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What will be your response to the final ELD rule's implementation in Dec. 2017, assuming it makes it intact? (Poll Closed)

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  • pete - 8 years ago

    I guess I'll start running illegally!!!

  • Kenneth Uhl - 8 years ago

    I've been in a PROFESSIONAL Trucker for 32 years. I have never been put out of service....
    I have aways rested when I'm tired and have had issues with the 14 hour rule from the get go....If I'm tired, hit traffic, snow, accident scene...that 14 hour clock keeps ticking....I can't rest or finish my 11 hours to meet appointment times or pickups with all this nonsense...ELD's in my industry...Movers/Trade Shows and Store Fixtures is going to collapse...
    We need to be able to split the sleeper berth and finish driving our 11 with a 10hour mandatory after this once or twice a week...
    This would allow rest and safety
    Wake up or lets shut the trucks down so we are heard !!!!!

  • Wild Bill - 8 years ago

    @Craig Vecellio. While I in no way support this Gestapo style tactict that the FMCSA is trying to force down our throat, knowing what the law means helps us fight it better. The pre 2000 clause is there not because the FMCSA thinks that trucks before that year cause less accidents. Pre 2000 model year trucks cannot support the equipment required for EBOR/ELD and therefore would be exempt from the ruling. It is coming hand, the only thing I can recommend is to start buying pre 2000 model trucks because you can bet the house there will be a run on them. - Psycho out

  • Greg - 8 years ago

    I already run electronic logs and I hate the damn thing it has screwed me so many times especially during the winter months when I know I can get somewhere before the storm gets to where I'm going to be I've got snowed in 5 times this winter in Wyoming because that piece of s*** wouldn't let me go where I needed to be the feds are in for a big adventure when they put this into effect there are going to be so many freaking truck stuck everywhere I hope they can be really proud of themselves because all it is is a bunch of control Power freaks I really think it's time the trucking industry takes a really hard look at what the feds are doing they are putting the owner operators out of business and then you're going to have nothing but a bunch of big companies who control it all but you take a look at Swift and England and Snyder and Prime they still have the same issues electronic logs are not going to make you any safer all they are is a control item I'm entitled to my opinion and all the LEDs are going to do to the trucking industry is screw it up some more

  • James Callaway - 8 years ago

    I parked my 05 KW and came off the road and bought a 98 Volvo started hauling logs around the house instead.

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    That is one problem with brokers. They do not deal in real products or services. When reality hits them, they bail.

  • Trucker Don - 8 years ago

    IF the ELD mandate passes the legal challenges or there is not an exemption for one-truck carriers like me, I will retire or run intrastate. I have been driving trucks for over forty years now and have had about enough of Big Brother and, with all the 'connected devises' around us, Little Brother and people who don;t know my job telling me how to do it. Enough is enough.

  • Mike - 8 years ago

    This is my 34th year in trucking, 33 of those years as an owner operator, including the last 22 years with my own operating authority. I've logged approximately 2.7 million miles in trucks, without an at-fault accident. I have gone from making virtually no profit in the early days, to now making well over six figures. The path I took to get where I am today is familiar to most independents of my generation. It follows three basic rules: get the job done, get it done safely, and worry about the paperwork later. The ELD mandate will lower my income, considerably. It will lower most independents income. It will slow down and disrupt shippers schedules, potentially lowering their income. Is this what America now calls progress ? This is just another blatant insult to a workforce that actually WANTS to work. Trucking can be a difficult, misunderstood, and thankless occupation, yet the men and women in the industry have proven over and over, year after year, that they are capable of managing their time on their own, without misguided, completely inept government meddling. According to the Feds who supposedly know so much more than a guy like me, I can be put out of service and fined for driving a truck more than 11 hours out of 14, or driving after the 14th hour. Yet, after receiving the ticket and parking the truck (in one of the numerous and plentiful truck parking areas that the Feds claim exist), I can then get in my car and drive to California and back without stopping. Totally legal, completely hypocritical, and pretty unsafe. I have always stated that I'd accept the drug testing, the medical requirements, the logbooks, now the ELDs, the cell phone bans, the radar detector bans, speed limiters, and all the other restrictions on trucks and truckers, if these same rules applied to everyone operating any vehicle on any public road. That means cops, politicians and their drivers, public works employees, EVERYONE. Until this happens, which never will, the truck-only regulations are meaningless, and have absolutely nothing to do with safety and everything to do with controlling a segment of the population and milking every possible dollar from that segment. The ELD mandate is just another tool the government is using against us.

  • Jesus M. Gonzalez - 8 years ago

    I think train the new driver better. ELD is not fair for one truck , It will put me out of Bussiness . That,s for big company,s that train their drivers wrong Becuase their only think of their own Bucktes. That,s why they have big turnaround of drives.They keep them for a while then they leave, they know this. But they already made their money off them, they they hire more new driver that hard up, or came out school . They know this. This industry has change a lot from when I started 30years ago. It,s sad becuase Love my Job . It,s hard to find some thing you Love like I do.

  • Edna Dawson - 8 years ago

    I think they do everything they can to make it harder on the owner-operator. The small guy. I think they are going to make a mess. I can't wait to see what happens when the grocery stores run out of stock because the trucker had to shut down. The old time truckers are what made this industry and here the government is trying to shut them down instead of appreciating them. How much stuff moves without being moved by trucks. Safety! Yes, the older truckers were a lot more safety conscious than the young ones we have today. Also more courteous. They just cannot leave well enough alone.
    All this electronic crap will come around a bite them in the ass one day.

  • jay wright - 8 years ago

    If the mandate passes all court challenges then the trucking industry should IMMEDIATELY lose their exemption from the Fair Labor Act 40 hours work week and should be made to pay by the hour with all over 40 at time and a half

  • A. Curry - 8 years ago

    Will never use ELD.. No electronic device knows when a human being is tired or not. We srop when we are tired and sleep. NOT when any paper log or electronic junk tells us to. Best example of ELD mandate is disaster..... If a person is tired halfways through their e-logging day, too bad, it forces tired, sick, unsafe drivers to get what miles they can while they have "legal" hours.. Not even remotely safe..

  • norman bourgeois - 8 years ago

    I will never give up me freedom of truck driving to the goverment ,they went for cdl now they want take more from us. The hurt the fishing industry, the airlines they want to pass a law how many seats on a plane and how much leg room. after they rune the trucking industry ,who is next or Washington going to hurt next. If ELD makes it to my truck i will park it and never move it till i find a job that dont need it , retire from truck driving. also are mexico commercial trucking going to get the ELD

  • guest - 8 years ago

    Someone commented that prior to electronic logs with paper logs we use to "run the miles," another words "compress miles." This same person when on to say, now with electronic logs we "run the clock" another words "compress time."

  • guest - 8 years ago

    Ooida's argument is right, a falsification of line 1 2 or 4 will render line 3(on-duty driving)false since they are all interconnected or tied together. Also, the ELD doesn't even fair much better showing line 3 driving since "over the road" truck drivers almost always drive irregular routes and must account for all the legs of each trip to reflect fuel events, and POE crossings and other time-stamps. Another words the total aggregate miles driven won't be any different. Unless someone is running in a short distance radius, or going in a circle, in which case the driver could "drop trips," the ELD will do nothing to improve safety and or compliance except add stress and anxiety.

  • Dale Spencee - 8 years ago

    Ebor won't make a difference in this industry and to make that change is to offer more money so the driver doesn't have to work day and night. The one way to make more is to get the robbing lying brokers under control. I understand everybody has to eat but they don't have to steal. Just a thought

  • Craig Vecellio - 8 years ago

    The pre2000 exemption is silly. Does the FMCSA believe trucks built since then cause fatigue? Ironically, that argument could be made; some newer trucks are now designed to pull to the right, and a mechanic can't change it. I know Freightliner and Volvo do it. The theory is that if the driver falls asleep, the truck will go off the road rather than into traffic. The reality is the driver has a truck with a bad alignment, increasing fatigue. It would make more sense to exempt drivers who have been driving since before 2000 with a clean record, since they have proven they don't need the new regulations to drive safely.

  • Debra Greenwell - 8 years ago

    I don't understand this mandaite, I'm a veteran of 28 years over the road, And I've yet to hear or see the benefit of the ELD. I can't speak for all drivers but I just can't physically nor mental prepare myself to get into my seat and punch the clock. For one "safey" I've seen countless drivers pushing there clock and sleepy The drivers are more irritable and less patient.. There's so much I've observed threw this being out here I could go on and on. Yes I've manipulated my logbook to make it work for me. But that also made me the driver I was and am today. I feel the veterans that have kept a safe record and stayed in compliance should be shown with the same respect that we have given, the DOT and public.Grandfather us out of this rule. Let us few "that's left" be the Truckers we are..

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