Who Died in The Walking Dead Finale?

  • Maggie May - 6 years ago

    It was one of the three who were being held prisoner. They kept showing the point of view of someone listening who was inside the wooden walls with the light streaming through the bullet holes. Then when the person was being beaten they used that same POV shot to show the blood flying away from the camera. To me that means it's either Glenn, Daryl, or Michonne

  • Jen - 6 years ago

    Dude I just can't get why people are saying Rick!!?? Dude Negan says right before he takes the first swing something like "If anyone says anything, moves or tries to stop me, cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father". Right there confirms Rick and Carl are not going to die by hand of Negan at least not now. I gotta stick with Glenn or Abraham that gets it.

  • Jen - 6 years ago

    I totally am with J. Smith. If not Glenn the Abraham.

  • Cheri - 6 years ago

    If you watch closely as Nagan is moving from person to person it appears he isn't following the line but jumping around -- again the only person Nagan didn't point Lucille at was Rosita - watch again as he moves from person to person - Rosita is the only face the audience doesn't see ... ???

  • Cheri - 6 years ago

    Rosita was the only one that wasn't shown in the role call for pick - it was Rosita

  • J Smith - 6 years ago

    I think it was Abraham. First it can't be Rick or Carl, because Negan said to pluck out the boys eye and feed it to his father if anyone did anything. He was to ricks right when he said that (Negan was facing them and pointed to his right for Carl and Rick).

    Glen is an obvious choice as it's in the comics, and it could very well be him, but both Eugene and Abraham have great chances. They both made sort of major strides in the episode. Eugene got the respect of everyone (mostly Abraham) Which is usually when they die.

    But Abraham made the big speech about having kids while talking to Sasha in the RV. Whenever characters make big plans to be happy in these kinds of shows they die. Add to that that Abraham was supposed to die with the arrow to the head that caught the doctor and he is a perfect stand in for Glenn (with Sasha watching him die instead of maggie watching glen die).

    Lastly whoever it was "took it like a man" and I can see the filming from the other side with Abraham stoically taking the first shot. It is something easy to picture (Daryl would fit there too, but the others to ricks right wouldn't fit that vibe).

    So if it is not Glenn, it's Abraham.

  • Nate - 6 years ago

    I think negan killed no one cause he said no one will die he only said he will beat the living hell out of one of them

  • Cheryl - 6 years ago

    Negan is to the left of Rick. Right before began said your it. He was moving between the light and Rick on ricks left. On that side was Sasha, Eric, Carl and Eugene. It is was not Carl because of the eyeball comment. It was a man whimpering. That makes Eric and Eugene. Eugene gave his bullet recipe to Rick, made up with Abraham, was told by Maggie she was glad you were here. Abraham said you were always a survivor. Eugene went out with mended fences and his last and only true act of heroism sacrificing himself by driving the rusty RV. Seems they revealed the death early in the finale. He can't fight, he's no good with walkers, can't handle a weapon and now giving up the bullet recipe. Makes him expendable.

  • Aisha - 6 years ago

    I say that it was Rick because why else would he say if carl say sum pic out his other eye unless it was rick carl isn't that close with nobody else

  • Nowalker - 6 years ago

    I think it was rick because I followed the back ground of the trees and also he said that he was going to feed him his son's eyeball which means he could feed him his son's eyeball when he is a walker

  • Norman Reedus - 6 years ago

    I think it's Aaron

  • dori carpenter - 6 years ago

    I read comics I don't think it was Glenn , I think it was daryl since his show starts in June his show is called riding with Norman reegus . Then again I'm thinking machonne. My gut is saying daryl and if it is I'm done I'll watch his new show lol one more thing they didn't show his previews for his show til today

  • dori carpenter - 6 years ago

    I read comics I don't think it was Glenn , I think it was daryl since his show starts in June his show is called riding with Norman reegus . Then again I'm thinking machonne. My gut is saying daryl and if it is I'm done I'll watch his new show lol

  • Mike Greene - 6 years ago

    In the comics it was Glenn but the series constantly throws us a curve ball. I think it was either Aaron or Abraham because Abraham died so sudden in the comics. They gave Denise his actual comic death. I guess we won't really know til October. Like a number of others I was pissed. It looks like Ezekiel will be in season 7.

  • Bk - 6 years ago

    Who it's not: Rick- Main Character
    Michone - Love interest exciting character
    Carl- Rick will fall apart, plus Neegan alluded to it not being him.
    Daryl: Prominent character fan favorite
    Glen: comics say it's him, but that's too obvious plus he already had his cinamatic outburst
    Maggie: she's preggo and she just cut her hair, she's proven to be a good leader.

    Who it could be:
    Eugene- he could come or go no one cares
    Aaron: no ones cares about him either
    Abraham: gave the stink eye plus, is a " tough guy" and can take a beating if not killed.
    Rosita: can come or go

    I think it's Abraham

    But don't look for camera angles to lead you, the writers haven't decided yet and thought of camera angle already.

    Of big characters to die, Glenn could be the only alternative.

  • Hell god - 6 years ago

    Negan is a pussy bitch he killed himself that fat fuck is to retarded to be a leader.

  • Max - 6 years ago

    No one because he said he was only going to beat the living hell out of someone.

  • Missy - 6 years ago

    Negan said 'Noone will die cause he needs then to work for him, however he will beat the living hell out of one of them'

  • Tee Hunter - 6 years ago

    You people need hearing aids and lessons on how to pay attention. Negan didn't kill no Rick or Carl. He said if anyone tries anything, to cut Carl's eye out and feed it to his father. So it's not neither of em!

  • Sherry - 6 years ago

    Glen would be to obvious cause it was him in the comics so I don't think it was glen... I'm leaning more towards Abraham... Time will tell... Hurry up October!!!

  • Joyce - 6 years ago

    I think Aaron,, but then again if Negan knows that Michone is Ricks girl,, in order to "Break Rick it would be someone really close to him and we know it wasnt Carl.

  • Haily Stewart - 6 years ago

    It was so upsetting but just makes us beg for more! It wasn't Carl or rick! We know for sure! I believe it was Abraham or Eugene because he said wow what a tuff guy and Abraham stood up to him and Eugene wanted to show his tuffness to everyone. Sooooo I believe it was one of them! Not Maggie or Glen because he already dealt with their emotional break down and I just somehow don't wanna believe it! #OTP So yea me waiting till October is not going to be fun it's just gonna be sad because I now have no reason to eat ice cream and watch my favorite show in then world!!! #WALKINGDEAD #LOVE #LIFE BAE #GLENANDMAGGIEOTP! #UNTILOCTOBER #SAD #MISSYOU ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠????????????????????????✅✔:'(

  • Della sterling - 6 years ago

    I don't think Negan killed any of them, I think he killed one of his guys just cause he can, he's CRAZY!

  • Teresa O - 6 years ago

    I'm thinking maybe Carl. I don't think it was Daryl. If Negan is looking for people to work for him, then considering Daryl's strong points such as tracking, it would be a mistake to kill off Daryl. Might have been Maggie killed though. Depending on how sick she is, she could be seen as useless. Her death could put Glenn in a depression, making him more compliant to Negan

  • Tyler - 6 years ago

    You forgot to add Aaron on the list. I think he was the one killed. It couldn't have been Rick or Carl because of the Negans comment to cut out Carl's other eye and feed it to his father. Also when Negan starts hiring the person with Lucille, you can hear that it's a guy's voice whimpering when they get hit. So it has to be Glenn, Eugene, Aaron, or Daryl. I don't think they would kill off two of the most popular characters either, so I think Eugene is the mosh likely. He was already planning on sacrificing himself so they all could get to Hilltop and he already said his good byes to everyone.

  • Jennifer - 6 years ago

    I think Carl because Nagan makes a comment about his eye to Rick. And Negan figured out Carl is Rick's son and what better way to punish him than to kill his son in front of him...as awful as that would be. I'm horrified and hope I'm wrong!!!

  • Drew - 6 years ago

    The only way I can some what tell is that the bat was in his left hand an the camera appeared to be at the left side of the group and the voices were coming the left side of the camera witch would make Glenn the most likely one who was killed

  • Crystal - 6 years ago

    Forgot the guy from Alexandria should be him

  • Lori - 6 years ago

    Daryl because he is on taking dead and he has a new series coming up.

  • Michonne - 6 years ago

    You forgot my name in the poll!

  • Kelly Haller - 6 years ago

    You also forgot the guy from Alexandria. I can't remember his name.

  • Michone - 6 years ago

    You forgot michone

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