomery - 4 years ago

    I don't understand how LaPorsha has been on top with the Judges ALWAYS giving her ONLY POSITIVE remarks! Everyone else had a negative remark due to errors1 UMMM! Now she's voted the third runner up!! This is "?" Trent is good, but he was given a critique about one of his songs. LaPorsha NEVER a critique of negavitiy or correction. What's up Judges?

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