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  • Claire - 7 years ago

    I would recommend a cruise to the Caribbean, preferably Disney but I believe other cruise lines do exist! Last year we did the Eastern caribbean route and loved every minute of it - the ports were beautiful and top Disney service/experience once back on board.

  • Lizzie Bevan - 7 years ago

    Hawaii?? Although probably a bit too long a flight for Louise?

    What about a cruise and Disney?

    Or west coast would be fab, I've done it a few times and really the only way to see it us a drive up (or down!) the coast!

  • Steve - 7 years ago

    Hi Craig, have you thought about including a cruise in your holiday plans? The Caribbean is hot that time of year so would fit in with your "needs to be hot" request. A split stay with Orlando sounds ideal.

  • Meg - 7 years ago

    Have you thought about doing a Disney Cruise?

  • Bryan - 7 years ago

    February is not the best time to visit California if you want to do everything and need warm weather. Have you thought of Dubai? Weather is great at that time of year, lots of shopping opportunities and other activities and the flight is less than 8 hours. Wherever you go I look forward to the trip report!

  • Wilson - 7 years ago

    We always go away January and for the last few years weve done NYC, D.C (haha yes in January) but always ended in Orlando. Buthe past few years the weather in Orlando seems to be getting colder and not much warm days. So for the first time in 10 trips we have decided we're not going back to Orlando this trip. It was actually much tougher to decide that than we thought, not going back is making us feel a little apprehensive :-/. The next holiday is Boston, hopefully somewhere in the Caribbean and then NYC. Basically we have swapped Orlando for the Caribbean. It's going to be a big thing for you not to go to Florida after all these years so maybe do a different kind of Florida and then you could do the Caribbean? 4 nights Florida 4 nights Caribbean 6 nights Florida?? I'm sure you'll have a great time whatever you do :)

  • Dawn - 7 years ago

    Have you tried a Caribbean cruise ?...I like yourself are a true Disnry nut...but as a compromise with my husband we are off to Florida in May and the Caribbean cruise in January for his 65 th Birthday...??? This will be the second Caribbean cruise in January...good luck

  • Ian thomas - 7 years ago

    Craig like you we have done Disney most years since I was a spotty 18 year old. I'm now 55. We did California last year. Starting in San Diego (very nice) and getting as far as LA ( not very nice) We enjoyed it but it's not the same as a Florida holiday in anyway. Disneyland is very different. The weather less humid. The people seemed friendlier. The resteraunt choice not as good. I'm glad we did it but won't rush back. This year it's home to Florida again. Where ever you choose I hope a trip report is in order. Good luck with your choice

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