Do you think Bernie Sanders really wants to be POTUS?


  • EvieE - 8 years ago

    I actually think Bernie is sincerely running but I think he just believes in his own hype and is so entitled he thought people's hate for Hillary would help him coast to the nomination. He didn't expect to be challenged.

  • Bernie Sanders - 8 years ago

    Who cares! BERNIE BROS GET IN FORMATION!!!!!!!

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    If Bernie wasn't planning on running, then he lucked out. His supporters don't give a fuck about that article.
    In fact, him and his supporters are a match made in heaven it seems. Because their counters arguments make no sense. All they do is throw out buzz words and conspiracy theories, but it's whatever. Democrats don't vote in the midterm anyway, so a lot shit won't get done no matter who wins.

  • Nicole - 8 years ago

    Ah I'm in New York city and I wish it wasn't the case, but he's definitely trying to make his bid in this state. I just saw a commercial with support from Eric Garner's daughter promoting Bernie as a real champion of black rights with pictures of a younger Bernie Saunders. I'm eye rolling all over the place! Why do I care what you did 50 years ago when you can't talk to black people now.

    I was also an idiot and thought I would share the Daily News interview with a few fellow New Yorkers who I thought were still on the fence but based on their unnecessarily long email replays clearly all in for Bernie. Not only are they all in for Bernie but somehow they made the argument that the article made them stronger Bernie supporters. WTF! The argument is always well at least he's gonna try to break up the banks. If he can't even hypothetically do so when he doesn't have to worry about the checks and balances of the government how is he going to do it in real life! Then they said I shouldn't be asking how it's just important that he will. How do they not see that's a circular argument?

    Can we please just get to November already!

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