Should DuPont take full responsibility in all 3,500 C8 lawsuits?

  • James Devore - 4 years ago

    I worked at IVS hydro and am a witness to toxic chemicals being dumped in the Ohio River from the DuPont plant. I was to to be quite and not to say anything for my own good. I worked at the DuPont plant from 1992 -1994 ,quit and was rehired 1996 until my wife insisted I quit because of raw glue smell. Would gladly be a witness for the people of Parkersburg and Ohio

  • funfundvierzig - 5 years ago

    After decades of secretly contaminating the drinking water supplies of 100,000 unsuspecting women, men and children in Ohio and West Virginia with an extraordinarily toxic, cancer-causing Teflon chemical, C8 or PFOA, DuPont's ethically crippled executives are pulling out every dirty trick to evade responsibility and legal liability! Absolutely disgusting. The U. S. District Court Judge, Southern Ohio, should rein them in.


  • Steven Threefoot - 5 years ago

    Once you define what is meant by DuPont Company going forward, then this question can be answered. Until then, it he liability should be distributed equally to the three emerging businesses based on assets from the former DuPont Company.

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