What grade do you give the 'Walking Dead' finale?

  • Lila - 5 years ago

    I can't believe he killed *spoiler alert* Glenn and Abraham.. Glenn was my favorite. ???????????? I'd guessed it would be Abraham, but Glenn too. :(

  • Sucked - 5 years ago

    They completely ruined Negan. He is supposed to be a cheery, violent, foul-mouthed psychopath. Now he is serious and slightly regretfull. The ending was crap. Fake blood on the camera, shitty carol/morgan story (these are the 2 most pathetic characters) and no full blown execution. Pull your shit together.

  • Mel - 5 years ago

    Why not leave such a cliffhanger....... It will make a lot of people tune in for season 7. The three that are safe..Darrell becuse of fan base, Rick and Carl because of what Megan said. My top two picks....Maggie or Abraham. Those zombies were supposed to take a back seat to the real struggle of man dealing with the falling of civilization.

  • Angieb - 5 years ago

    I am frustrated with the episode particularly because of all the hype it was given and then it was of "blah". The multiple run-ins with the Saviors seemed too convenient after the first couple, too redundant (liken it to the miserable 90 minute episode of Morgan). I think the story could easily have been told in 60 minutes especially since the last 10 minutes were all we seen of some of the critical characters yet they weren't given any true screen time. We had to wait 70 minutes to see if Daryl or Rosita were still alive, only to not have them get a word in this episode, just face screen time. Then the dialogue from Neegan didn't seem to be "evil" or "threatening" he was talking in a normal tone and didn't seem as intimidating as the hype claimed him to be. I am sure all of this is setting up for next season, but I think the writers missed out on a pivotal opportunity to introduce the newest "bad guy" and have him make an example of just how evil he was. For the first time in 6 years, I can honestly say I am not sure I will purchase this season's DVD. I was not impressed at all with the first half of the season and the 2nd half was pretty darn good, followed up with a mediocre finale. Hope the writing gets better for the next season.

  • Katherine - 5 years ago

    Love walking dead but ending it that way was horrible.....and if Daryl was killed off you'll loose a lot of watchers just be careful who you pick as your victim.... Even though I dont think it was him...

  • Myrtlemae - 5 years ago

    My line of thinking has been something like this: Negan is probably going to eliminate the person he considers the least valuable to himself, but still painful for the group to lose. He seems to control as many people as he does by controlling their leaders, so for that reason (plus good ol' plot armor) Rick is probably safe. (Safe being a relative term - as in safe for the moment). I think Carl is safe because of the comment Negan made about his eye just before he swung. I think the women are safe with the possible exception of Maggie, because she is visibly ill. If Negan thinks she's likely to die anyway he might have chosen her. Of the men, he's either going to pick someone he perceives as weak or as a potential troublemaker (but not the leader - that would just destabilize the group and create a situation where all bets are off). He's lost a lot of soldiers thanks to Rick & company, so he needs fighters. I think (sadly, because I don't want to see him go - or any of these characters for that matter) that Eugene is in pretty serious jeopardy right now. I know people are saying Glenn because of the comic book, but that's exactly why I think it's NOT going to be him (at least he's not at the top of my list). That leaves Daryl, Abraham, or Eugene. Daryl has a huge fan base, and fan armor can be every bit as effective as plot armor, which makes him safer than some. I've been told that Denise had suffered what was supposed to be Abraham's fate in the comic books. If that's true, then they might have decided to rearrange things this way so Glenn can stick around. Also it's easy to see Negan viewing Abraham as trouble. That's what makes him #2 on my list. Negan has already captured Eugene and might possibly think that because he was the decoy that he's not valued as a fighter, but still important enough to Rick & his friends for them to have kept him. That's probably who Negan would have chosen as a decoy if he'd been in Rick's place, and he expects Rick to think like him. There was also that scene when Eugene gave Rick the "bullet making recipe", complete with the sad theme music. This is also the kind of loss that would anger the wrong people for Negan. So my probability list goes like this:
    10. Rick
    9. Carl
    8-6. Rosita, Sasha, & Michonne (but put them in any order you want)
    5. Daryl (no!)
    4. Maggie (please no...)
    3. Glenn
    2. Abraham
    1. Eugene
    This is, of course, just my prediction based on what I know about the show, and what I know about storytelling in general. That doesn't mean that I'm right, or that there isn't some plot twist I haven't thought of yet. I've even toyed with a scenario where the person who gets hit isn't the one who dies, at least not right away, although they would be permanently messed up for the rest of the show's run (hey, they haven't had a disabled character since Herschel). And that would leave it wide open for what happens next. We'll just have to wait for Season 7, frustrating as it may be.

  • Hi I'm Negan - 5 years ago

    While I love the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, I did have some issues with the season finale. I wish they did develop the Morgan/Carol side story a little more instead of the main gang going around in circles in that RV. How long until we get a better introduction into the Kingdom? Btw, those were the dudes with the armor that shook Morgan's hand. Kirkman/Gimple/Hurd and the rest of the producers would've done themselves a huge favor by revealing the victim then and there. I'm a fan no matter what but I won't be tuning in next October because I'm emotionally invested with the survivors. I'm curious to see how bad the showrunners are going to mangle this part of storyline.

    Btw, to the commenter who screwed up the joke: it's "Coral" not "Carol". Apparently Andrew Lincoln has a tough time with the fake American accent and Carl becomes a two syllable name.

  • Brian - 5 years ago

    This show has always been how human react to a castrophic event to society. The zombies are actually the back story outside of season 1 (really first half of s1). Amazes me how the outraged fans (loud minority) are crying about quitting show over a cliffhanger. I bet 90% of you tune in October 2016 because why? Oh yeah the show is good. I agree with excessive commercials and the driving around part got a little long, but over all I liked this season. The Negan scene was shot great. The quick introduction to the 3rd story arc (which I have no idea how they can film it) with Carol.

  • not onnia - 5 years ago

    opps i mean the First comment of this thread.

  • not Onnia - 5 years ago

    Lol @ last comment. Carol was not even there. get out of here non TWD fan.

  • Dale m barber - 5 years ago

    Very sad how this episode was developed. Not really what I was looking for in this show! I've watched every episode from the beginning and I'm not sure if I'm watching anymore.

  • Jeff - 5 years ago

    Amazing! The shear tension of this episode was palatable. For those of who say nothing happened till the end, well that all lent it self to the feeling of frustration and helplessness. Great story telling, keep it coming, viewer till the end.

  • Chris Mayo - 5 years ago

    Am I pissed at the ending? DAMN RIGHT! But that is what makes this show so awesome' it's the zombie apocalypse for gods sake! It's not supposed to be pretty' I think Kirkman and Nicotero are doing a hell of a good job, if the show was predictable and I could guess who was going to die it wouldn't be worth watching, put yourself in the situation the survivors are in' if you think for one minute that because your a fan favorite you couldn't be killed then your missing the point' in a survival situation especially a situation like the Walking Dead' the anonymous way healthy people die would every day would be way more unpredictable for each and everyone' there keeping with the realism and that is what the show is all about.

  • terry - 5 years ago

    I agree way too dark for me now. Thinking about stopping watching it.

  • Jon Sullivan - 5 years ago

    It was abraham who negan killed he said are on maggie and abraham is next to maggie when he says it if its not glenn daryl or maggie i wont be watching next season but its abraham so

  • starla - 5 years ago

    I think Abraham got the bat if they didnt follow the comic and if they kill glen maggie rick Darrell or machone or carl im done and many of my family feels the same i never liked abe

  • Mindy - 5 years ago

    To end like that was so messed up. It's one thing to leave us hanging for a couple of weeks but for months!!! May be a good time to stop watching! Months to get over it all and just make up my own ending. Better than playing the producers mind games. So upset by the whole thing! I don't know who was killed my guess is Glenn or Maggie which is even a better reason to just stop watching now! I wish someone would hit the producer or writer in the head with Lucille! Goodbye Walking Dead!

  • Hevok - 5 years ago

    The show was never about the dead. If you read the comics you know it has more to do with humans coping with the fall of civilization. The biggest threat after the initial breakout was always humans

  • Tami - 5 years ago

    What the hell, it's not about zombies anymore? The episodes keep getting worse? Do you watch the same show me and 75% of the rest of the population on the globe ( that means Earth), in case you didn't get that either. Maybe not all of the episodes are as great as you expect them to be but " Helllo" it's still the #1 show for how many years now? I bet the past episode will break all records for most watched or recorded in history (even I gave it a C because of all the commercials and nothing really happened till the end). When is the last time you saw a good zombie movie? Not within the past 2 years! The make-up is much better in this series than in most of the newer zombie movies and the movies themselves suck just as bad. It's not so much about zombies anymore as it is about survival. Oh and Onnia, it's Carl and Rick.

  • Carol - 5 years ago

    Show has gotten way too dark. No longer about zombie theme. I stopped watching.

  • Snowdog - 5 years ago

    These episodes just keep getting worse...

  • onnia seashell - 5 years ago

    I really want to see who negan killed and i hope it was not carol or his dad

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